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Stand-up DVD

Colin & Brad Two Man Group - Live and Dangerous Comedy: Excellent improv a la Whose Line

Comic Relief - The Greatest and The Latest: 20 years of great stand-up and the 2006 New Orleans fundraiser. Must have.

F**k The Disabled: Profile / comedy performance of gay, disabled comic Greg Walloch

I Am Comic: Very good stand-up documentary

Man 1 Bank 0 - Patrick Combs: The title says it all. Little guy wins one over big bank.

The Next Big Thing: 3 part documentary DVD follows 6 stand-up comics trying to make it in the comedy world

Will Ferrell - You're Welcome America, A Final Night With George W Bush: Saturday Night Live skit goes 90 minutes and is pretty good.

Ahmed Ahmed - Axis of Evil: Never tape your stand-up comedy show in a high school gym.

Ted Alexandro - As Much As You Want: As Much As You Want is the first Ted Alexandro independent comedy CD or stand-up comedy DVD.

Jeff Allen - Bananas Act 2: More great stand-up by the best relationship comic in the business if you choose correctly on the menu

Jeff Allen - Bananas DVD: You get all of his older best stuff on this stand-up comedy DVD.

Jeff Allen - Happy Wife, Happy Life DVD: absolutely great stand-up comedy

Nathan Allen - Only Fooling Myself: Weird but fun low-low budget DVD of magic-comedy show clips and a few other segments

Bob Alper - What Are You ... A Comedian?: Solid, clean, family friendly, intelligent stand-up comedy.

Jocko Alston - Funny Bald Negro: Jocko Alston is a biracial, bicultural Montreal comic who looks like Montel Williams after a buffet and who definitely delivers on stage.

Louie Anderson - Mom Louie's Looking At Me Again - Live at the Guthrie: Stand-up comedy DVD that is great fun for anyone, from a dysfunctional family or not.

Aziz Ansari - Dangerously Delicious $5 Download: Ansariís new special is hilarious, and I personally really like this new distribution method

Aziz Ansari - Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening - also on CD: Decent enough comedy DVD if you are the target market.

Dave Attell - Captain Miserable - HBO Special and DVD:

Ben Bailey - Road Rage & Accidental Ornithology: Ben Bailey gives a rock solid performance

Michele Balan - Live! (Just Barely) from Joe's Pub in NYC: Very good stand-up comedy DVD

Maria Bamford - Plan B: Performance art more than stand-up comedy show should please Bamford's fans.

Willie Barcena - I Gotta Be Honest: Excellent hour long comedy special with 30 minutes on marriage and what goes on in the bedroom.

Willie Barcena - I Gotta Be Honest - Brett Watson review: an enjoyable stand-up comedy special.

Willie Barcena - Willie Barcena Live - Deal With It!: First half of this stand-up comedy DVD is smart, the second the usual easy fare.

Greg Behrendt - Greg Behrendt is That Guy From That Thing: Decent enough comedy DVD

Greg Behrendt - Uncool: a very good stand-up comedy DVD

Mike Birbiglia - What I Should Have Said Was Nothing: Better than the CD much of the same material is on.

Lewis Black - Red, White & Screwed DVD:

Lewis Black - Unleashed: three excellent performances aired on Comedy Central.

Josh Blue - 7 More Days in the Tank: Pretty good stand-up comedy DVD but the next one will be better.

Alonzo Bodden - Tall, Dark, and Funny: Solid stand-up comedy DVD by reliable, original comic.

Bowser and Blue - We're All Here stand-up comedy DVD: We're All Here is an independent release comedy DVD containing two television specials featuring Bowser and Blue.

Frankie Boyle - Frankie Boyle Live: Outrageous Scottish stand-up comedy and comic.

Jim Breuer - Let's Clear the Air: Second half of this comedy DVD is much stronger than the first.

Broken Lizard - Broken Lizard Stands Up - Live, Extended and Uncensored: Should crawl back under its rock.

Bruce Bruce - Losin It - Live From Boston: Very good but generic stand-up comedy show

Hannibal Buress - Animal Furnace: highly recommended DVD. Keep an eye on Buress. He is going to be huge.

Bo Burnham - Words, Words, Words: Very good stand-up and mostly musical comedy.

