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Comedy Movies

10 Attitudes - Jason Stuart and Judy Tenuta: Stand-up comic Jason Stuart plays Josh, a thirty-something guy who, after discovering his spouse has been cheating on him is set up on ten blind dates by a well-meaning friend.

13 Going On 30 - Fun And Flirty Edition: is a wonderful romantic comedy on DVD

3 Pigs And A Baby - Unstable Fables: Great animated story of what happened after the wolf failed to blow the brick house down.

30 Minutes Or Less: Or less.

50/50: 27 year old Adam is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and has to deal not only with the cancer but with the reactions of those around him.

A Day Without A Mexican: good premise, bad bad bad comedy

A Dennis The Menace Christmas: Pleasant for the kiddies and not bad for the adults straight to DVD Christmas movie.

A Fine Mess - Ted Danson and Howie Mandell: Blake Edwards strikes out with this not funny movie

A Fish Called Wanda - Award Series Double Feature with City Slickers: Great over the top crime caper comedy with half a Python and Jamie Lee Curtis

A Knight's Tale: a light, romantic adventure movie with a lot of heart and charm.

A Mighty Wind: A great joke on the flower power groups of the sixties

A Pug's Life A Dog-umentary: A really goofy well made documentary DVD about the pug.

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas Blu-ray Extra Dope Edition: Great stoner Christmas comedy, a generational classic.

Abbott & Costello The Noose Hangs High: a better than average Abbott and Costello comedy

Abbott and Costello - Dance With Me Henry: Last Abbott and Costello, for fans only

About A Boy - Hugh Grant: This movie is a must see

Accidentally Preserved Volume 2: Excellent collection of 9 silent era shorts including rarities with new original music, a must for film buffs.

Alice in Cartoonland 35mm Collector's Set: 10 restored Alice live cartoons and 3 Krazy Kids Cartoons.

Aliens in the Attic: Excellent family comedy DVD with mild violence.

Aliens in the Attic Blu-ray: Kids fight off Gremlin like aliens in fun kids science fiction comedy

All About Steve - Sandra Bullock: Another Bullock comedy where she plays a quirky character

All Of Me - Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin: Great comedy but VHS quality picture and no special features as promised.

Aloha Scooby Doo: The very little ones might find this cartoon a bit too scary

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Songwriter David Seville discovers three talking and singing chipmunks.

Alvin And The Chipmunks - Richard's Review: Singing chipmunks save songwriter's career. Thank heaven they did not visit Michael Jackson!

American Pie - The Book of Love: Straight to DVD comedy, 7th in the franchise.

Anchorman - Will Ferrel and Christina Applegate: Anchorman sinks to new depths.

Angel in the Family: A good feel-good Christmas movie

Anxious Animation: Animation shorts strictly for major fans of the genre.

Anyone's Game aka Chicks With Sticks: Good hockey movie

Are We Done Yet: New house. New family. What could possibly go wrong?

Are We Done Yet? DVD: Very good family comedy.

Are We There Yet?: a great family comedy DVD

Around The World In 80 Days: A bet pits a British inventor, a Chinese thief, and a French artist on a worldwide adventure that they can circle the globe in 80 days.

Arthur - Russell Brand - Blu-ray DVD Combo: Decent remake of Dudley Moore comedy

Arthur Blu-ray Dudley Moore: Excellent eighties romantic comedy now on Blu-ray

Artie Lange's Beer League: Adult baseball comedy like The Bad News Bears with lots of jiggle

Aunt Agatha's Apartment: a fun little comedy DVD

Baby Boom: pretty decent lightweight comedy

Baby Mama: Single gal gets surrogate mother and becomes surrogate mother

Baby On Board Blu-ray: Mean spirited, badly written, awful wannabe romantic comedy.

Bachelor Party Vegas: A comedy for teen boys

Bad Santa aka Badder Santa: Great black comedy for the anti Christmas folks

Bad Teacher: Slacker teacher works harder to get $ for boob job

Balls Out - Gary the Tennis Coach: Washed out tennis semi-pro becomes high school tennis team coach while being as crude as possible. Not bad.

Bandits: Fun little crime comedy with the great Billy Bob Thornton

Be Cool: Vince Vaughn aside, Be Cool is quite enjoyable

Be Kind Rewind: The last 10 minutes are good. The rest is eyegougingly bad.

Be Kind, Rewind: 2 video store clerks remake the movies they rent in this Jack Black comedy

Beauty and the Briefcase: Fun romantic comedy with Hilary Duff

Beauty Shop - Queen Latifah and Alicia Silverstone: a happening more than a movie

Beerfest: Pretty good beer drinking comedy now on DVD

Beerfest - Warner Brothers Press Release:

Being There - Blu-ray: Wonderful movie now on Blu-ray but not much in terms of extras.

Bewitched - Will Ferrel and Nicole Kidman: Not much magic but not a bad little comedy

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son: Decent enough sequel comedy with Martin Lawrence

Big Trouble - Tim Allen: great comic mystery popcorn fare

Bigfoot - The Space Channel June 30th at 9 PM:

Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey: Almost as excellent as Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure: Be excellent to yourself and get this great comedy

Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Collection: a most excellent box set.

Black Dynamite: Excellent comic spoof of 70's blacksploitation movies.

