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Comedy Reviews - CD

Tom McCaffrey - Get Rich Or Move Back In With My Dad: A music comedy CD quite appreciated by our reviewer.

Tom McCaffrey - Lou Diamond Philips?: Good, like, comic, right? But like, too many likes and rights, right?

Matt McCarthy - Come Clean: Definitely in our top 5 in our top 10 comedy CD for 2010

Moody McCarthy - The Night It Went Well: The title says it all.

Matt McClowry - Uncomfortable: Solid but not surprising.

McEnery - Chittenden - Rose - The Very White Album: 3 stand-up comic unite to release 1 CD. Solid stuff, great idea.

Brian Scott McFadden - What Women Want: Stupid title, excellent comedy

Brian Scott McFadden - What Women Want - Joe Schneider review: This stand-up comedy mp3 album covers a wide array of topics and types of humor

Steve McGrew - Too Much Man For One Woman: deep-fried southern comedy genre.

Stuart McLean - A Story-Gram From Vinyl Cafe Inc: Great collection of stories.

Stuart McLean - Stories from the Vinyl Cafe: a wonderful introduction to the funny world of Stuart McLean

Stuart McLean - The Vinyl Cafe On Tour: Excellent 2 CD set of comic stories

Stuart McLean - Vinyl Cafe A Christmas Collection: 7 different Dave and Morley Christmas Stories from Stuart McClean and the Vinyl Cafe includes Dave Cooks the Turkey of course.

Stuart McLean - Vinyl Cafe Coast To Coast: fifth comedy CD release of Stuart McLean's funny stories

Stuart McLean - Vinyl Cafe Odd Jobs: Any fan of comedy and a well-told funny story will thoroughly enjoy

Carlos Mencia - Take A Joke America: Very good, clean, politically incorrect stand-up comedy CD

Carlos Mencia - This Is Carlos Mencia: Spanglish: On this stand-up comedy CD his demolishing, caustic irreverent and unforgiving humor unmasks the double discourses with which his people are victimized

Carlos Mencia - This Is Carlos Mencia: Spanglish Spanish vesion:

Roy D Mercer - Greatest Fits: call crank phone call comedy CD

Mike Merryfield - Cupcakes & Potpourri: misogynistic

Mike Merryfield - Live At Loonees 7-15-06: Good stuff from an early and freer form late show.

Darcy Michael - Family Highs:

Amy Miller - Solid Gold: a very good and interesting comic who knows how to tell a story

Dan Mintz - The Stranger: It is good. Very good.

Eric Riley Moore - It's Weird, Man: Good stuff.

Rick Moranis - My Mother's Brisket & Other Love Songs: If you like musical comedy and funny songs, you will like this one.

Dave Mordal - pronounced dav mor-dal: Excellent

Paul C Morrissey - Good Seats Still Available: Audience aside, however, this is a very good stand-up comedy CD

John Moses - On The Edge: Moses gets you over the edge without your knowing it. Very good stand-up

Collin Moulton - Chicken Stupid: Very good and original stuff.

Jeff Moxcey - Lots Of Moxcey: Of the eleven songs on this funny CD, ten are very good, one is so-so.

John Mulaney - New In Town: Excellent

John Mulaney - The Top Part: Very good CD with some memorable routines.

Morgan Murphy - Irish Goodbye: Most unusual comic and very good.

Tom Myers - Words Of Mass Destruction: much like the weapons of the same name in Iraq: nothing there

Charlie Nadler - Alive From Martha s Vineyard: The money for this comedy album goes to a charity but who cares, it s good stuff.

Charlie Nadler - Debut Second Album: If you pay good money to get his Debut Second Album MP3 at his website you will not only get thirty-some minutes of solid stand-up but the money will go to Alex s Place in Oak Bluffs, MA so you can feel good about donating too.

Kumail Nanjiani - Beta Male: New and refreshing stand-up.

Dan Naturman - Get Off My Property: Very good comedy CD from comic who appeared on Last Comic you can stand.

