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Renting DVDs: Your local video club may have a good selection but after a while, all the old stuff gets sold off to make room for newer old stuff.

2008 Just For Laughs Comedy Festival - New Show Formats: Our comments / suggestions for the new (2008) Just For Laughs package shows.

2008 Just For Laughs Suggestions - Club Shows: Our suggestions for the 2008 Just For Laughs club shows that are back again.

2011 Top 10 Comedy CD MP3 Albums: Like the title says ...

2012 Top 10 Stand-up Comedy MP3 albums and CD: Our favorite stand-up CD and MP3 for 2012

30 Rock: Do not watch it while it lasts.

6 Days To Air - The Making of South Park: 60 minute Making Of documentary

6Teen DVD Page:

A Muppet Christmas Letters to Santa Dec. 18th 5 p.m.: Very entertaining even for adults. Almost a classic but the tunes are awful

After Lately - E! Sundays 11 p.m. Starts March 6th: Fun mockumentary sitcom about behind the scenes of a real TV show.

After Lately Season 2 Premieres Nov 27th on E! Canada: Fun behind the scenes of a real show mockumentary

Alone Up There - Documentary: Very good documentary on stand-up comedy

April Fools: also known as April Fool's day, singular or plural sort of thing, originates to 1564, either in France under Charles IX or in Rome under pope Gregory XIII (sounds like a horror movie character doesn't he?).

Are We There Yet? - TBS Wednesdays 10 and 10:30: Very good TBS situation comedy based on and better than the movie

BBC Comedy on DVD: Some of our favorite BBC TV comedy available on DVD this side of the pond.

Best Friends Forever - Premieres April 4th 8:30 CTV TWO: This sitcom will last only the 6 episodes the network ordered.

Betty White's Off Their Rockers - Premieres April 4th 8:00 CTV TWO: Candid Camera meets Just For Laughs Gags with old folks as pranksters.

Between the Laughter - CBC Newsworld June 17 2008 10:00: Deaf guy wants to be stand-up comic. Good NFB documentary.

Bird Splats - Pigeon Poop To Go: Great practical joke and gag.

Bizarro: This Side of The Far Side: Good comic strip

Bo Burnham - The Comedy Network Dec. 4th 2010: Very good show.

Bring On The Empty Horses - David Niven: David Niven talks about the golden era of Hollywood in this lightly humorous and warm recording.

Bunk - The Comedy Network starting July 26th 12:30 a.m.: Game Show parody made in 2012 that lasted all 7 episodes

Burned! The Roasts' Most Outrageous Moments - The Comedy Network 09-19-09 10 P.M.: Warned over roasts.

Business Johnson: Guys on a front porch tell tall tales: original and really funny.

Carol's Favorites - Carol Burnett The Ultimate Collection DVD Set: Excellent 22 DVD 50 episode set of classic seventies comedy entertainment show.

CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival - Game On - 03-23-09: All sports related stand-up comedy show hosted by hockey Hall of Famer

CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival - Show 2 03-16-2009: Mike Wilmot hosts a medecine themed show with Simon Rakoff, Brad Muise, and Darrell Dennis

CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival Episode 4 03-30-2009: 4th of 6 shows in the 2008 series features stand-up comedy about travel.

Cdbaby: We have reviewed a number of independent comics who do business through a cool outfit called Cdbaby. Our experience so far is that the independent comedy cds we get are high quality products.

Celebrity Deathmatch: Plasticine animation of some stars but mostly nobodies featured in violent wrestling matches.

Chocolate News - David Alan Grier - Press Release: Send us a promo chocolate bar and we ll post your press release

Christmas 2013 - Comedy Gift Suggestions:

Close To Home - John McPherson: Close to Home and The Far Side are not that far removed.

Cocktales - The Comedy Network Premieres Sept 23: Guy show where guys shoot the sh!t and tell raunchy stories.

Comedy Bang! Bang! - Comedy Network Starting July 26th 12 a.m.:

Comedy Books: Comedy books are a good way to judge if a group, such as Monty Python, is going to stick around after a split up.

Comedy Central CD and DVD Reviews Page:

Comedy Christmas Gifts 2012 Edition:

Comedy Gold - launches August 2nd 2010:

Comedy Gold Summer 2011 Line-up: Like the title says

Comedy Inc - Season 5 begins 06-12-10 CTV 10:30: Comedy Inc. sucks harder than a brand new Dyson

Comedy Movies Not on DVD ... Yet: You got to wonder what the studios are thinking sometimes. They release dvd versions of the most dreadful trash such as Plan 9 From Outer Space but simply do not see the classics under their noses.