Bill Burr - Let It Go: Superb DVD bound to be on our 2010 stand-up comedy top 10

Bill Burr - Let It Go - Joe Schneider review: A somewhat less positive review of this Bill Burr DVD

Ed Byrne - Pedantic And Whimsical: a genial witty comic and so is his comedy DVD

George Carlin - Doin' It Again: George Carlin is not always absolutely brilliant on Doin' It Again, the DVD version

George Carlin - George Carlin On Location aka at USC (1977): First Carlin HBO Special became the On the Road CD

George Carlin - It's Bad For Ya - DVD: Carlin's last HBO special. He was too hip for the room but the room loved him.

George Carlin - Jammin' In New York: One of the best George Carlin comedy DVDs

Jimmy Carr - Telling Jokes: Title says it all, really. Only in the UK though.

Kyle Cease - Weirder Blacker Dimpler: I wish Kyle Cease had more to say and said something more often instead of mostly surfing on such a superficial train of thought powered by poop jokes.

Dave Chappelle - For What It's Worth: It's worth about a buck twenty five.

Margaret Cho - Beautiful: Still not impressive comedy but at least she stopped screaming.

Louis CK - Chewed Up: Chewed up refers to this comic's stand-up material

Louis CK - One Night Stand: Average stand-up comedy DVD by average comic.

Bobby Collins - Telling It Like It Is: I guarantee this comedy DVD. see review for details.

Dane Cook - Harmful If Swallowed: You will probably enjoy the comedy CD more than the DVD

Dane Cook - Isolated Incident DVD: Cook shows off he could do serious comedy before reverting to standard fare.

Bill Cosby - Far From Finished - Blu-ray: Brilliant. The video version includes a forty-eight minute interview but not the two bonus tracks from the CD

Bill Cosby - Himself: Bill Cosby DVD with The Dentist, Brain Damage, Naturan Child Birth, Chocolate Cake For Breakfast and other good stuff.

David Cross - Bigger and Blackerer - DVD version: Decent enough DVD

Whitney Cummings - Money Shot - Live and Uncensored: Very good adult humor

Ken Davis - I'm Not Okay: Christian comedy without really preachy bits the whole family can enjoy.

Ken Davis - Is It Just Me?: Good clean family stand-up comedy by Christian comic.

Ivan Decker - Live at the Waldorf Hotel - $5 comedy download: Solid half-hour performance by young comic.

Ellen DeGeneres - Here And Now: an hour well spent

Ellen DeGeneres - The Beginning: Her first HBO stand-up comedy special is pretty good.

Omid Djalili - No Agenda - Live at the London Palladium: Good stuff but you need to know your British to fully enjoy

Jimmy Dore - Citizen Jimmy - DVD or CD: Excellent release by calm edgy comic.

Robert Dubac - Inside The Male Intellect aka The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron? DVD: one hell of a one-man show stand-up comedy DVD

Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre - Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre 30th Anniversary: features their classic, funny sketches honed over a long career.

Jeff Dunham - All Over the Map: Ventriloquist on an entertaining world tour.

Jeff Dunham - Controlled Chaos: Could have been good but just redneck racist by the end.

Jeff Dunham - Minding the Monsters Blu-ray: This is the ventriloquist s best show ever.

Jeff Dunham - Spark Of Insanity: The good Jeff Dunham DVD

Jeff Dunham - Very Special Christmas Special DVD: The ventriloquist, Peanut, Walter, Jose Jalapeno et al in a longer version of the Comedy Central Christmas Special

Brian Dykstra - The Jesus Factor: Poet and comic takes on the right.

Earthquake - About Got Damn Time: The laughter never, ever stops

Earthquake - One Night Stand - HBO Stand-Up Comedy: A good half hour show by this stand-up comic.

Bill Engvall - Aged and Confused DVD version: Pretty good show will please the comic's fans.

Mike Epps - Under Rated & Never Faded: Pretty good adult audience comic with some solid and some facile stuff

Mitch Fatel - Mitch Fatel Is Magical: 70 minutes of sex jokes and Fatel makes it work.

Terry Fator - Live From Las Vegas - Ventriloquist Comedy: Brilliant ventriloquist comedy DVD. Terry Fator won America's Got Talent and it is obvious why.

Craig Ferguson - A Wee Bit O' Revolution: Late Late Show and Drew Carey Show star's first stand-up comedy special.

Craig Ferguson - Does This Need To Be Said?: Solid but meandering set with adult language.

Christian Finnegan - Au Contraire! DVD version: Very good show. It's my fault if I think Finnegan is an underachiever.

Jamie Foxx - Unleashed - The Comedy Network 07-25-09 10 P.M.: 2003 stand-up comedy special has not aged that well.

Darren Frost - Better Left Unsaid: They do not come edgier than Darren Frost.