Kevin Nealon - Whelmed ... But Not Overly CD and DVD set: while I would not call this album a laugh riot, it was certainly funny enough to flip my opinion of Nealonís stand-up, and did so strongly enough that I now actually await his next CD

Bob Newhart - Bob Newhart Faces Bob Newhart (1964): Lesser album with The Man Who Looked Like HItler and Nudist Camp

Bob Newhart - Something Like This - The Bob Newhart Anthology: a best of his funny jokes and funny stories

Bob Newhart - The Button-Down Mind on TV (1962): CD version of vinyl release Includes Introduction of Tobacco and two "lost" routines.

Bob Newhart - The Windmills Are Weakening (1965): Features King Kong, Returning a Gift, and 5 other routines.

Bob Newhart - This It It! (1967): Last Bob Newhart album. Features Witch Doctor, Prenatal Twins, and others.

Adam Newman - Not For Horses: Very good collection of almost clean short routines.

Howie Newman - Here We Go Again: a very talented, humorous singer

Howie Newman - Trust Me You'll Like It: Very good funny song CD

James Nghiem - That Lonely Beast: The material on the album is good, with a few hidden gems.

Andrew Norelli - Cut Above Stupid: Excellent easy listening clean comedy but not for the whole family.

Jim Norton - American Degenerate: Despite the problems with production value, this is a great album,

Jim Norton - Contextually Inadequate: Comedy CD is excellent through and through.

Jim Norton - Despicable: Excellent dirty stand-up comedy

Jim Norton - No Baby For You: 2007 recording made in Boston still works 5 years later.

Jim Norton - Please Be Offended: If youíre a fan of cringe comedy, in general, or of Norton, specifically, you will not be disappointed.

Jim Norton - Please Be Offended - Richard's review: an excellent comedy album.

Jim Norton - Yellow Discipline: a comedy CD for an open minded adult audience who can appreciate the absurd limits to which this stand-up comic can take his material

Tig Notaro - Live:

Alex Nussbaum - A Number of Bits: Solid stuff, great for taking on the road or a long trip.

Alex Nussbaum - Absolutely Free!: Solid independent release stand-up comedy CD

Tim Nutt - Scruffy Logic: Really good comedy CD includes a routine bound to be a classic.

Patrice O'Neal - Mr. P: As close to the real thing as you'll get.

Patrice O'Neal - Unreleased: Posthumous released, all quality material.

Big Jay Oakerson - Live at Webster Hall: The album clocks in at just under an hour and 10 minutes, which is about 20 minutes longer than the version to be aired on Comedy Central. Go purchase this album. You won t be disappointed.

Patton Oswalt - Feelin' Kinda Patton: this comedy CD definitely stands out

Patton Oswalt - Finest Hour: If youíre a real fan of stand-up comedy, this album is a must buy.

Patton Oswalt - My Weakness Is Strong CD and DVD: Another very good release by original stand-up comic.

Patton Oswalt - Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time - CD and DVD set: Always an exceptional value.

Phil Palisoul - I Wish It Were Longer: This 26-track indie comedy CD by stand-up Phil Palisoul clocks in at 30 solid minutes of good, almost clean fun.

Tom Papa - Calm, Cool, & Collected: a solid comedy CD that easily survives a few listenings

Tom Papa - Freaked Out: More serious, a bit more mature language, still very funny stand-up comic.

Tom Papa - Live In New York City: Excellent, Cosby style and like family man stand-up with mild adult references and language.

Steve Patterson: A review of a comedy CD by the host of CBCs The Debaters, Steve Patterson

Dwayne Perkins - She Ate My Haircut: The first thing Dwayne Perkins does on She Ate My Haircut is show he is a good stand-up comic

Tammy Pescatelli - Finding the Funny: Very funny even if she does not reinvent anything.

Russell Peters - Outsourced CD version: Long awaited and great stand-up comedy CD

Jay Phillips - MInd of the Quiet Dude: Solid but not memorable.