Comedy Network - Fall 2011: A piece about you guessed it.

Comedy Network - July 2012:

Comedy on FX Canada - Launching October 31st: What is on comedy wise on this new network

Comedy Top 10 2013: Our top 10 comedy albums for 2013

Community Season 4 - City TV starting Feb 7th 8 p.m.:

Corner Gas 100th Episode CTV 03/02/09 9:30 P.M.: 100th episode of great Canadian situation comedy.

Cream of Comedy - The Comedy Network 03-01-09 10 P.M.: 2008 showdown showcase of new Canadian stand-up comics.

Drawn Together Season 3 - The Comedy Network: Season 3 of Big Brother meets the cartoon world. Better than it used to be.

Drunk History - Comedy Network - Starts July 9th 10:00: Fun show where drunk actor tells a bit of history

Eastbound & Down HBO 10:30 Starting 01-15-09: Strange HBO show that may or may not make it.

Extras - Season Finale - The Comedy Network: 2 Hour Series Finale of Ricky Gervais' hit Extras. A bit long but a lot of fun.

Extras - The Comedy Network: BBC / HBO situation comedy about wannabe actor played by Rickt Gervais.

Extreme Wind-Ups:

Family Comedy CDs: Recommendations of family-friendly comedy CDs

Flying Solo At Just For Laughs:

Flying Solo Series - Just For Laughs Comedy Festival 2008: Who is where in the 2008 One-man show Just For Laughs series

Funny Isn't It?: Comedy radio show available on the internet.

Gag Gifts: pranks to keep you from getting old.

Gifts for Geeks: Who does not know and love a geek? We all have a geek in our lives. You know, the person, usually a guy, you call when your computer crashes, there is something on Star Trek you did not understand, or there is a factoid you can't really remember. You love that geek and you want to show you care. But what do you get a geek as a funny Christmas gift or as a gag birthday gift.

Golf Jokes - 11 Great Golf Stand-Up Comedy Routines: Our list of the best 11 golf comedy bits for a do-it-yourself CD

Good Vibes Premieres 02-10-12 The Comedy Network: Very good beach and surf cartoon situation comedy

Great Christmas DVD s and CD s:

Greg Dean Inside the Stand-Up Studio: How to DVD for stand-up comedy. Interesting and fun to watch.

Halifax Comedy Festival 2008 - Show 2 CBC 03-16-09: Lots of bits and pieces by various comics as performed at the 2008 festival. Second of 6 shows.

Halifax Comedy Festival Show 3 - CBC 03-23-09 9 P.M.: Snippet heavy stand-up comedy TV show. Decent.

Honeymoon In Vegas Blu-ray: Uneven comedy where guy loses girlfriend to gambler for a weekend with the Flying Elvises at the end.

Hot In Cleveland - The Comedy Network / CTV: Excellent sitcom with Valerie Bertinelli, Betty White, Jane Leves, Wendie Malick.

Hotbox - The Comedy Network Tuesdays 10 P.M. starting 06/02/09: Sketch comedy show.

House Party - The Comedy Network - Starts 11/12/08: Original original situation comedy made in Canada.

I Am Chris Farley - The Movie Network Sept 7 at 9 pm: A documentary on SNL star Chris Farley and mostly the positive stuff

I Just Want My Pants Back - Feb 3rd 10 p.m.: sitcom about twenty-something blows.

Joel's Comedy Classics - Joel Axler: A great radio comedy show available as a stream

John Oliver's New York Stand-up Show - The Comedy Network: Buffet style stand-up comedy show. 6 episodes

John Pinette and Jim Gaffigan on The Comedy Network: Must see TV

Joke books - knowing jokes makes it easier to tell them.: Funny quotes are often used to begin a sales presentation or to begin a speech about something important like the 25th wedding anniversary of the lucky couple.

Jokes: The answer to the second oldest question manking has asked itself after which came first, the chicken or the egg. The question? What is funny? Jokes are funny.

Just For Laughs - Toronto July 23rd to 28th 2008:

Just For Laughs 2007 Ticket Suggestions: Here's hoping this can help you make impossible choices.

Just For Laughs 2008 Blog: Richard's Adventures at the 2008 Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival

Just For Laughs 2009 - HUH????: Friends of the Festival special pass sucks big time.

Just For Laughs 2011 - One Man / Woman Show Recommendations: Methinks these are going to be very good tickets.