Blu-ray Comedy Double Feature - Miss Congeniality and Miss Congeniality 2: Sandra Bullock in fish out of water comedy and in the weak sequel

Blu-ray Comedy Double Feature Analyze This and Analyze That: Shrink Billy Crystal takes on mobster De Niro in 1 good and 1 sequel comedy.

Blu-ray Comedy Double Feature Funny Farm - Spies Like Us: Writer Chevy Chase goes to country to write book and inept spies Chase and Aykroyd get sent on mission

Blue State: Road movie romantic comedy with a Liberal twist. Not bad.

Body Slam - MGM Limited Edition Collection: Rock n roll wrestling comedy is a fun enough B-movie

Bollywood Hollywood: romantic comedy is a must see for anyone who is a fan of the genre

Bon Cop Bad Cop: Bon Cop Bad Cop is the greatest hockey comedy and thriller ever made.

Bong of the Dead a zombie comedy: Stoners vs. zombies in fun very low budget movie

Boy-Next-Door: features the only stunt goldfish to ever appear in a movie

Bride Wars DVD: Childhood best friends go to war over wedding date and place.

Bubba The Redneck Werewolf: there are more good jokes and funny bits than the 80 minutes of this great comedy.

Buffalo 66: no need for a suicide note; leave this DVD in plain sight

Burn After Reading - Coen Brothers: The Coen Brothers take on the spy / political thriller with their usual cast of suspects.

Caddyshack Blu-ray: Classic golf comedy. Blu-ray has 2 long features on the movie.

Caffeine: Decaffeinated.

Call me Bwana - Bob Hope: Fun comedy with Bob Hope as fake African explorer out for missing rocket.

Cars: Lightning McQueen, a hotshot rookie race car driven to succeed, discovers that life is about the journey

Casual Encounters: romcom about a guy who gets dumped and under pressure from work buddies gets on a dating site and goes through various strange dates

Cedar Rapids Blu-ray: Much better than trailer comedy about a mild mannered guy coming out of his shell.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory: a darkly funny movie definitely worth a look

Cheaper by the Dozen 2 Blu-ray: Decent sequel comedy but nothing special.

Checking Out: Very good comedy movie DVD with Peter Falk as a thespian on the way out.

Cheech and Chong Nice Dreams: Cheech and Chong created and perfected the stoner comedy

Chick Magnet: Magic shirt makes three loser buddies irresistible.

Childstar: Writer director McKellar gets in the way of his own movie

Chillerama: Fun horror comedy with 4 films inside 1.

Christmas Do Over: Very ordinary made for TV Christmas movie now on DVD

Christmas With The Kranks Tim Allen / Jamie Lee Curtis: A great modern Christmas comedy

Chump Change: Indie comedy about Hollywood like many other indie comedies about Hollywood.

Citizen Ruth: Pro choice and "pro life" battle it out over pregnant woman Laura Dern. Decent but not great comedy

City Slickers - Collector's Edition: 3 city boys go cattle driving and meet Jack Palance in Oscar winning performance.

Click: A decent Adam Sandler comedy, who would have thunk it?

Clockwise: decent British comedy on DVD

Club Paradise - Robin Williams and Rich Moranis: not even forgettable

Comedy Gold The Hilarious Story of Canadian Comedy: Must have 3 hour story of Canadian comedy

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Fun romantic comedy DVD is somewhat predictable but also original and funny.

Confetti: 3 couples compete for a dream wedding in British mockumentary.

Cop Out Blu-ray and DVD: Too violent and disjointed to be a good cop comedy but watchable.

Cops and Robbersons - Comedy 20 Movie Collection: I forgot how much fun Cops and Robbersons is. This comedy stars Jack Palance as a detective and Chevy Chase as a family man whose house and family is taken over for a stake out.

Corpse Bride: dark horror comedy DVD that belongs right next to the player

Costco Commercial: A movie about Costco

Crazy People - Dudley Moore and Darryl Hannah: The greatest ad business comedy ever. Brilliant.

Crazy, Stupid Love Blu-ray DVD Combo: Very original romantic comedy with Steve Carell

Crime Spree: As messy as a mob hit.

Crooked Hearts: Dysfunctional movie about a dysfunctional family.

Crossing Delancey: A great romantic comedy finally available on DVD in the it's about time category.

Curse Of The Jade Scorpion - Woody Allen: Good Woody Allen crime comedy

Cyrus: Creepy romantic comedy.

Daddy Day Camp: Follow-up to Daddy Day Care is not worth it.

Daddy Day Care - Eddie Murphy: fun little movie the whole family can enjoy

Dark Shadows - 2012: After two hundred years in the grave Barnabas Collins rises from the dead to renew his families fortunes and take revenge on the witch who turned him into a vampire.

Dark Star: cult sci-fi comedy student film by John Carpenter

Date Movie: Funny spoof of chick flick comedy movies

Date Night: Couple gets in trouble on their weekly night out. Fun romantic comedy.

Date Night: Couple's night out gets out of hand in pretty good romantic comedy DVD

Date Night Blu-ray: Couple from the burbs become fun fish out of the water in NYC

Dave Barry's Complete Guide To Guys The Movie: a mockumentary comedy that is almost a documentary

Dave Blu-ray: Lookalike Dave becomes President in fun political comedy.