Caroline Picard - Just Running My Mouth: Everyone and everything is fair game to this very funny lady and this makes for one hell of a stand-up comedy CD

Caroline Picard - My House, My Rules: Caroline Picard, the Cajun Queen has another great comedy CD out.

John Pinette - Making Lite Of Myself - Comedy CD: Second John Pinette comedy CD and good stuff of course.

John Pinette - Show Me The Buffet: A brilliant, must-have comedy CD

John Pinette - Show Me the Buffet - Parental Advisory version: Version with a couple of f words and such. Not any different otherwise from the original

Mark Poolos - Unbridled Enthusiasm: Good but not special comedy mp3 album.

Jesse Popp - You Stink: Fairly solid but nothing memorable comic

Jesse Popp - You Stink - Richard s review: Funny, lightweight, almost clean stand-up

BradChad Porter - Yelling At Giants: Hints of brilliance but not quite there yet.

Brian Posehn - The Fartist: Horrible

Paula Poundstone - I Heart Jokes - Paula Tells Them In Maine: It's about time Poundstone came out with a CD and it is a good one.

Paula Poundstone - North by Northwest - Paula Poundstone Live! Brett Watson review: Poundstone is the undisputed champion of crowd work.

Paula Poundstone - North by Nortwest - Paula Poundstone Live!: Paula Poundstone is a crowd work comedy magician. North by Northwest, a 2 CD set from HighBridge Audio more than proves that nobody is better at working a crowd, thinking on her feet, and being funny than Poundstone and that she is absolutely unique. T

Freddie Prinze - Looking Good: The material has not aged that well

Greg Proops - Houston, We Have A Problem: This is the good Greg Proops stand-up comedy CD

Greg Proops - Joke Book: This comedy CD is a miss and hit series of routines that feel disorganized.

David Pryde - googly: Very good stand-up comedy CD

David Pryde - Sight Gags: this is a CD anybody who likes comedy will really enjoy.

Rob Pue - Puegilist: Rob Pue is a very busy Canadian comic. That may explain why it has taken a while for his first stand-up comedy CD to come out. Puegilist was worth the wait.

Monty Python - At Last The 1948 Show CD: Pre-Monty Python sketch comedy including John Cleese and Graham Chapman. Really good stuff too.

Monty Python - Live At City Center: All the great Monty Python routines recorded live with a can and a string.

Monty Python - The Final Rip Off: Monty Python The Final Rip Off is the comedy CD set to get.

Adam Quesnell - Can We Afford This Much Despair?: There is something slightly off kilter and unusual about his material that makes his rather standard range of topics more interesting and the performance definitely worth your while.

Steve Rannazzisi - Manchild: Star of The League gives solid stand-up performance

Reduced Skakespeare Company - The Bible: The Complete Word of God, Abridged: How abridged is it? Very, very abridged

Jon Reep - Metro Jethro with Bonus DVD: Solid comedy CD but comic yells too much for my taste

Brian Regan - Brian Regan Live: This stand-up comedy CD is one of the best choices anyone can make

Caroline Rhea - What Is It You Can't Face - CD: Very funny stand-up comedy CD from Sabrina etc. star.

Tom Rhodes - Colossus of Me: Not bad though contains previously released material.

Tom Rhodes - Hot Sweet Ass: Tom Rhodes is a good comic.

Tom Rhodes - Live In Paris: American comic meets Parisian audience. Mon Dieu! Good fun.

Don Rickles - Don Rickles Speaks!: not a hockey puck

Andy Ritchie - King Ding-A-Ling: Andy Ritchie is a great blend of goofy observational humor and edginess

Robot Saves City - Robot Saves City Presents A Comedy Mixtape Album Volume 1: Solid showcase CD of stand-up comics on this label.

Jerry Rocha - Take That, Real Dad: Very enjoyable overall

Chris Rock - Bigger And Blacker: terrible, lousy, godawful, real crap,

Rocky Mountain Mike - Politically Incoherent: Excellent sketch comedy with songs, fake commercials, the lot.

