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Funny Books

A Million Little Pieces of Close to Home: A Close to Home collection by John McPherson is brilliant.

A Stingray Bit My Nipple: A fun little book of comic travel anecdotes.

A Zits Retrospective You Should Definitely Buy For Your Mom: Great Mother's Day gift. Really. Absolutely, No Kidding.

Alternative Zits - 6th Zits Treasury - Scott and Borgman: Includes all the comic strips from Zits Are We Out of the Driveway Yet? and Crude, Rude, and Tattooed. Great stuff.

America, The Book A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction: Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (good thing they had his name in the title otherwise he wouldn?t have gotten the job) has written a very dangerous book: America, The Book, A Citizen?s Guide to Democracy Inaction

Bizarro - Buccaneers - Nothin' But Pirate Cartoons: Nothing but pirate one-panel Bizarro cartoons Matey.

Bo Nanas: Monkey Meets World - John Kovaleski: your basic innocent soul meets the real world kind of strip

Brocabulary - The New Man-I-Festo of Dude Talk: A goof of a book and fun to peruse.

Can You Drill A Hole Through Your Head And Survive?: Cool factoid book. A cross between Uncle John and Imponderables with a more scientific twist

Candorville: Thank God For Culture Clash - Darrin Bell: Candorville can more than stand on its own

College! The Best 7 Years Of My Life - 2007 Calendar: Not great 2007 calendar from an otherwise very good publisher

Comedy FAQs And Answers - Dave Schwensen: advice on comedy is the kind of good, common sense suggestions

Dad - This Joke's For You: Great Father's Day gift

Delete This At Your Peril - Bob Servant: Scottish nutter asnwers Nigerian 419 emailers and suckers them in.

Drive! - Zits Sketchbook 14: Another great collection and a great gift idea for any new driver.

Earth, The Book - A Visitor s Guide to the Human Race: Fun take on humans.

Edge City: Good comic strip aobut a Jewish American family

Everything I Need To Know I Learned on Jerry Springer - A Close To Home Collection: 2007 Close to Home Collection by John McPherson proves he still has it.

Father Knows Best 2007 Calendar: 2007 Calendar, perfect gag gift for dad.

Fictoids - Bill Dutcher: a fun little book

For Better Or For Worse - Home Sweat Home: Best FBOFW Lynn Johnston collection in the last 3-4 years. Lots of changes in the Patterson home.

For Better Or For Worse - Just A Simple Wedding: Final For Better or For Worse collection. All is well that ends well.

For Better Or For Worse - Never Wink At A Worried Woman: A For Better Or For Worse collection

For Better Or For Worse - Senior's Discount: 2007 For Better Or For Worse Collection shows Lynn Johnston at the top of her game.

For Better Or For Worse - She's Turning Into One Of Them: 25th For Better Or For Worse Collection is okay

For Better Or For Worse -Teaching Is A Learning Experience: For Better Or For Worse Collection by Lynn Johnston, 2007 version

FoxTrot - And When She Opened The Closet Door, All The Clothes Were Polyester: Last Foxtrot collection as Bill Amend calls it quits from the dailies.

FoxTrot - Math, Science, and Unix Underpants: FoxTrot strips relating to math and science. Fun for all, great nerd gift.

Foxtrot : Houston, You Have A Problem: The last Foxtrot collection featuring daily comic strips.

FoxTrot Sundaes - A FoxTrot Collection by Bill Amend: Collection of Bill Amend's Sunday cartoons is lots of fun.

FoxTrot: How Come I'm Always Luigi? - Bill Amend: Foxtrot comic strip gains by being in a book

FoxTrot: My Hot Dog Went Out - Bill Amend: A successful comic strip has to appeal to a vast majority of readers

Frazz - 99% Perspiration - Jef Mallett: A really cool comic strip and cartoon collection.

Get Rich Cheating: The Crooked Path to Easy Street: Comic look at what caused the 08 financial crash and the American culture of cheating your way to the top.

Getting Old Is A Joke: Getting old is a joke and this joke book proves it.

Great Sex After 50 ! - John McPherson - Close To Home: and other outlandish lies about getting older. Great gag gift book.

Greetings From Prickly City - Scott Stantis: you will most probably grow to enjoy this comic strip very much

Housebroken - Steve Watkins: Housebroken is a very hip, hip hop, gangsta collection of comic strips

I Almost Killed George Burns - Andy Nulman: behind the scenes book about the world of stand up comedy

I Cant Believe We Had to Die Just to Make This Pointless Book: A good collection of one-panel cartoons

I Like You Hospitality Under The Influence - Amy Sedaris: Very bizarre yet entertaining audio book on having a party. Cheese balls required.

I Think There's A Terrorist In My Soup - David Brenner: audio book is probably superior to the book itself

If You Loved Me, You'd Think This Was Cute: Funny one-panel relationship cartoons.