Dead Pet: has every single thing people hate about independent movies

Death at a Funeral - U.S. Version: Decent comedy with too much going on for any real pay off.

Death at a Funeral Blu-ray - British Version: The original remade later with Chris Rock

Deck the Halls - Broderick / De Vito: Christmas turkey

Deck The Halls - Carteris / Culp: Decent Christmas movie DVD

Delivery : Guy and his pals decide to try stand-up and make a movie about it. Kind of interesting.

Despicable Me: The world's number one super villain has been out maneuvered by a johnny come lately and seeks to recapture his throne.

Detention: Odd but entertaining teen movie mashup comedy

Diary Of A Mad Black Woman: Not a diary you want to open

Dick - Kirsten Dunst: Two teen girls stumble upon Watergate and into the Nixon White House. Fun little comedy.

Did You Hear About the Morgans?: Fun little romantic comedy.

Dodgeball Unrated Blu-ray - Vince Vaughn: A movie about dodgeball. Pretty good lowbrow comedy.

Don't Ask Don't Tell: Refriend Films version of Killers From Space

Down To Earth - Chris Rock: mercifully short comedy

Dr. Dolittle - Tail to the Chief: Can daughter live up to father's image in fourth Dr. Dolittle movie. Good family movie

Dr. Ravi And Mr. Hyde: Fun, original, interesting, slightly flawed yet fun to watch independent comedy movie DVD

Drillbit Taylor - Owen Wilson: Crap

Driving Lessons: British darkish comedy echoes Harold and Maude.

Drop Dead Sexy: Really funny, dark comedy. Weekend at Bernies meets Raising Arizona.

Drowning Mona - Bette Midler and Danny DeVito: bargain bin comedy dvd and there it should have stayed

Due Date Blu-ray DVD Digital Copy Combo: Bad remake of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

Duplex - Drew Barrymoore and Ben Stiller: decent second rental kind of comedy

Ella Enchanted: charming, frequently funny

Elvis Has Left The Building - Kim Basinger: greal little comedy

Enchanted: When Giselle finds herself magically removed from the fairy tale world to the real world the meaning of love and happily ever after start to change.

Envy - Jack Black and Ben Stiller: second rental for an evening at home

Everybody Wants To Be Italian: Single guy Jake things single gal Marisa is Italian and vice versa and they are both looking for love.

Exporting Raymond: Situation comedy is universal so Everybody Loves Raymond goes to Russia

Extreme Movie - Unrated: Very funny and original comedy spoofing the teen sex movie.

Farce of the Penguins: March of the Penguins leftover footage on drugs. Pretty good.

Fargo Blu-ray: Oscar winning black comedy by the Coen Brothers

Fat Albert - Keenan Thompson: Television cartoon characters meet real life

Feeling Minnesota: Weird dark comedy DVD Coen brothers style

Fido - Zombie Comedy: Lassie meets the zombie movie or a boy and his zombie comedy

Fifty Pills: Not bad independent movie, especially as it does not aim for gross-out and T & A Jokes.

Film Geek - Independent Film - Comedy: Fun independent comedy about a film geek and video store clerk

Fired Up!: Teen comedy where 2 jocks decide to become cheerleaders to get lucky.

First Daughter - Michael Keaton and Katie Holmes: Comedy good enough to make you forget you are on Air Canada

First Sunday: 2 idiots try to rob a church. Good performances in a badly written movie.

For Your Consideration: If you are considerate you will not even consider it.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Fun romantic comedy for adults.

Four Weddings and a Funeral Blu-ray: Fun existential British romantic comedy on Blu-ray

Frankenhood: Great basketball player dead on his feet in fun bro' comedy.

Freaky Friday Lohan - Curtis Version: Good remake of a good comedy

Fred Claus - Vince Vaughn: Vince Vaughn plays the title character in this Christmas DVD about Santa's jealous brother.

Friended To Death - Opens May 2nd: Very entertaining small budget comedy.

Friends With Kids Blu-ray: Fun modern romantic comedy but ending cops out.

Fubar: Real weird movie, eh?

Fuck aka F**k: Fundamentally Uninteresting Crappy Kluge so parochial only Americans will be interested.

Fun With Dick And Jane: A jim Carrey comedy, a bad movie of course

Funny Bones - Jerry Lewis: comedy fans must see once but no rush on that

Funny People: Neither funny nor about people

Futtocks End - Ronnie Barker: Ronnie Barker of The Two Ronnies stars in 47 minute sound effects only comedy.

Futurama - Beast With A Billion Backs: A tear in space reveals a strange visitor. Good fun.

Futurama - Bender's Game: The usual Futurama DVD fare: little story, lots of pop culture jokes.

Futurama - Into The Wild Green Yonder: Very good if episodic Futurama DVD

Geraldine's Fortune: Canadian comedy: caveat emptor

Get Shorty: Great comedy about the movie business

Get Smart - could have been smarter.: The classic Don Adams comedy Get Smart is revisited in this ok tribute movie.

Get Smart - Steve Carrel: Great movie adaptation of classic TV situation comedy.

Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control: Nerd / spy comedy milks 2008 Get Smart but is pretty decent.