Joe Rogan - Joe Rogan - Shiny Happy Jihad: ordinary stand-up comedy CD by a screaming comic

Joe Rogan - Talking Monkeys in Space - CD Version: Save a few bucks and MP3 download only the first two thirds of this CD

Ray Romano - Live At Carnegie Hall: If you like the show,. you will like this stand-up comedy CD.

Gabriel Rutledge - Breeder: Excellent material about parenting and other things but not for the kiddies.

Tommy Ryman - Bath Time With Tommy Ryman: Very enjoyable lightweight stand-up

Steve Sabo - A Mouthful of Sea Monkeys - Major Label release: Solid adult comedy CD

Steve Sabo - A Mouthful of Sea-Monkeys: Good dirty stand-up comedy.

Steve Sabo - Fervent, Uncouth, Callous, & Kinky: If, like myself, you enjoy comics with adult audience material, you are going to really like Sabo.

Steve Sabo - Mental Fornication: Very good CD

Steve Sabo - Somewhere Between 5 and 7: features a more controlled and less profane Steve Sabo, for the most part.

Bob Saget - That s What I m Talking About: Pretty good for this type of stand-up

Saleem - How Dare You: Superb stand-up comedy mp3 album with echoes of Godfrey Cambridge

Tony Sam - Scaredy Cat: a decent middle act

Tommy Savitt - Who Wants Me Now: Solid great original brilliant

Jeremy Schachter - Please Wash Your Hair: Good comedy CD by young comic.

Flip Schultz - Flippin' Through The Channels: This is a solid comedy CD

Flip Schultz - Flipzophrenic: Flipzophrenic shows a comic in very fine form who has as much fun on stage as the audience has watching him and as you will listening to this excellent comedy album.

Flip Schultz - Just A One Mic Stand: Another solid release.

Flip Schultz - Ribbed For Your Pleasure: Ribbed For Your Pleasure is the second comedy CD by stand-up comedian Flip Schultz.

Flip Schultz - Superdork!: This is one funny guy

Flip Schultz - Welcome to Elbow and Concierge: 2 very good albums with great crowd work.

Amy Schumer - Cutting: comedy mp3 download only should come as a CD

Eric Schwartz - Kosher Kuts: a funny comedy music CD, but it is one with a very limited market.

Eric Schwartz - Parodies Nuts!: Brilliant CD / DVD set of musical parodies, fake commercials, and some stand-up comedy

Michael T Scott - Pre-Chewed Appetizers: Very good sketch comedy CD

Rory Scovel - Dilation: a quality comedian that needs to find his comedy voice

Rory Scovel - Live at Third Man Records: Straight to vinyl recording fans will enjoy.

Sean Altman Rob Tannenbaum - What I Like About Jew: Any fan of musical humor and Jewish humor will enjoy this CD

David Sedaris - Live For Your Listening Pleasure: Quite good but not the best Sedaris audiobook ever. All live performances, as the title says

David Sedaris - Me Talk Pretty One Day - Ultimate Sedaris Box Set: Kinder, gentler 5 cd audio book by David Sedaris

David Sedaris - Naked in The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set: Review of the Naked audio book in The Ultimte David Sedais Box Set

David Sedaris - THe Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set - Live At Carnegie Hall: Review of the Live At Carnegie Hall CD in The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set

Derek Seguin - Newfie Octopus: Seguin always gives a solid live show and Newfie Octopus is the take-home and listen to it many times over version. Once you have, you will make sure to catch this guy live as often as you can.

Tom Segura - Completely Normal: For my money, Segura is one of the best comics working today.

Tom Segura - White Girls With Corn Rows: Segura has his own unique voice and perspective, and is a joy to listen to.

Rick Shapiro - Catalyst For Change: Just plain weird.

Derek Sheen - Disasturbation: that s what I call one hell of a good comedy MP3 album

Derek Sheen - Tiny Idiot: The only review that would do this album justice is listening to it yourself.