In Shark Years I'm Dead - Jim Toomey: a very good collection of the daily comic strip by Jim Toomey

Jam-Packed Foxtrot - Bill Amend: 2006 FoxTrot Anthology, a really cool comic strip

Jeremy & Dad - A Great Father's Day Present for Dad: Superb Zits comic collection and present for Dad

Made You Laugh! - Joe Garner: an almost perfect history of comedy from the early days to now

Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America: The best book about American Comedy ever.

Mom - This Joke's For You: A great joke book and gift for Mom.

Mother Knows Best 2007 Calendar: Very funny 2007 wall calendar

Muts: Sunday Evenings - Patrick McDonnell: definite eye candy comic strip collection

Non Sequitur: Sunday Color Treasury - Wiley Miller: an absolutely great collection of Sunday comic strips

Now Who Do We Blame? - Tom Toles: a collection of political and editorial cartoons by Tom Toles

Old Farts Are Forever - Cartoons: 122 New Yorker style cartoons about aging. Great gag gift for senior.

Other Coast - Adrian Raeside: second collection of Other Coast comic strips by Adrian Raeside

Over The Hedge: Stuffed Animals: the story of Verne the turtle and R.J. the raccoon

Pearls Sells Out - A Pearls Before Swine Collection: Contains Mucho Macho Animals and Saturday Evening Pearls. A very odd and original comic strip.

Pedestrian Safety Expert Gets Hit By Bus: a fun factoid and true funny story book

Rose Is Rose: Red Carpet Rose - Brady and Wimmer: breath of fresh air in a world of cynical, I say realistic, comic strips

Rugrats Volume 2: a decent strip

Satiristas! Photographs by Dan Dion - Interviews by Paul Provenza: Superb collection of photographs and interview with satirist comics.

Sherman's Lagoon Planet of the Hairless Apes: Eleventh collection by Jim Toomey, jumped the human?

Shopgirl Audiobook - Steve Martin: a wonderful audiobook experience with Steve Martin

Show Me The Funny: Looking at the creative process for a sitcom idea shows how comedy sometimes works.

Skipping Christmas - John Grisham Audio Book: Book version of Christmas With the Kranks. Same but different.

Squeaky Clean Comedy: A great collection of jokes by the best in comedy and other fields.

Stone Soup - Desperate Households: A fun comic strip by Jan Eliot

Striking Close To Home - John McPherson: A great collection of one panel gags comic strip

Stupid History: Fun factoid book of silly and stupid history moments

Stupid Science - Leland Gregory: 220 Short pieces about useless discoveries, silly experiments, and dubious scientists. Fun, light read

Surfer Safari: The Tenth Sherman's Lagoon - Jim Toomey: Fun comic strip

Teh Itteh Bitteh Book of Kittehs: Cuuuuuuuuuuute! Perfect gift for cat lovers.

The Crack 2007 Calendar: Really cool and funny 2007 calendar though not for everyone.

The Crack Book: Great series of cartoon panels based on plumber's crack.

The Customer Is Not Always Right: 252 funny anecdotes prove the point.

The Darwin Awards Volume 1: given to those who hasten their natural de-selection

The Elderberries: Fun comic strip set in elderly residence.

The Good, The Bad, and the Deadly - The Chuck Norris Thrillogy: At night Chuck Norris wears bunny slippers with real live bunnies (and other fake factoids)

The Ignobel Prizes: just plain stupid scientists spending money to research the obvious

The Last Stand of Chuck Norris: More false and funny factoids about Walker, Texas Ranger

The Laugh Makers: A superb story about writing for Bob Hope and TV comedy specials

The Lexicon Of Stupidity: quotes from people, newspapers, newscasts,prove Darwin was wrong

The Official Cat Codependents Handbook: The Official Cat Codependents Handbook makes for a wonderful gift for any occasion. It certainly illustrates the universal truth that you can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many cats.

The Onion Book of Known Knowledge: As reliable as anything approved by the Texas Board of Edumacation but funnier.

The Onion Our Dumb World Atlas of The Planet Earth: Really funny and great coffee table book.

Triggerfish Twist - Tim Dorsey - Kindle: A wild ride comic novel. Perfect summer reading.

Uncle JOhn's Bathroom Reader 22: Great factoid read like all the other Bathroom Readers

Watch Your Head - Cory Thomas: Cosby's A Diiferent World meets the comic strip, sort of.

When Bad Things Happen To Stupid People - John McPherson: When Bad Things Happen To Stupid People is the thirteenth collection

Zen And The Art Of Stand-Up Comedy - Jay Sankey: a good beginner's and sophomore's guide to stand-up comedy.

Zits - Are We Out Of The Driveway Yet?: Zits, the eleventh comic strip collection is excellent

Zits - Lust and Other Uses for Spare Hormones: A series of relationship based Zits strips makes good Valentine's Day gift.