Ghostbusters: Some twenty years after its original theatrical release, Ghostbusters still rocks

Ghostbusters 2: Decent sequel to classic comedy

Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 30th Anniversary: Classic 80s comedy still excellent thirty years later

Going the Distance Blu-ray DVD Combo: Unecessarily crude romantic comedy

Goldstein: Of interest to film historians

Grandma's Boy: A dumb comedy for geeks, gamers, and stones

Groundhog Day - Special 15th Anniversary Edition: Considered by some the best Bill Murray comedy. Good stuff.

Grown Ups: Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James do not a good comedy make.

Guess Who - Bernie Mac: not bad comedy that rambles on

Gung Ho - Michael Keaton: your basic West meets East comedy

Guys And Dolls: a must for any fan of musical comedy

Half Baked Fully Baked Edition - Dave Chapelle and Harland Williams: Drug comedy movie that is not addictive

Hall Pass: Hubbies get permission to fool around for a week in ordinary adult comedy.

Hall Pass Blu-ray DVD Combo: Unremarkable comedy about two guys who have permission slips from their wives.

Ham & Cheese: bizarre and quite funny comedy mockumentary

Hancock - Will Smith: Superhero is no hero and not super until he gets a pr makeover

Hanging Up: every actor in Hanging Up mails in a sub par performance

Hannibal Brooks - MGM Limited Edition on demand: WWII comedy about soldier and elephant on the lam

Hard Promises: trying to do many things, explore too may ideas


Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay: Arrested on a plane trip to Amsterdam Harold and Kumar find themselves jailed as terrorists.

He Was A Quiet Man: Bob Maconel shoots an office mass murderer the same day as he contemplates doing the same thing.

Heart And Souls: a great feel good movie

Heart and Souls - Robert Downey Jr.: a light, sweet, touching, and often funny comedy

High School: Fun stoner comedy

History of the World Part I Blu-ray - The Mel Brooks Collection: Good comedy Blu-ray part of a solid 9 movie collection.

Hitch: a chick flick for guys

Holiday: Different kind of serious comedy DVD with Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn

Holiday Hypnosis: You'll need some to get over this experience

Home Alone Blu-ray: Classic family comedy now on Blu-ray

Hoodwinked: Little Red Riding Hood deconstructed comedy

Horrible Bosses Totally Inappropriate Edition Blu-ray: Horrible comedy in all 4 versions

Hot Fuzz: American cop movie meets British quaint village and Sergio Leone.

Hot Tub Time Machine: Oddly keeps you watching even it this comedy DVD is not that good

How Do You Know: Romantic comedy does not really work but is worth watching anyways

How I won The War: Very odd British black comedy about WW II

How To Be A Serial Killer: Excellent dark comedy and small budget movie.

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell: Another sexist bachelor party comedy.

I Love You Beth Cooper: The whole of this teen comedy is better than its parts.

I Love You, Man: Dude comedy is a dud

I See You.Com: Decent not great comedy. A pretty good second rental.

I'll Take Sweden: Typical sixties comedy feels dated now

I'm No Dummy: Great documentary about ventriloquism

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special: Much above average Christmas cartoon for the whole family, adults included

Icons of Screwball Comedy 1 - Too Many Husbands: Married Jean Arthur learns her late husband is only a year late in good screwball comedy.

Icons of Screwball Comedy 1- If You Could Only Cook: Decent screwball comedy, one of 4 on 2 DVD set.

Icons of Screwball Comedy 2 - A Night to Remember: Mystery spoof comedy, one of 4 films on this 2 DVD set. Lots of fun.

Icons of Screwball Comedy 2 - Together Again: Classic but minor screwball comedy about small town mayor meeting big city sculptor.


If It Ain't Broke Break It: Fun independent comedy about a doctor who tries to help those around him with unfortunate results.

Illegally Yours: good lightweight comedies are not a dime a dozen

Inside Monkey Zetterland: Very, very ordinary independent comedy movie

Ira & Abby: Different and odd romantic comedy. A matter of taste.

It Could Happen To You - Blu-ray: Cop gives waitress million-dollar tip in not bad romantic comedy.

It Happened To Jane: Charming comedy from the late fifties

It's A Mad Mad Mad World: Screen reads flip dvd over for special features. It's a one-sided DVD!

Jingle All The Way: A good comedy for the Christmas grinch

JIngle All The Way Blu-ray: Great slapstick battle between Ahnold and Sinbad for the last Christmas toy of the year.

Johnny Dangerously: mock gangster comedy with fake violence and fake bad language

Juno: Juno, a very believable movie teenager becomes pregnant and deals with life.

Just Add Pepper: fun little romantic comedy and indie movie.

Just Add Water - Danny DeVito: Dark comedy about guy who has a positive outlook lives in dead end town and wants thing to change.

Kabluey: Very so-so comedy that could have been a lot better.

Keeping Mum: A good second rental

Kid Reviewed: The Pirates! Band of Misfits: I liked everything about the movie!

Kill The Umpire: Good baseball comedy DVD with good slapstick bits

Kill Your Darlings: Weird people take a strange road trip in a bizarre movie.

King's Ransom: what you'd have to pay me to watch this garbage again

Kinky Boots: Pleasant comedy about business going for women's shoes for men.