Jean Shepherd - The Declassified Jean Shepherd: Re-release of LP. Fans will probably appreciate this concept comedy CD.

Zack Sherwin - MC Mr. Napkins: You can blow you nose in this one.

Tom Shillue - Better, Stronger, Faster - Album 1 of 12: First of 12 comedy albums in 12 months plan

Tom Shillue - Big Room - Album 2 of 12: Pretty good clean comedy

Tom Shillue - Dancing Alone - Album 9 of 12: Good but not great if you like long form or clean stand-up.

Tom Shillue - Don't Force It - Album 12 of 12: One of the better ones. Features a track about a slow uncle and a routine about Christmas

Tom Shillue - Overconfident: Solid but not overwhelming.

Iliza Shlesinger - War Paint: I really really really like this mp3 album. Will be released on CD later.

Ron Shock - American Storyteller: American Storyteller is Ron Shock at his best, again

Ron Shock - Deep In The Heart Of Texas: Another great comedy CD by a master.

Ron Shock - Dog Stories: a definite must for any fan of funny stories and stand-up comedy

Ron Shock - Oral Roberts, 900 ft Jesus & Other Tall Tales: This is one hell of a very funny comedy CD

Ron Shock - You're Gonna Die Anyway: Great comedy CD by a very funny stand-up comic.

Jimmy Shubert - Animal Instincts: Shubert takes absolutely no prisoners and nothing is sacred to him

Jimmy Shubert - Pandemonium: Solid comedy CD by an agressive and very funny comic.

Jeff Simmermon - And I Am Not Lying: The tales are so tall you really do wonder.

Tom Simmons - (One): One) is the first independent comedy cd release by Tom Simmons

Tom Simmons - Keep Up: Superb fifth comedy CD from solid comic.

Tom Simmons - Live! McCurdy's Comedy Theater: Tom Simmons follows a newer trend in stand-up comedy, not boxing yourself into one genre of comedy

Tom Simmons - Next (One): Tom Simmons is a social and political stand-up comic and his take on things is funny and interesting.

Tom Simmons - Stages: Fourth and excellent stand-up comedy CD by Tom Simmons

Ryan Singer - Comedy Wonder Town: You'll want to revisit this comedy location.

Sid Singh - Amazing! (Probably): amazing no doubt.

Dwight Slade - Evil Monkey: Some days this is a funny comedy CD, some days it is not. Go figure.

Tim Slagle - Europa: is a very funny take on modern society and its many hypocrisies and foibles.

Tim Slagle - Evolution - The Best of Slagle Vol. 1: a solid bang for your entertainment dollar.

Bobby Slayton - Built For Destruction: Almost absolutely solid edgy insult comedy CD.

Auggie Smith - Smell the Thunder - Joe Schneider Review: overused, overly angry material

Margaret Smith - As It Should Be: one of the many comedy CDs by women available on the Uproar label

Dan Soder - Not Special: Not Special IS special. It is a keeper

Michael Somerville - Welcome To Somerville: Somerville also proves you can work clean and be very funny.

Aries Spears - I Ain't Scared: Aries Spears, of Mad TV, Comedy Central Presents, and Jiminy Glick in Lalawood fame

Stand Up! Records - Various Artists - Home Of The Good Laughs: Excellent compilation of new comics.

Doug Stanhope - Beer Hall Putsch: Excellent. Stanhope has something to say and makes it funny too. One of the best releases of 2013

Doug Stanhope - Before Turning The Gun On Himself ... - Brett Watson review: This reviewer also says this comedy CD is Stanhope s best to date

Doug Stanhope - Before Turning The Gun On Himself...: His best comedy CD yet and also his most approachable.

Doug Stanhope - From Across the Street: Caustic stand-up not for the faint of heart.

Doug Stanhope - Oslo - Burning the Bridge to Nowhere: 36 hours to prepare, no idea where the show is going to be concept CD and DVD set.