Zits My Bad - A Zits Treasury: Excellent and intelligent comic strip about a teen and his parents.

Zits Sketchbook 12 - Rude, Crude, and Tattooed: Another great Zits comic strip collection with an ugly ass cover/

Zits: Pimp My Lunch - Scott and Borgman: A fun collection of the Zits comic strip

Louie Anderson - Dear Dad: Letters From An Adult Child: an epistolary autobiography of sorts by a good comic

Lewis Black - Nothing's Sacred: it is actually possible to hear Lewis Black rant on these pages

Lewis Black - Nothing's Sacred Audio Book: Some wizard decided to cut this audiobook into tracks that have nothing to do with the book itself.

David Brenner - I Think There's A Terrorist In My Soup: audio book is probably superior to the book even if both are flawed

Bruce Bruce - Baby James Brown: a fun, interesting read.

George Carlin - Conversations With Carlin: 2001 interview where the author asked Carlin all the right questions. Very interesting and revealing.

George Carlin - Last Words - a memoir: semi autobiographical book is pretty decent and honest

George Carlin - The George Carlin Letters: Not particularly interesting and certainly not revealing.

George Carlin - When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?: contains some warmed over stuff and leftovers, and gristle

Rodney Carrington - Coming Clean: Rodney Carrington loves titties.

Al Franken - Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them: real journalists and the real media have rolled over and played dead

Jeffrey Gurian - Filthy, Funny, and Totally Offensive - Joke Book: Some 400 dirty jokes by 350 different people. Nasty, nasty stuff and great fun.

Jeffrey Gurian - Make Em Laugh: Good addition to any comedy library

Garrison Keillor - Liberty - A Lake Wobegon Novel - Audio Book: One of the better Lake Wobegon novels, this Garrison Keillor audio book is darker and features some adult situations.

Garrison Keillor - Pontoon A Lake Wobegon Novel - Audio Book - Capsule Review: A bowling ball containing the ashes of a Lake Wobegon resident is scheduled to be dropped in the lake as another is having a wedding ceremony on it.

Garrison Keillor - Pontoon A Lake Wobegon Novel - Audio Book Full Review: Better as an audiobook than as a paperback.

Garrison Keillor - WLT A Radio Romance: How often do you get to suggest to a novelist to stick to the news?

Robert Klein - The Amorous Busboy Of Decatur Avenue: Klein dreaming of shtupping, planning to get shtupped, shtupping, and getting shtupped

Bob Newhart - I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This! - Biography: Abridged and too much so.

Russell Peters - Call Me Russell - Russell Peters Autobiography: Interesting, good read, but not particularly profound.

David Sedaris - Barrel Fever in The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set: The lesser of the Sedaris audio book CD sets in this collection.

David Sedaris - Dress Your Family In Corduroy And Denim - The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set: More personal and not as caustic essays and stories by David Sedaris in 5 CD audio book set.

David Sedaris - Holidays On Ice - The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set: Santaland Diaries and other Christmas stories by Sedaris

David Sedaris - Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: Not as impressive as Sedaris s usual tales.

David Sedaris - The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set: it is the ultimate David Sedaris box set of his audio book CDs

David Sedaris - When You Are Engulfed In Flames: Uneven 8 CD collection of David Sedaris essays includes 4 live readings.

Jon Stewart - America, The Book - A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction: great fake real history book

Nathan Timmel - I Was A White Knight ... Once:

Don Tjernagel - American Infidel: "I would live to get really bad reviews, if any at all." Writes Don Tjernagel in his book American Infidel. We are willing to meet him half way: not a really bad review, but a review and, overall, a good one. American Infidel came along with a 3 comedy cd package of Don Tjernagel?s independently released comedy. We didn?t ask for the book but hey, we get it, we review it: that?s the policy.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Book Of The Dumb Volume 1: stories about dumb criminals and other stupid stuff

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Fast-Acting, Long-Lasting Bathroom Reader: the best collection of factoids and weird stuff you did not know

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Mom's Bathtub Reader: funny stories and funny factoids having to do with Mom

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Plunges Into Great Lives: covers a gamut of funny people and funny historical facts

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Plunges Into History Again: Buy Two, you'll keep the first one you buy anyways

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Plunges Into Hollywood: anyone who enjoys the movies will like this Hollywood factoid book

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Plunges Into The Universe: great gift for anyone who enjoys funny facts

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - 1st Edition: the granddaddy of all fun fact books

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Wonderful World of Odd: This great bathroom reader focuses on odd, weird, simply bizzare factoids and stories

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Uncle John's Shoots And Scores: the all-hockey factoid Uncle John's book

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Uncle John's Slightly Irregular Bathroom Reader: all the factoids and useless but fun information you need to know

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Uncle John's Unstoppable Bathroom Reader: thick volume filled with funny stories and funny anecdotes

Dwight York - More From The Vile File: Adult joke book. Good stuff