Knight and Day: Very good action comedy and lots of fun too.

Larceny, Inc - Edward G. Robinson: Fun gangster comedy with Edward G. Robinson as a luggage store owner preparing a heist.

Larger Than Life - Bill Murray: Guy inherits elephant and goes on a road trip buddy movie

Lars And The Real Girl: Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl. Girl is anatomically correct life-size doll.

Last Action Hero Blu-ray: Very entertaining Schwarzanegger comedy where Ahnold spoofs Ahnold

Laughology - Directed by Albert Nerenberg: Superb documentary on laughter is also funny.

Leatherheads - Clooney / Zellwegger: Fun somewhat fifties style screwball comedy with some football

Legally Blonde 2 Blu-ray: Excellent sequel and girl empowering comedy

Liberated Zone: pleasant, funny and light-hearted

Life Without Dick: a fun and forgettable comedy

Little Man: Decent comedy by the Wayans, who would have thunk it?

Little Miss Sunshine: Dysfunctional family comedy movie on DVD not bad not great

Lonely Street: Elvis lives!!!! Well, according to this fun little comedy anyways

Lottery Ticket Blu-ray DVD Combo: No point scratching this loser.

Love and Other Drugs: Very good romantic comedy and drama a la illness of the week.

Love At First Bite: vampire comedy classic with a biting sense of humor

Love At Stake: a silly costume romp

Malibu's Most Wanted: White wannabe rapper gets lessons in the hood

Mall Cop: Kevin James in a pretty good comedy starting from scene 12 on.

Mama's Boy: Dreadful.

Manna From Heaven: Not everything it is built up to be

Marx Brothers - A Day at the Circus: A minor Marx Brothers comedy, part of a 4 movie 2 DVD set

Marx Brothers - A Night in Casablanca: Part of a decent 4 movie 2 DVD Turner Classic Movies set.

Matt Helm - Murderer's Row: spy thriller comedy is not perfect but decent

Matt Helm - The Silencers: a very good comedy and spy movie

Meatballs Special Edition DVD: Your basic summer camp comedy DVD for the whole family,

Meet Dave - A Good Eddie Murphy Comedy!!!: A good Eddie Murphy comedy. This means the next one will be in ten years

Meet Dave Blu-ray - A funny Eddie Murphy movie: A good movie but probably not worth the extra Blu-ray dollars

Meet The Spartans: Spoof of 300 and other such manly films

Mel Brooks Blu-ray Collection Robin HoodMen in Tights: Very good Robin Hood salute and spoof part of a solid 9 Blu-ray collection

Men In Black Blu-ray with Ultraviolet Copy: Excellent alien comedy

Miracle on 34th Street: The greatest Christmas movie ever

Miss Congeniality: Fun little fish out of water comedy

Miss Congeniality 2: use a blunt crayon and connect the numbered dots comedy

Miss March - Unrated: A better comedy that its directors believed and that explains the toilet humor.

Mom Reviewed - Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipmunks meet out of work songwriter and the rest is history.

Mom Reviewed - Happy Feet Two: Mom and kids liked this family DVD well enough

Mom Reviewed - Mr. Popper s Penguins: Jim Carrey finds himself in charge of 6 penguins. The whole family liked this one.

Mom's New Boyfriend - Meg Ryan: Fun romantic comedy goofball crime caper also starring Antonio Banderas.

Monkey Warfare: Supposed Canadian comedy about not so radicals

Monster In Law: Jane Fonda chews up the scenery with great delight

Moonstruck - Deluxe Edition: Academy Award winning romantic comedy.

Morning Glory - Katharine Hepburn 100th Anniversary Collection: A naive young Vermonter tries to break out onto the New York stage.

Mortuary Academy: enjoyable little movie

Moscow On The Hudson - Robin Williams: Charming coming to America comedy

Mousehunt: Great comedy about two guys trying to off a smarter than your average bear mouse

Mr. 3000: Fun sports comedy

Mr. Baseball: got a bums rush from the critics

Mr. Bean's Holiday: Like the Mr. Bean TV show: great moments and some not so great bits.

Mr. Mom: a nice, lightweight comedy on DVD that is quite enjoyable

Mr. Popper s Penguins: Family DVD is enjoyable enough according to the kids

Mrs Henderson Presents: Fun enough but actors greater than story

Must Love Dogs: seeing the same story over and over and over again

My Favorite Year: one of the finest comedies to ever hit the silver screen

My Life In Ruins: Not as bad as some say but close.

My Man Godfrey: Rich girl brings home a homeless man during the Great Depression and learns a few things about life.

My Name Is Nobody: Great knowledgeable western comedy

My Sister Eileen: typical fifties Hollywood comedy

My Summer Story: Family comedy DVD based on Jean Shepherd story stinks.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend: Really cool and different comedy.

Mystery Team: Very good R-rated by the Derrick Comedy people

Nanny McPhee: Nanny McPhee is a fun movie. Nanny McPhee is a predictable movie.

Nanny McPhee Returns: Nanny McPhee shows up to help out a family during wartime.