Brad Stine - Tolerate This!: Though pretty funny, this right-wing comic does not cross over well

Brian Stollery - For Brian Out Loud: is going to make our top 10 list for 2015 (when I get around to it).

Ryan Stout - Touche: Excellent Comedy Central release but only available as mp3 album

Chris Strait - Hitting the Wall: Very enjoyable but I think could have been more.

Ian Stuart - Day Drinker: Good self-release mp3 comedy album

Jason Stuart - Gay Comedy Without A Dress: Gay Comedy Without A Dress is the wildest, fastest paced and funniest comedy CD I have heard in a while

Sugar Sammy - Down With the Brown: Very good ethnic comedy CD

Nick Swardson - Seriously, Who Farted CD version: Good college crowd comic.

Geoff Tate - I Got Potential: an excellent comedy album that bears repeated listening

Geoff Tate - Just Another Clown: The bit on acid is a favorite.

D. James (aka Jim) Taylor - Frequently Asked Questions About Women: A very unconventional yet life-saving comedy CD

Johnny Taylor - Tangled Up In Plaid: Taylor is an absolute master of misdirection

Dan Telfer - Tendrils Of Ruin: Not particularly interesting CD

Ralph Tetta - O.C. Original Gagster: What is really interesting about this comedy CD is how original it is.

The Arrogant Worms - Beige: 15 really funny song CD by a great comedy group

The Comedy Nest - 25th Anniversary CD: This is an excellent comedy CD featuring the who's who of Montreal comedy (and, logically enough, some of the best Canadian stand-up comics around).

Mike The Deadbeat: neat but does not survive more than one listening.

The DooWops - Almost Nearly Recognizable: Funny song CD with 12 songs and 13 talking bits.

The Sklar Brothers - Hendersons and Daughters: worth a few laughs but ...

Shannon Thompson - I m With Bitchface: Non-agressive, entertaining stand-up comic.

Tommy Thompson - Disappointed In You: comedy mp3 album and CD leaves no doubt Thompson is a very good comic.

Tommy Tiernan - Something Mental: Irish stand-up comic, American audience, universal laughs.

Christopher Titus - Love Is Evol: Brilliant, brutally honest, and funny comedy about being in an abusive relationship and what comes after.

Christopher Titus - Neverlution!: Good but not quite up to Titus standards.

Christopher Titus - Neverlution! - Joe Schneider review: This reviewer was really not impressed.

Christopher Titus - Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding: Second Titus Comedy Central release bridges first and third CD sets

Christopher Titus - The Fifth Annual End Of The World Tour: Brilliant, astonishing, superb 2 CD stand-up comedy set

Don Tjernagel - All American Jester (Harmless As A Prayer In School): this guy not only pushes the envelope, he shreds it.

Don Tjernagel - Donzilla: This is not for the comedic faint of heart

Don Tjernagel - Forbidden Comedy Of Don: stand-up comedy for adults

Don Tjernagel - Prick 2: Solid stand-up comedy CD not for the easily offended

Don Tjernagel - Prick 3: S'okay

Don Tjernagel - Prick Vol. 1: Tjernagel is a very intelligent, erudite, socially aware comedian who can make you uncomfortable and laugh at the same time.

Don Tjernagel - Virginia Tech: A greatest hits comedy CD from the master of blue.

John Tole - Reign In Laughs: Very good if uneven comedy album

Top Ten Stand-Up Comedy CD Lists - 10 Worst Stand-Up Comedy CDs but Great Coasters: If your guests are comedy fans these CDs make great coasters.

Top Ten Stand-Up Comedy CD Lists - Top Ten Dirty Comedy CD / DVD List - Beyond The Pale: The very best stand-up comedy CDs for those who like their comedy with a bite.