Just For Laughs All Access - Premieres January 7th 10 p.m.: Horrible first show but has a new interesting twist.

Just For Laughs Montreal 2010 Line-up - Big Names: Who is at the comedy festival this year.

Just For Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival -Overview: My ideas for what to see at the 2010 comedy festival.

Just For Laughs Toronto July 26 - 28 2007:

Keys to the VIP - Season 2 The Comedy Network: Dating show for the testosterone crowd.

Kirk USB Key 8 to 64 GB - Mimobot: Definitely cool gift

Lake Wobegon Garrison Keillor Prairie Home Companion CD Review Page:

Last Comic Standing - Montreal March 17, 2007:

Last Comic You Can Stand - NBC Mon and Sun Summer 2010: 7th season of fake comedy talent show

Laughing Skull Comedy Festival 2011 and 2012: Info about the 2011 comedy festival and how to get in 2012

Laughs From Around the World - Just For Laughs 2011: A bit of scratch my back pr for JFL

Le Bilingual Show - July 23rd 2013: A good show if uneven.

Lewis Black's Root Of All Evil - The Comedy Network: 2 prosecutor make a case for who or what is more evil and Judge Black decides

Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America - Episode 1 01-14-09 8 P.M.: Part 1 of a brilliant 6 part look at American comedy.

Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America - Episode 2 01-14-09 9 P.M.: Episode 2 of brilliant look at American comedy focuses on the situation comedy.

Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America - Episode 3 01/21/09 8 P.M.: Absolutely great 6 part documentary on American comedy

Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America - Episode 5 01-28-09: Greatest and most complete history of comedy.

Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America - Episode 6 01-28-09: Last episode of brilliant PBS comedy documentary.

Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America Episode 4 - 01-21-09: Great 6-part comedy documentary

Match Game - The Comedy Network Premieres Oct 15th 8 P.M.: Fun

Men At Work - The Comedy Network Premieres Monday Sept 10 10 p.m.:

Men! Proof That God Has A Sense Of Humor 2007 Calendar: Another fun 2007 wall-size calendar from Ronnie Sellers Productions

Michael Richards Racist Comments: can you flush your career goodbye?

Minding The Store - Pauly Shore: Reruns now shown in Guantanamo Bay to make them talk

Mom - CITY Mondays 9:30 starts Sept 23rd: The sitcom has too much going on at the same time to be funny.

Movies For Father's Day: A collection of movies where fathers are treated with a little more respect than is usual in movies.

NPR - More Funniest Driveway Moments: Fun 2 CD set of funny or comedy related segments on various NPR shows.

Only In America with Larry the Cable Guy - The Comedy Network March 2012: National Geographic meets Blue Collar Comedy in informative and funny show about America.

Partners - Citytv starting Sept. 24th 2012 8:30: 2012 sitcom shouldn't last too long.

Pee Wee Herman Show: Live on Broadway - The Comedy Network July 7th 9 PM: Excellent

Picnicface - The Comedy Network Wednesdays 10:30: Cool sketch comedy show.

Pineapple Express: Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen action comedy.

Practical Jokes - funny is always cool.: April Fools! That joyous sound you only get to say once a year after you've pulled a funny prank of a friend or colleague.

Pranks: For some bizarre reason, most people think pranks have to be mean spirited. This is hard to explain when you know the tradition of pranks dates back to the Celts, All Hallow Even', and what we know know as Halloween.

Pranks Cheap as Therapy: We live in a society where there are more and more rude, idiotic people who get away with more and more garbage because a minority of us are still polite and know how to behave. Perhaps it is time we prank these morons.

Press Release - Indian Invasion Comedy DVD:

Press Release South Park Uncensored on The Comedy Network:

Religulous October 3 2008 - Bill Maher / Larry Charles Our PR Piece: Movie about Bill Maher travelling the globe and wondering about religion. Our PR piece.

Remixed: The Greatest Bible Stories Ever Told: Audio play adaptations with a sense of humor.

Reno 911! Season 5 - The Comedy Network:

Roast of David Hasselhoff - Comedy Network Aug. 28 2010: Very good Comedy Central Roast with a few lame guests.

Roasts of Flavor Flav and Bob Saget - The Comedy Network: Roasting turkeys but roast itself is decent

Saturday Night Live Sarah Palin Oct. 18 2008: Saturday Night of the Living Dead

Saturday Night Stand-Up - Comedy Network 07-18-09 10 P.M.: A very good stand-up comedy special just in time for Just For Laughs.

