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Foreign Comedy

Argentina - Felicidades / Merry Christmas: could have been great but defeated by Bender choosing tackiness

Argentina - Felicidades espanol: ?L?stima!

Australia - Better Than Sex: Very good Australian comedy on DVD

Australia - Brand New Day Blu-ray aka Bran Nue Dae: Very enjoyable musical comedy.

Australia - Danny Deckchair: Very enjoyable Australian comedy on DVD

Australia - He Died With A Felafel In His Hand: The first 2/3 of this Australian comedy are fun. Review includes a link to preview.

Australia - Oyster Farmer: absolutely gorgeous, subtle, dark, subtly funny comedy

Australia - Rikky And Pete: Fun comedy from Australia

Australia - The Rage In Placid Lake: Australian comedy, i.e. nutters, about if you can change who you are to become normal

Belgium- Aaltra: Wheelchair road movie. If that's not enough to intrigue you, what is? Great black comedy

British Cinema Vol. 2 - 5 British Comedy Films: 5 British comedies from 1953 to 1960. A decent set for Britcom fans.

Canada - Wilby Wonderful: Human angst omedy from Canada far superior to most English Canadian films.

Czechoslovakia - I Served the King of England: Absolutely charming, offbeat, and cinematic foreign comedy.

Czechoslovakia - Lemonade Joe / Limonadovy Joe aneb Konska Opera: the weirdest western comedy on DVD

Czechoslovakia - Who Wants To Kill Jessie?: Fun little Czech comedy

Denmark - Adam's Apples / Adams Aebler: An extremely dark and unusual comedy. Totally different.

England - Bomber: Adult son goes on road trip with elderly parents in odd comedy

England - British Cinema Comedy Collection DVD 1: Fun enough first DVD with a Goon movie and 2 more.

England - British Cinema Comedy Collection DVD 2: 6 late fifties British comedy films on 2 DVD some good, some not so good.

England - Getting It Right - MGM Limited Edition Collection: Odd romantic comedy with Helena Bonham Carter in supporting role

England - Tamara Drewe Blu-ray: Romantic comedy of manners loosely based on Thomas Hardy novel

England - The Bed Sitting Room - MGM Limited Edition Collection: Very odd British comedy with Goons, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore,

France - Alexandre le Bienheureux: Great French comedy DVD on the importance of enjoying life.

France - Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis / Welcome to the Sticks: Foreign film comedy where a postmaster learns to love life in the shticks

France - Delicatessen - By the director of Amelie: Very black comedy and foreign film DVD from France. Funny as hell too.

France - Jean-Philippe French Comedy: Very good French comedy DVD with Johnny Halliday

France - Laisse tes mains sur tes hanches: Decent French romantic comedy.

France - Le Diner de Cons / The Dinner Game: a great French comedy DVD with perfect writing

France - Le Jouet /The Toy Pierre Richard: Man is hired to be rich kid's toy. Original French comedy version of Pryor's dreadful The Toy

France - Le Pere Noel Est Une Ordure: Foreign film comedy from France. A farce set on Christmas Eve in a suicide hotline's office

France - Le Petit Monde de Don Camillo: a charming classic French Italian comedy

France - Prete-moi ta main / I Do or How To Get Married And Stay Single: Single finds wife so he can stay single

France - Sex Is Comedy: unless the French are making a movie about it.

France - The Chateau: Ugly looking movie telling the wrong story

France - The Holy Child / Le divin enfant: Father Marc discovers he is a father. Smart, funny French movie.

France - They Came Back / Les Revenants: a boring, humorless, and verbose movie about zombies.

France - Times Have Been Better / Le ciel sur la tete: Prodigal son comes out to petit bourgeois liberal left-wing parents. They will never be the same again.

Germany - Go For Zucker - German Comedy: Great little German comedy.

Germany - The Shoe: a very beautifully film comedy of the absurd

Hungary - Just Sex And Nothing Else: Very good foreign comedy DVD about woman who wants to get pregnant

India - 3 Idiots: Almost extraordinary comedy in Hindi and English with English subtitles. Quite worth your time even at 3 hours.

Iran - Cease Fire / Atash Bas: Very good foreign comedy from Iran

Iran - Men At Work / Kargaran mashghoole karand: Four guys meet a big ass rock and decide to topple it.

Iran - Tambourine: A bit to do about illegal satellite dishes and people trying to get along.

Iran - The Pastry Girl: weird, funny comedy DVD from Iran

Ireland - Wild About Harry: Not a bad little comedy some twenty minutes in.

Italy England Iran - Tickets: Interesting collage movie by 3 different directors.

Mexico - Duck Season: Mexican comedy DVD

Mexico - El Esqueleto de la Senora Morales:

Mexico - Los Tres Garcia / The Three Garcias - Coleccion Pedro Infante:

Mexico - Mi Querido Tom Mix DVD / My Dear Tom Mix:

Mexico - My Dear Tom Mix / Mi querido Tom Mix: This Mexican comedy DVD is a Gabriel Garcia Marquez inspired take on the western

Mexico - Temporada de pato / Duck Season: Mexican Comedy DVD

Mexico - The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales: INteresting Mexican comedy mystery now on DVD

Mexico - The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales Another Review: One of the top 20 movies ever made in Mexico

Mexico - The Three Garcias / Los Tres Garcia - Pedro Infante Collection: Great Mexican comedy now on DVD

New Zealand - Kombi Nation: Kombi Nation is a decent little comedy.

Poland - H.M. Deserters / C.K. Dezertezy: Polish WW I army comedy farce.

Poland - It's Spring, Sergeant - Wiona, panie sierzancie: Foreign film comedy from Poland should please fans of Polish cinema but not more.

Poland - Legacy of Steel / Szabla del Komendanta: Fun Polish comedy by Jan Jakub Kolski

Poland - The Wedding / Wesele: Dark comedy where a father pays a lot for his daughter's wedding.

Poland - Vabank II: Good little Polish comedy and mystery

Poland- Bad Luck / Zezowate Szczescia: Interesting Polish comedy

Poland- Johnny Aquarius / Jancio Wodnik: Interesting Polish movie about more than what it seems to be.

Quebec - Moving / Premier Juillet Le Film: a hodge-podge of stories and characters and long filler scenes

Queen of Hearts - La reine des pommes: Strange and entertaining lightweight non-verbose French romantic comedy

Quinceanera: Slice of life Spanish American movie

Spain - The 2 Sides Of The Bed: Decent Spanish comedy with okay song and dance numbers.

Spain - Torremolinos 73 English version: a great farce by first-time writer and director Pablo Berger

Spain - Torremolinos 73 Spanish version: Todos estos ingredientes se amalgaman para darnos una obra irreverente

The Tall Blonde Man With One Black Shoe: Classic 70s French comedy. A spy agency head uses an oblivious innocent in a plan to unmask his rival.