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Blue Collar Comedy

Bill Engvall's New All Stars Of Comedy: recommended for any fan of comedy

Blue Collar TV Season One Volume 1: get your daily dose of redneck jokes

Blue Collar TV Season One Volume 2: Redneck comics with their own TV comedy show

Larry The Cable Guy Health Inspector Soundtrack: Pretty decent soundtrack for a probably bad comedy

Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector: turd that looks like a thin plastic donut

Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy - Comedy Nework Mondays 10 P.M.: A fun and informative guided tour of America with Blue Collar comic

The Bill Engvall Show - The Complete First Season: Better than average sitcom featuring solid writing and original jokes.

The Importance of Being Russell - An Adventure of Redneck Proportions: Something about a redneck and his pals and some nefarious big city plan.

The Ron White Show DVD: the only existing episode of this dreadful comedy show

Blue Collar Comedy - Blue Collar Comedy The Next Generation DVD: Not much there.

Blue Collar Comedy - One For The Road: A solid Blue Collar Comedy CD

Blue Collar Comedy - Ron White Jeff Foxworthy Bill Engvall Live From Las Vegas: Did you buy this DVD? Here's your sign!

Jeff Dunham - Arguing With Myself: Disappointing, uselessly blue and risque performance from an excellent ventriloquist who is better than that

Bill Engvall - 15 Off Cool:

Bill Engvall - A Decade Of Laughs: A Decade Of Laughs: the title for this comedy cd says it all.

Bill Engvall - Aged and Confused (2009): Pretty good comedy CD will please Engvall fans.

Bill Engvall - Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography: funny jokes by a solid stand up comic

Bill Engvall - Here's Your Sign: 2004 Comedy Central special is best Bill Engvall stand-up show to date.

Bill Engvall - Here's Your Sign and Dorkfish: Your basic blue collar comedy CDs Good stuff.

Bill Engvall - Now That's Awesome: a pretty good comedy CD

Bill Engvall - The Bill Engvall Show Season 2 - TBS Saturdays 8 P.M. Starts 11/15/08: Very good situation comedy features a Blue Collar Comedy comic.

Jeff Foxworthy - Big Funny: Shows why Jeff Foxworthy is the top-selling stand-up comedian of all time

Jeff Foxworthy - Foxworthy's Big Night Out: Foxworthy's Big Night Out is Blue Collar TV sans the sidekicks and with country music

Jeff Foxworthy - Games Rednecks Play: it's all there, redneck jokes and all.

Jeff Foxworthy - Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered: If you record a CD using two tin cans and a string? You might be a redneck

Jeff Foxworthy - Jeff Foxworthy's Comedy Classics: clips from every important standup comedian that has ever come from below the Mason-Dixon line

Jeff Foxworthy - Roast of Jeff Foxworthy - The Comedy Network Dec 25th 2008 3 P.M.: How many rednecks does it take to roast a Blue Collar celebrity?

Jeff Foxworthy - The Jeff Foxworthy Show - The Complete Second Season: Blue Collar star gets retooled second crack at situation comedy and it kind of works.

Larry The Cable Guy - Christmastime in Larryland CD: Redneck Christmas comedy CD. What do you expect?

Larry The Cable Guy - Larry the Cable Guy's Christmas Spectacular: a brilliant adult audience spoof of the Christmas TV special. It will please redneck and Blue Collar Comedy fans and really surprise those who have given up on Larry.

Larry The Cable Guy - Larry the Cable Guy's Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza: Old fashion Christmas special though not for the whole family

Larry The Cable Guy - Lord I Apologize: Pretty good comedy CD

Larry The Cable Guy - Morning Constitutions DVD: Third stand-up comedy DVD and CD from Blue Collar alumn.

Larry The Cable Guy - Tailgate Party - DVD Version: First half good, second half so-so. DVD is 20 minutes longer than the CD

Larry The Cable Guy - Tailgate Party CD version: Excellent CD from Blue Collar comic. Adult but clean comedy.

Larry The Cable Guy - The Right To Bare Arms: Doesn't git er done

Larry The Cable Guy - Witless Protection: Not that awful.

Various Stand-Up Comics - Redneck Comedy Roundup: skip over the many Engvall tracks and enjoy the other stand-up comics

Ron White - They Call Me Tater Salad: Decent comedy DVD by Blue Collar alumn.

Ron White - You Can't Fix Stupid: Decent stand-up comedy DVD for Blue Collar fans