Saturday Night Stand-up - The Comedy Network - July 4th 2009: A good Comedy Network Saturday Night Stand-up show.

Saturday Night Stand-Up January 2012 The Comedy Network: Good month of stand-up with Williams, Carlin, Pinette, and Di Giovanni

Saturday NIght Stand-Up May 19th and 26th The Comedy Network:

Seriously Funny Gift Ideas Under $25: Our best suggestions for gag gifts that actually have value

Sketchzilla TV: Sketch comedy on the net.

Sony Pictures Contest Christmas 2011 Just enter to WIN:

Stand Up Comedy - Funny People: Funny people, like funny comics, are people who can tell clean jokes. Not everybody can tell a clean joke.

Stand Up! Records CD Page:

Sullivan & Son - The Comedy Network Premieres Monday Sept. 10 at10:30: Pilot does too much to really evaluate this sitcom.

Summer Heights High - The Comedy Network 05-16-10: Chris Lilley lays three roles in this banal Australian sitcom

Summer of Murray:

The Amateurs - Ted Danson Jeff Bridges - Press Release: Down-and-out divorcee Andy Sargentee with the help of his five motley friends, brainstorms a genius idea to make their dreams come true. They are going to rally their small town to produce an amateur adult film!

The Audio Reviews Page: MP3 Reviews Of CD's, DVD's and Live Comedy Events

The Big Bang Theory Explodes on CTV and The Comedy Network Fall 2010: Superb sitcom returns to CTV and begins syndication on CTV and The Comedy Network fall 2010

The Comedy Network - May 2009: Whazzup on The Comedy Network in May 2009

The Comedy Network - The Gong Show with Dave Attell: Gooonnnnnngggggg ???

The Comedy Network Christmas 2010: What is on The Comedy Network for XMess 2010

The Comedy Network Dec 24th - Jan 3rd 2010: What's on on those dates.

The Comedy Network Premium Labour Day Marathon: What's on Labour Day 2010

The Comedy Network Presents - South Park Uncensored Season 11:

The Comedy Network Presents American Body Shop: Pimp My Ride meets the mechanics who toke the shortbus to school.

The Comedy Network Presents Man Stroke Woman: Very good British sketch comedy comes to The Comedy Network for 2007-08 season

The Comedy Network Presents Mind of Mencia Season 3: Season 3 of Mind of Mencia is good irreverent stuff for adults.

The Comedy Network Stand-up Comedy Special Special: Great way to get over the hellidays with Carlin, Rock, Sykes. Peters, etc

The Comedy Store 40th Anniversary Show April 21, 2012: The reviewer was not impressed.

The Mindy Project - Citytv starting Sept 25th: Very good romantic comedy style sitcom.

The Muppets - Just For Laughs All Access Dec 24th 7:30: One of the best Just For Laughs TV gala shows ever.

The Nasty Show - The Comedy Network April 7 2007: Really blue and nasty performances by Canadian stand-up comics on The Comedy Network

The Nice Show - The Comedy Network April 14, 2007: Decent buffet of young Canadian comics in front of a frigid audience.

The Queen s Toast - The Comedy Network Monday April 25th 8:30: One very minor joke comedy special with Scott Thompson

The Untitled Kardashian Series E! Network Press Release:

The Way of the Comedian - Nichole Force M.A.: An excerpt from the author's book

Top 10 Comedy CD and DVD 2010:

Top 10 Halloween Comedy DVD: Our top ten scary comedy DVDs

Top 10 Stand-up Comedy CD 2009: Our top 10 2009 comedy CDs.

Top 10 Stand-up Comedy DVD 2009 (7, ok 8): 2009 has not been that good a year when it comes to stand-up comedy on DVD. Proof is we could only come up with 6 good titles for our top ten stand-up DVD list for this year. So there you go

Top Ten Stand-Up Comedy CD list Revised 2008:

Total Blackout - Begins May 29th 10:30 The Comedy Network: Really cool and fun to watch Fear Factor-ish show

Twenty Twelve - The Comedy Network Premieres June 17th 9 PM: BBC sitcom for those who are Brits only

Ugly Americans - The Comedy Network starts 03-21-10: Social worker works with illegal aliens, real aliens, in New York City

Videotron becomes new presenter of Just For Laughs Festival:

We Can Be Heroes - The Comedy Network starting April 4th: 6-part mocumentary by Chris Lilley of Summer Heights High fame.

We're All In This Together: The Red Green Story - The Comedy Network Sept. 20th 2009 8 P.M.: A look back at a great Canadian sitcom done right.