National Lampon's Blackball - Vince Vaughn: an odd, very entertaining, quite funny comedy

National Lampoon European Vacation Blu-ray: Decent enough on a rainy day but not worth the Blu-ray price

National Lampoon Movie Madness: If it's National Lampoon, it got to be bad

National Lampoon Vacation Blu-ray: One of few good National Lampoon comedies

National Lampoon's Animal House: A great comedy disguised as another studio money grabbing scheme

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Blu-ray: Great Christmas comedy with the Griswolds.

National Lampoon's Class Reunion: Basic bad Lampoon comedy

National Lampoon's Pledge This: Pledge you will not ever think of renting this so called comedy DVD

National Lampoon's Pucked: Could have been a decent little comedy.

Nearing Grace: Good dramatic romantic comedy.

New In Town - Rene Zellweger / Harry Connick Jr.: Decent fish out of water romantic comedy.

Niagara Motel: Your basic dark comedy but it does not quite work.

Night at the Museum - Battle of the Smithsonian: Very enjoyable sequel even if you do not like Ben Stiller

No Reservations: Executive Chef Kate is suddenly a mother to her recently orphaned niece.

No Time For Sergeants - Andy Griffith: Andy Griffith reprises Broadway role in this army comedy

Nuns On The Run: has everything a great comedy must have

O.C. And Stiggs: a completely bizarre and horribly written script

Observe and Report Blu-ray: Mean comedy where nothing works.

Open Season: Very good animated comedy from Sony Pictures

Our Family Wedding: Latina with Carlos Mencia as father wants to marry Black guy and comic problems ensue.

Our Idiot Brother: Overly honest and easy going Ned has an effect when he crashes with his sisters.

Our Man In Havana DVD: Excellent black comedy adapted for the screen by Graham Greene himself.

Over Her Dead Body: Fiancee's ghost does not like her once future husband's new flame. Very funny and original.

Over The Hedge: Animated wildlife meets animated suburbia in family comedy

Pauly Shore Is Dead: Unfortunately only a movie and not the truth

Pee-Wee s Big Adventure Blu-ray: Kids movie not for kids but quite fun in a very odd way

Pieces of April: A quirky indie comedy about Thanksgiving.

Pirate Radio: Great soundtrack of the sixties movie

Please Don t Eat the Daisies - Doris Day Turner Classic Movies Greatest Classic Screen Legends: Woman married to theater critic (David Niven) tries to cope with hsi new attitute, four kids, and a new home.

Plymptoons: The Complete Early Works of Bill Plympton: a must DVD collection for any fan of the animated short.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping: Musical comedy and mockumentary about the rise and fall of a white boy hip hop star is funny from beginning to end

Post Grad: Pointless wannabe romantic comedy

Pray TV: dark little comedy about religious broadcasting

Private Valentine Blonde and Dangerous: Remake of Private Benjamin, basically. Not as good but not that bad.

Prozac Nation: see Christina Ricci nude, otherwise don't bother

Puff, Puff, Pass: your basic stupid stoner comedy DVD

Punchline: Last Comic Standing: The Movie

Purlie Victorious: one of the great classics of Black American cinema

Puss in Boots: A prequel of sorts to Shrek as the second most charismatic character from the Shrek cast gets to tell the origins of his name and one of his early adventures.

Quick Change: an excellent comedy DVD

Racing Stripes: great for the under ten set

Rat: Kafka's Metamorphosis meets Coronation Street

Reality & Stuff The Possible Side Effects Movie: Reality TV meets reality comedy dvd

RED - Retired Extremely Dangerous: someone is trying to kill retired CIA wet works specialists and they aren't taking it sitting down.

Red Dwarf Back to Earth Director's Cut: Nine years after the last episode, the Red Dwarf crew finds its way back to earth and a TV series.

Relative Strangers: Fun little comedy especially if you like DeVito and Kathy Bates

Reno 911 Miami The Movie More Busted Than Ever Unrated Cut: More Reno 911 The Movie and digital copy

Rockin' Road Trip aka Summer Time Blues: Bizare little comedy for those who like Troma films.

Role Models - Rated and Unrated Versions: 2 grown-up kids become mentors to pint-size versions of themselves in this pretty good comedy.

Roxanne - Blu-ray Steve Martin / Daryl Hannah: Good romantic comedy. Steve Martin adapts Cyrano de Bergerac story.

Ruby Sparks: A writer experiencing writers block forces himself to start writing a story and inadvertently creates the perfect woman for him in real life.

Rumor Has It: a decent comedy even if he takes the girl back

Run, Fat Boy, Run: An out of shape security guard tries to win back the love of his life by running a marathon.

Run, Fat Boy, Run - Simon Pegg / Dylan Moran: Guy tries to win girl back by running marathon in this decent British comedy DVD

Rush Hour: Detective Lee is called to America to find the kidnapped daughter of the Chinese consul and teams up with an L.A.P.D. detective.

RV Starring Robin Williams: Great family comedy with Robin Williams

Safe At Home: Pleasant little baseball movie though a bit dated.

Salvation Boulevard: Even a seasoned reviewer (too much thyme) cannot get through this awful supposed comedy.

Santa vs. The Snowman: great Christmas animation

Scooby Doo: garbage

Searching For Bobby D: Indie comedy about four guys who want to make their own movie.