Darren Frost - Dead Inside: Nasty and funny stand-up comedy by a master of the genre.

Darren Frost - Emotional Terrorism: Excellent DVD from the nastiest, funniest, and very smart comic.

Darren Frost - Laughing Away The Tears: A great independent stand-up comedy DVD

Jim Gaffigan - Beyond The Pale: for people who like clean but adult oriented comedy

Jim Gaffigan - Mr. Universe - $5 comedy download: Superb and even better considering the price.

Jim Gaffigan - Mr. Universe - $5 Comedy download online: Our second review for Mr. Universe repeats this is a great one.

Billy Gardell - Halftime - The Comedy Network Feb 4 2012 9 p.m.: Great performance by Mike & Molly star

Janeane Garofalo - If You Will - Live In Seattle: Unfocused comic could be better.

Greg Giraldo - Midlife Vices DVD: Solid performance by comic who is better than his Comedy Central Roast shows

Godfrey - Black By Accident: Good, sometimes excellent Comedy Central DVD

Gilbert Gottfried - Dirty Jokes DVD: All dirty jokes by the master of the dirty joke closes with The Aristocrats

Eddie Griffin - You Tell Em I Said It: Not particularly original.

Kathy Griffin - Allegedly: Allegedly a comic.

Kevin Hart - Laugh At My Pain: Sort of tears of the clown stand-up with other stuff. Adult audience stand-up.

Kevin Hart - Seriously Funny: Decent

Drew Hastings - Irked & Miffed DVD: Good stuff. especially the gentleman farming bit

Bill Hicks - Bill Hicks Live: This stand-up comedy DVD contains everything your parents hate

Bill Hicks - Sane Man: Bill Hicks Sane Man is a must.

Corey Holcomb - The Problem Is You: an original comedic talent and a solid comedy DVD CD set

Jeremy Hotz - What A MIserable DVD This Is: Very good but a bit short comedy DVD

Kevin Hughes - Wild About Love: Solid and clean relationship comic

David Hunstberger - One-Headed Beast: David Huntsberger One-Headed Beast is groundbreaking. An all animation stand-up show is, I think, a game changer.

Gabriel Iglesias - Aloha, Fluffy Blu-ray: Very solid show with a bit of adult language.

Gabriel Iglesias - Hot and Fluffy: You have to see the Lopez, Rodriguez, and Mencia imitation on this comedy DVD.

Gabriel Iglesias - I m Not Fat, I m Fluffy Blu-ray: Stand-up on Blu-ray is a bit silly but this one is excellent

Gabriel Iglesias - I'm Not Fat, I'm Fluffy: Great second DVD by easy going comic

Gabriel Iglesias - Stand-Up Revolution Season 3: With Kabir Singh, Lance Patrick, Mark Viera, Barry Brewer, Shaun Latham, Jerry Rocha, Steve Simeone, G Reilly, Ian Bagg, Mike Merrill, Gina Brillon, and Alfred Robles

Eddie Izzard - Live From Wembley: The special feature Norwich show is better than the main on this DVD

Ron James - Back Home DVD: Brilliant, great, wonderful, and so on stand-up comedy DVD by comic wordsmith

Ron James - Quest For The West DVD: Great comedy DVD from brilliant monologuist

Ron James - The Road Between My Ears: must have stand-up comedy DVD

Ron James - West Coast Wild: Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

Jim Jefferies - I Swear to God - DVD: Excellent and very adult oriented HBO special

Jim Jefferies - I Swear to God - HBO special: Great and very nasty stand-up comedy special.

Richard Jeni - A Big Steaming Pile Of Me: a comedy DVD full of solid material

Keith Lowell Jensen - Cats Made of Rabbits DVD version: Good stand-up with a few flaws

Anthony Jeselnik - Caligula : bound to be one of the best of 2013.

Maz Jobrani - Brown and Friendly: Good but does not rise about ethnic humor.

Anjelah Johnson - That's How We Do It! CD-DVD set: Pretty good comedy DVD and CD set.

Phil Johnson - Pretty From the Back: Very good mix of stand-up and music comedy.

Sam Kinison - Back From Hell -A Tribute to Sam Kinison: A clip show with commentary from various comics. Good stuff.

Sam Kinison - Outlaws Of Comedy: loud smoke and mirrors designed to get your money but not give much back

Robert Klein - Unfair & Unbalanced: Unoriginal & Unfunny

Jo Koy - Don't Make Him Angry - DVD: Decent comedy special by better than this comic

Jo Koy - Don't Make Him Angry DVD: Better see Koy live.