Win 1 of 3 Hachette Book Group 5-Book Packages:

Workaholics - The Comedy Network starting April 11: Fun slacker situation comedy 10 episode series

XMas 2009 on The Comedy Network: Comedy Central Roasts, Jeff Dunham specials, Corner Gas marathon to name a few.

You Are invited to The Comedy Network's 10th Birthday Party:

Yuk Yuk's Great Canadian Laugh Off 2008: 8 up and coming comics try for a $25,000 prize

Yuk Yuk's Great Canadian Laugh Off 2010: Good stand-up comedy showdown contest.

Yuk Yuks Great Canadian Laugh Off 2011 - July 2nd 9 P.M.: No way in hell did the winner deserve it this year.

Zoofest 2009 - Montreal July 10 to 26 2009: A Pr on the 2009 Zoofest attached to Just For Laughs

Zoofest 2010 - Montreal Just For Laughs: Our take on the 2010 aJust For Laughs lternative comedy series

Zoofest 2012 at Just For Laughs: My list of what stand-up comedy to see at Zoofest 2012

Dave Attell - Captain Miserable - HBO Press Release:

Todd Barry - Todd Barry and Friends - Just For Laughs July 23rd 2013:

Blue Collar Comedy - Blue Collar TV - The Complete Second Season: Season two of this redneck comedy show is better than the first.

BPhlat - BPhlat - Quick Profile:

Steve Byrne - The Byrne Identity - The Comedy Network July 28th 9 PM:

George Carlin - Editorial - George Carlin Receives Mark Twain Prize: About time Carlin got the Mark Twain but guest list is rather questionable

George Carlin - George Carlin 1937 - 2008: Proved to be, as he wished, too hip for the room

George Carlin - November 08 George Carlin Releases: Article about 11/08 releases

George Carlin - The Serious George Carlin Page: Everything you want to know about Carlin on CD and DVD

Jimmy Carr - Jimmy Carr Live - 2008:

Louis CK - Louis CK - Word - Live At Carnegie Hall: Louis CK's new comedy album Word - Live at Carnegie Hall

Jim Gaffigan - The Comedy Network Presents Jim Gaffigan: Very good Comedy Network special

Jeffrey Gurian - Comedy Multi Tasker: ex-dentist does everything in the comedy world

Myq Kaplan - Please Be Seated - Myq Kaplan & Micah Sherman: This comedy mp3 album is very hit or miss.

Garrison Keillor - A Prairie Home Companion - Duets: A who s who of music and the American songbook.

Jon Lajoie - Funny Song Singer / Composer: Funny and excellent funny song comic

Loni Love - America's Sister - The Comedy Network Nov. 17th 9 p.m.: Decent comedy special.

Shaun Majumder - Every Word Is Absolutely True - HBO April 30th 7:30: Part bio, part documentary, part comedy special. Odd but interesting.

Stuart McLean - The Vinyl Cafe: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's best and most loved show

John Mulaney - New In Town - The Comedy Network Feb 18 9 P.M.: Very good hour of stand-up.

James Mullinger - A Profile: Young British comic with a promising future

Patrice O'Neal - Positivity - Just For Laughs 2008: Brilliant

Russell Peters - A Russell Peters Christmas - CTV Dec. 1st 9 p.m. - The Comedy Network Dec 10th 10 p.m.: An old-fashion Christmas special with a Russell Peters twist or two.

Russell Peters - Russell Peters Concert Dates June - July 2007:

Russell Peters - The Green Card Tour - The Comedy Network Dec. 3rd 10 p.m.: Decent enough show if seen free on TV

John Pinette - John Pinette 1964 - 2014:

Ron Shock - Comic of the Week 2: Ron Shock is my all-time favorite stand-up comic

Ron Shock - In Memoriam: Get Stoned, Fuck a Stranger, Eat a Twinkie.:

Sarah Silverman - We Are Miracles - HBO Canada Saturday Nov. 23rd 10:00:

Hal Sparks - Charmageddon - The Comedy Network Nov 10th 9 P.M.: Very good stand-up comedy special.

Don Tjernagel - Don Tjernagel - Comic of the Week 01: Our first comic of the week for 2007

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Series: A great series of factoid and funny facts books

Uproar! Comedy - A Great Comedy Label: Why Uproar! is a great stand-up comedy label

Mike Ward - Pedophile Jokes and Death Threats - Zoofest 2012: Good bet at Zoofest 2012

Manolis Zontanos - Profile / Review: Profile / review of promising Canadian stand-up comic.