See Jane Date: A refreshingly original though still chick flick romantic comedy

Serial Mom: great and very dark comedy about a normal housewife

Sex And The Teenage Mind: has every ingredient of the stupid comedy including a vomit scene

Shanghai Noon: made with a love of the western and the martial arts movie

Shaun Of The Dead: Romantic comedy meets horror movie

Shopgirl: a charming romantic comedy on DVD that is also bittersweet

Side Effects: Comedy or mockumentary and neither that does not work.

Sideways: a robust and full bodied comedy

Sideways / Little Miss Sunshine - MGM Award Series Double Feature: Very good male version of the chick flick and wine movie

Smiley Face: Great stoner comedy DVD. One of very, very few.

Smother: something that should have been done to the director

Snatch: funny, violent, and brilliant.

So I Married an Ace Murderer: Fun dark comedy.

Some Like It Hot Blu-ray: Voted best American comedy by American Film Institute and still funny.

Someone Marry Barry - In Theaters: Three buddies decide their loutish friend needs a missus to keep him under control in fun romcom buddy movie

Something's Gotta Give: Fun relationship comedy with great actors

Soul Men - Bernie Mac - Samuel L. Jackson: Fun soul comedy even with its useless adult content

Soup Of The Day: Indie comedy DVD based on an internet show

Space Chimps: Great 3-D animated movie DVD for kids adults will enjoy too

Space Chimps - Blu-ray: Good animated movie for kids with a bunch of inside jokes for their parents.

Space Jam Blu-ray: Cool and better than expected

Spaceballs Blu-ray and DVD set: Good spoof of Star Wars, other science fiction B-movies, and classics like Star Trek

Spanglish: the only Adam Sandler movie that is watchable

Spooks Run Wild: Bela Lugosi and the East Side Kids

Spring Breakdown - Blu-ray: 3 40-somethings go to spring break in not particularly awful comedy

Spring Breakdown - Blu-ray: Another so-so comedy with Saturday Night Live alumni

Step Brothers: If you can find a laugh in this so-called comedy you can find a needle in 3 haystacks.

Stiffs: Fun goombah comedy.

Straight Talk - Dolly Parton, James Woods: Pleasant little Dolly Parton comedy.

Stranger Than Fiction: An IRS auditor suddenly finds himself the subject of narration only he can hear: narration that begins to affect his entire life, from his work, to his love-interest, to his death.

Stuart Little 3 Call Of The Wild: very family friendly enjoyable cartoon

Suburban Girl: Smart, intelligent romantic comedy with a coming of age twist.

Sueno: Not bad not great

Sunshine Cleaners: Could have been good comedy fails miserably.

Super Size Me - Morgan Spurlock: the humor serves to make you swallow the bitter pill.

Super Troopers Blu-ray: Broken Lizard lowbrow comedy is pretty good.

Superbad - It's Brilliant: Unrated extended edition of a brilliant coming of age comedy DVD

Superbad DVD - It's Okay: Unrated Extended Edition of a decent coming of age comedy

Superhero Movie - Extended Edition: Spoof of Spiderman. The best such movie since Airplane!

Superman The Ultimate Max Fleischer Cartoon Collection: Really cool and good looking Superman cartoons

Surf's Up: A behind-the-scenes look at the annual Penguin World Surfing Championship, and its newest participant, up-and-comer Cody Maverick

Surf's Up DVD:

Surviving Christmas: sugary stuff at the end just kind of ruins it for the pro-Grinch crowd

Sylvia Scarlett: With her father fleeing from debt and scandal in France Sylvia decides to take on the persona of Sylvester Scarlett to help him escape and establish a new life in England.

Sylvia Scarlett - Katharine Hepburn 100th Anniversary Collection: A Katherine Hepburn movie that does not know what it wants to be.

Talladega Nights : The Ballad of Ricky Bobby: Great movie and NASCAR Comedy now on DVD

Talladega Nights The Ballad of Ricky Bobby: A very good Will Ferrell NASCAR comedy DVD

Tangled: Disney's 50th animated movie is a retelling of Rapunzel.

Taxi: dreadful American remake of a great French comedy

Team America: definite rental Dvd

Teen Witch: romantic comedy obviously aimed at teenage girls

Teen Wolf Blu-ray: Fun teen comedy with Michael J. Fox

Tetherball: Good small budget comedy with the appropriate amount of gratuitous nudity

Thank Heaven: Decent little God comedy with a romantic interest

Thankskilling: killer turkey on the loose in this Thanksgiving horror comedy.

That's My Boy: A great gift idea for someone you truly despise.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Blu-ray: Excellent Australian comedy about three drag queens

The Apartment Blu-ray: Excellent Billy Wilder movie that blends romance, comedy, and drama. Won 5 Academy Awards

The Archies in Jugman: The Archies in a decent movie cartoon

The Aristocrats: The comedy DVD version of The Aristocrats is an absolute must for any, even casual, fan of stand-up comedy.

The Bad News Bears - Billy Bob Thornton: People who forget comedy history are condemned to repeat it.