Nick Kroll - Thank You Very Cool: enjoyable enough stand-up comedy and about fourteen minutes of godawful, wretched, terrible, horrible, cringe worthy sketch comedy.

Lisa Lampanelli - Dirty Girl DVD: 65 minutes of insult comedy by the queen of mean

Lisa Lampanelli - Take It Like A Man: Great insult comic and her second comedy DVD

Artie Lange - Jack and Coke: Don't bother

Dennis Leary - Douchebags and Donuts: Very good Comedy Central special with Whitney Cummings, Lenny Clarke, and Adam Ferrara.

Rob Little - Haulin' Ass:

George Lopez - George Lopez Tall, Dark & Chicano - HBO Comedy Special: & agressive and unoriginal

Mike MacDonald - A Comic Stripped: It's about f!!! time there's a Mike MacDonald DVD out there.

Kathleen Madigan - Gone Madigan: Madigan brings her A game on this comedy Blu-ray

Bill Maher - I'm Swiss and other treasonous statements: stand-up comic in fine form

Bill Maher - Victory Begins At Home: funny joke is American society itself

Sebastian Maniscalco: Very good DVD will make this guy many new fans.

Mike Marino - New Jersey's Bad Boy of Comedy DVD: Wiseguy comic and very good at it.

Marc Maron - Thinky Pain: Maron is a master storyteller and only seems to get better as time goes by. Highly recommended.

Demetri Martin - Standup Comedian - DVD version: Very good low key, smart stand-up comic.

Jackie Mason - Comedy Trilogy: Must-have comedy DVD by Jackie Mason

Jackie Mason - The Ultimate Jew Live On Broadway: An excellent DVD by a comedy legend.

Taylor Mason - Bananas: great ventriloquist DVD

Ralphie May - AustinTatious DVD: Fourth May comedy DVD

Ralphie May - Girth of a Nation - Comedy DVD: Brilliant stand-up comedy DVD by Ralphie May

Ralphie May - Just Correct: he makes it look so easy

Ralphie May - Prime Cut DVD / CD Set: Third May CD / DVD. Not as good as the first two but pretty decent.

Ben McGinnis - $5 Comedy Download - Live at the Waldorf Hotel: Good but something is a little off.

Don McMillan - Technically Funny 2.0: Don McMillan has harnessed the power of the point

Carlos Mencia - New Territory: Mencia really ups his game on this Comedy Central DVD

Carlos Mencia - No Strings Attached : Mencia is not really ... original.

Carlos Mencia - No Strings Attached - The Comedy Network 03/07/09: Lowest common denominator comedy for those who like this stuff.

Carlos Mencia - Not For The Easily Offended: Never has a comedy DVD been so aptly titled

Dennis Miller - All In: Miller tries to roll the dice at the blackjack table.

T.J. Miller - No Real Reason: Very good, very odd, very weird.

Eugene Mirman - An Evening of Comedy in a Fake Underground Laboratory: Fun cd / dvd set with lightweight anecdotal comedy.

Greg Morton: Independent release stand-up comedy DVD: good stuff.

Naked Trucker and T-Bones - Live at the Troubadour DVD: Country music funny song comedy

Jim Norton - Monster Rain - HBO Comedy Special and DVD: Great HBO comedy special and stand-up DVD by a very nasty comic.

Jim Norton - One Night Stand: Very good stand-up comedy DVD by dark comic.

Patrice O'Neal - Elephant in the Room: Comedy Central special starts out strong but fades soon after

Carlos Oscar - Life Is Crazy Good! DVD: Family friendly stand-up comedy DVD and very standard fare

Patton Oswalt - No Reason To Complain: an excellent stand-up comedy DVD

Russell Peters - Comedy Now! Starring Russell Peters: solid stand-up comedy that will not age

Russell Peters - Comics Without Borders Hosted by Russell Peters - Season One: International comedy star Russell Peters presents 18 international comics.

John Pinette - I Say Nay Nay: should come with a case of Depends

John Pinette - I'm Starvin': Comedy Network must see special also available on DVD

Chris Porter - Screaming From The Cosmos CD and DVD: Very good comedy DVD and CD set.

Richard Pryor - Live On The Sunset Strip - Stand-Up Comedy Double Feature: Also available as 2 DVD set with Richard Pryor Here and Now

Monty Python - Graham Chapman - Looks Like A Brown Trouser Job: the only comedy DVD best enjoyed with the television turned off

Donnell Rawlings - From Ashy to Classy: Excellent, varied, original funny, almost but not clean comedy

Brian Regan - Live From Radio City Music Hall: a solid, clean, and very entertaining show.