Daniel Tosh - True Stories I Made up: solid stand-up comedy CD and DVD from Comedy Central

Brad Trackman - Safecracker: Excellent stand-up comedy CD with lots of relationship material

Mike Trainor - Giant: Not ready for headlining or a comedy CD

Steve Trevino - that's how daddy does it: An almost excellent stand-up comedy CD

Chris Turner - Pretty Fly:

Carla Ulbrich - Live From Outer Space - Recorded at Sirius XM Radio Performance Theater: The acoustic comedy stylings of Carla Ulbrich are a solid addition to any comedy collection.

Carla Ulbrich - Sick Humor: The success of the humor of this independent release funny song CD lies in the continuity

John Valby - Greatest Tits: Greatest Tits is one hell of a funny CD if you are not a sensitive soul.

John Valby - Operation F*ck Iraq: it most certainly felt like a guilty pleasure

Paul Varghese - Paul and Oates: Very good but yahoos in the back keep going WOOHOOOOOO

Various Stand-Up Comics - 10,000 Laughs : Best of the Boston Comedy Festival: Very good stand-up comedy CD features 16 stand-up comics and not a bad set in the bunch.

Various Stand-Up Comics - A 420 Friendly Comedy Special: Very good comedy but not as much pot as you'd expect.

Various Stand-Up Comics - Best of Montreal Comedy: Good variety pack of up-and-coming Montreal comics

Various Stand-Up Comics - Comedy Death-Ray: A different comedy concept 2 CD set with Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, David Cross, and many others.

Various Stand-Up Comics - Comedy Juice All-Stars: Very good compilation from Stand Up! Records aside from Eddie Pepitone

Various Stand-Up Comics - Drive By Comedy: a pretty good sample style audio book comedy CD

Various Stand-Up Comics - Invite Them Up: 4 hours on 3 comedy CDs and 1 DVD, hard to beat

Various Stand-Up Comics - National Lampoon Live Un-Scripted with Frank Caliendo: Buffet style stand-up comedy CD with Frank Caliendo, John DiResta, Bert Kreischer, Tess, and Steve Byrne

Various Stand-Up Comics - Play The Word - Volume 1: Merril Markoe, Rob Cohen, Julie Rottenberg, Adam Zweibel, Beth Lapides, Winnie Holzman, George Meyer

Various Stand-Up Comics - Play The Word - Volume 2: Jay Kogen, Cindy Chupack, Eric Gilliland, Beth Lapides, Julia Sweeny, Cindy Camponera, Rob Cohen

Various Stand-Up Comics - The Good,The Bad, And The Drugly: Major stand-up comedy artists do very different stuff.

Various Stand-Up Comics - Un-Cabaret - The Un & Only: Decent not quite comedy CD

Various Stand-Up Comics - Yuk Yuk's Guide To Canadian Stand-up: Yuk Yuk's owner presents the history of Canadian stand-up comedy in must have 5 CD audio book set featuring more than 50 stand-up comics.

Paul Virzi - Night at the Stand: this is a solid debut comedy album by Virzi.

Vocal Essence - Hymn To Potatoes: This choir has been regular guests on Prairie Home Companion

Vocal Essence - Over The River and Through The Woods: Gospel and hymns by VocalEssence and a News From Lake Wobegon.

Dave Waite - Kaboom: much more pop than kaboom

George Wallace - Large and In Charge: Reissue of 2004 album still good but dated a bit.

Sheng Wang - Cornucopias Are Actually Horrible Containers: Wang s comedy style can be described as observational, with a focus on pointing out the absurdities of life.

Matt Ward - Glamorous: Pretty decent stand-up with good funny songs at the end.

Bengt Washburn - Bengt Over In Europe: Excellent stand-up about living overseas and such.

Reggie Watts - A Live At Central Park - CD DVD set: Reggie Watts is a talented musician but he is not a very good comedian and this CD DVD set reflects that.

Reggie Watts - Live at Third Man Records: Meh. Only available as vinyl comedy album at label s website

Jeff Wayne - It's O.K. To Be Right: Solid CD by comic who questions the politically correct

Jeff Wayne - Ship Happens: Clean comedy does not mean lame stand-up.

Brent Weinbach - Mostly Live: The advantage of mp3 albums is you can download only the good stuff.