The Baker - Damian Lewis: Great over the top black comedy DVD

The Bed Sitting Room: Very odd British comedy with Goon Show alum

The Best of Abbott and Costello - Volume One: 8 Abbott and Costello movies, some good, some okay

The Best of Abbott and Costello - Volume Three: all the creature features Abbott and Costello did late in their careers

The Big Tease: Stars Craig Ferguson of Drew Carey Show fame, fun little comedy DVD

The Big Year: 3 different guys want to see the most birds in a year in fun comedy light drama

The Bounty Hunter - Jennifer Aniston: Wanted: people who think this movie is funny.

The Brothers Solomon: Great way over the top comedy.

The Bucket List: Two dying men try to complete a list of things they would like to do before they die.

The Buster Keaton Collection: 10 short comedy features Keaton made for Columbia

The Cable Guy Blu-ray 15th Anniversary Edition: Classic Jim Carrey dark comedy for those who like Carrey.

The Campaign - Will Ferrell, Zack Galifianakis: Could have been decent political satire but ends up just dumb and gross comedy.

The Comedian s Guide to Survival: The Comedian s Guide to Survival is to comedy what the Hitchhiker s Guide is to the Galaxy: oddly funny and in reality unreal.

The Darwin Awards DVD: Dumber than real life Darwin Award winners

The Dukes Of Hazzard The Beginning Unrated Version:

The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill but Came Down a Mountain: Great subtle British comedy.

The Errand Boy - Jerry Lewis: a cri du coeur about comedy and real comedic talent

The Family Secret starring Baby Peggy (1924): Baby Peggy was the silent era version of Shirley Temble. This DVD also includes two Baby Peggy shorts: Circus Clowns (1922) and Miles of Smiles (1923)

The Family Stone: Overpopulated Christmas comedy.

The Fighting Sullivans: A very different kind of war movie source for Saving Private Ryan.

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie: gross-out comedy for tweens

The Girl Most Likely To: Decent made for TV comedy

The Good Girl: Do not read the jacket

The Great Radio Broadcast - Alice Faye Collection Vol. 2: Romantic comedy and drama about the early days of radio.

The Green Hornet Blu-ray: Wannabe action comedy is decent enough with great final chase

The Gumball Rally: It's about time this classic comedy came out on DVD.

The Hammer - Adam Carolla: Rocky goes comedy and to the Olympics in this surprisingly good movie.

The Hangover Blu-ray: 4 guys go to Vegas for a bachelor party, 3 of them lose the groom.

The Hangover Blu-ray: Three buddies try to find Doug after memorable wild night they can't remember

The Heavenly Kid aka Teen Angel: fun little comedy

The Honeymooners: DVD released Thanksgiving 2005 because it is a turkey

The Hotel New Hampshire: Dark comedy for those who like those

The House Bunny: Harmless, fun comedy is popcorn for the mind

The House Bunny DVD: Little orphan girl finds shelter in sorority house and teaches the girls to be women. Anna Faris comedy

The Ice Harvest: Bad, just plain bad

The Importance of Being Russell -An Adventure of Epic Proportions: Redneck inventor goes to big city with two pals and weird stuff happens.

The Joneses Blu-ray: Fun social satire that does not go far enough

The Last Supper: Neat black comedy. Not great, not bad.

The List: Decent romantic comedy with Wayne Brady of What's My Line

The Long, Long Trailer: Newlyweds Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz buy a trailer home and hit the road in fun comedy

The Love Bug: One of Disney's great comedies from the sixties

The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human - Comedy 20 Movie Collection: romcom created solely for the brilliant Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy style commentary track by David Hyde Pierce of Frasier fame.

The Money Pit: Nice couple buys a nightmare of a dream house. Decent little comedy

The Nanny Diaries: Visually interesting, funny, smart, well-made chick flick comedy.

The Nice Guys - Ryan Gossling and Russell Crowe: Buddy comedy and film noir that begs for an already sort of announce sequel I am salivating for.

The Onion Movie: The Onion now on DVD is great stuff

The Other Guys Blu-ray: Get the other movie

The Pacifier: this Disney movie fires on all cylinders

The Pink Panther: Yet another less than stellar Hollywood remake of a classic comedy

The Pink Panther 2 Blu-ray: Better comedy than the first Martin Panther. Good enough but not great.

The Pink Panther Blu-ray / Steve Martin: Blu-ray version of Steve Martin movie has cool animated pop up info.

The Princess And The Pirate: Basic forties comedy

The Princess Bride - Blu-ray and DVD combo: Wonderful family comedy with something for everybody: romance, action, adventure, and a giant.

The Prize Winner Of Defiance, Ohio: a perfect balance of dark realism and a rose-colored view of the world

The Producers: Comedy about a Broadway musical became Broadway musical comedy

The Proposal - Sandra Bullock: Fun romantic comedy where boss Sandra Bullock forces assistant Ryan Reynolds to marry her.

The Rebound Blu-ray: Decent enough romantic comedy with Zeta-Jones as older woman.

The Sandlot 2: a feel good light weight flick

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause: Jack Frost plots to take over the role of Santa Claus

The Shaggy Dog 2006: This movie is for the dogs.

The Shrink Is In: Patient becomes shrink in romantic comedy.

The Sitter: The Shitter

The Ten: A disaster not a comedy

The Three Stooges: Verry funny modern take and homage movie

The Three Stooges Collection Volume 1 1934-36: Stooges are a guy thing.

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