Suzanne Westenhoefer - Guaranteed Fresh: Westenhoefer is a very funny woman

Suzanne Westenhoefer - I'm Not Cindy Brady: Westenhoefer's first stand-up comedy CD

Suzanne Westenhoefer - Nothing In My Closet But Clothes: funny as in bust-a-gut funny comedy CD

Darlene Westgor - Boxed Wine: a forty-something suburb dwelling single mom who has lived a little and is a little angry about the experience so far

Brooks Wheelan - This Is Cool, Right?: one hell of a funny comedy album

Chris White - I Take Requests: Excellent, original, intelligent, clean stand-up comedy

JJ Whitehead - Fool Disclosure: JJ Whitehead Fool Disclosure is a keeper.

Ron White - A Little Unprofessional: Nominated for a Grammy, not clean like the Blue Collar Material

Tim Wilkins - Big Time Comedian: Not necessarily family fare mind you but clean.

Tim Wilkins - Live at Side Splitters: Excellent, funny, original, clean comedy.

Harland Williams - Har-Larious: the comedy CD on Comedy Central Records is fairly ordinary

Katt Williams - It's Pimpin' Pimpin - Katt Box 3 CD set: Box also includes The Pimp Chronicles and American Hustle

Dave Williamson - Thicker Than Water: new standup comedy album by Dave Williamson is enjoyable, but enjoyably average.

Dave Williamson - Thicker Than Water - Richard's review: Good, almost clean stand-up

Tim Wilson - Comedy Classics Volume 2: This comedy CD feels more like an ep or marketing tool.

John Wing jr - Letter To My Wife: badly packaged and designed but funny comedy CD

Jonathan Winters - Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol: Winters does not read but instead performs this Christmas classic

Jonathan Winters - Final Approach - 2011: More of a curiosity for Winters long-time fans.

Jonathan Winters - Here's Jonathan: One of the top three Jonathan Winters comedy albums unavailable on CD but...

Jonathan Winters - Jonathan Winters Wings It: One of three decent Jonathan Winters CDs available

Jonathan Winters - Stuff'n Nonsense: The best of what is available in terms of Jonathan Winters CDs

Jonathan Winters - The Underground Tapes: Winters at his wildest and bluest. This comedy CD is a must for fans.

Jonathan Winters - The Wonderful World Of Jonathan Winters: The Wonderful World of Jonathan Winters is the better of the 3 CDs released by Laugh

Wolfbot - Born to Jog: Studio recorded humor.

Alex Wood - When You Gonna Be A Dentist?: not a single weak moment

Alysia Wood - Princess: Excellent comedy CD when you've listened to it a couple of times to get all the subtleties

Glenn Wool - I'll Ask Her: This comedy mp3 album is a bit of an acquired taste

Glenn Wool - No Man s Land: Superb performance by dark and smart stand-up comic

Steven Wright - I Still Have A Pony: The master of the non-sequitur one liner is back with his second and great stand-up comedy CD in some twenty years.

Weird Al Yankovic - Dare To Be Stupid: Funny songs, like any kind of music, is a matter of taste.

Dwight York - Quickies: Jokes and nothing but one-liner jokes. Excellent.

Fraser Young - Everyone Loves A Smug Bastard: Solid independent release comedy CD

Fraser Young - Food, Medicine, and a Surprising Amount of Math: covers a lot of unexplored comedic ground

Henny Youngman - Take My Album ... Please!: 2 live recordings of a comedy great. A must for stand-up fans

Hampton Yount - Unbearable - Free to download comedy MP3 album: Excellent, original, very funny. Pay what you will and worth more than what you will pay.

Bob Zany - Live From Las Vegas- I Just Can't Win Bay-bee: Your basic generic Las Vegas stand-up comic

David Zasloff - I m Not Who You Think You Are: Music comedy album with lots of different tracks. Unusual and entertaining.

Joe Zimmerman - Smiling at Wolves: Excellent clean comic with very original material.

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