Brian Regan - Standing Up : Not bad, not great. Second half of this stand-up comedy show is better.

Brian Regan - The Epitome of Hyperbole: Regan is uneven but excellent in this comedy special.

Caroline Rhea - One Night Stand Caroline Rhea: Solid HBO performance by Canadian stand-up comic.

Tom Rhodes - Holy Temple of the Ha Ha - Live at the Sydney Comedy Store: Tom Rhodes is an ecclectic comic and this stand-up DVD proves it.

Tom Rhodes - Rhode Scholar: 2 DVD set. One a travelogue with stand-up clips, another a slide show comedy evening.

Dylan Rhymer - Live at the Waldorf Hotel - $5 comedy download: Very good show in a series by Canadian stand-up comics.

Chris Rock - Kill the Messenger 3-Disc Collector's Edition: Rock performs in New York, London, and Johannesburg all at the same time in this brilliant stand-up comedy DVD

Paul Rodriguez - Live In San Quentin: Everything on this comedy DVD is high quality

Paul Rodriguez - Paul Rodriguez Presents Comedy Rehab: With Gene Pompa, Shayla Rivera, Mandy Mandanado, and Dennis Gaxiola and Benny Martinex in special features

Joe Rogan - Talking Monkeys In Space - DVD: Two thirds decent enough show, last third features useless Q&A

Jeffrey Ross - The Comedy Network - Saturday Night Stand-up 06/27/09 10 P.M.: Decent stand-up comedy special if you see it free on TV

Bob Saget - That Ain't Right - HBO Comedy Special: Vomit inducing stand-up comedy to put it mildly.

Kristen Schaal - Live at the Fillmore: Anti-comedy or a comedian bombing big time?

Flip Schultz - Getting Them On The Chain: 2 stand-up comedy DVD set one recorded at the Improv, the second a doc of the European tour with great audience riffs.

Flip Schultz - What Are You Laughing At?: one hell of a stand-up comedy DVD.

Amy Schumer - Mostly Sex Stuff: Even the comedian is bored by her material.

Amy Schumer - Mostly Sex Stuff - Brett Watson review: A much more positive take on this comedy DVD

Jerry Seinfeld - Live On Broadway: I'm Telling You For The Last Time: Seinfeld delivers the goods in this last performance of his old material

Raj Sharma - Live!: If you like crowd work comics, you will like this one.

Ron Shock - Bootleg 1: If you are willing to overlook the production values, although the sound quality is just fine, Bootleg l by Ron Shock is a solid comedy DVD.

Ron Shock - Bootleg II: adds to the pleasure of those already familiar with his comedy CDs

Ron Shock - Live at 65: Includes some classics and two new bits. One about safecracking, another about escaping jail.

Erica Sigurdson - $5 comedy download - Live at the Waldorf Hotel: One of 4 5 dollar Canadian comedy downloads taped at the same venue

Tom Simmons - Stand Up Underground: If you are somewhat less punctilious than me this is a very enjoyable independent release stand-up comedy DVD

Sinbad - Make Me Wanna Holla: Good if you like Sinbad in the first place.

JB Smoove - That's How I Dooz It: Brilliant Comedy Central performance by high energy comic.

Doug Stanhope - No Refunds: Edgy, controversial, dead on stand-up comedy

Doug Stanhope - Oslo - Burning the Bridge to Nowhere DVD version: DVD / CD combo. Same show but DVD is better.

Jason Stuart - Making It to the Middle: Stuart's CD is much better.

Sugar Sammy - Live In Concert - Direct From Montreal: Good but lots of local references that will be lost on foreign audience

Nick Swardson - Seriously, Who Farted? DVD: Stand-up for an immature mature audience.

Wanda Sykes - I'mA Be Me: Excellent stand-up comedy DVD

Wanda Sykes - Sick & Tired: Very good 2006 comedy DVD with adult content

Wanda Sykes - Tongue Untied also on Comedy Network Jan 5th 2010: Excellent Comedy Central special and DVD

The Kids In The Hall - Tour Of Duty: Overall, this sketch comedy DVD is below par.

Nick Thune - Thick Noon: Good musician comic with CD and DVD combo set

Tommy Tiernan - Something Mental - DVD: Great show by Irish comic and best capture of a stand-up in a long time.

Don Tjernagel - After Hours: The best adult audience comic ever.

Don Tjernagel - Catharsis: Offensive butt funny

Don Tjernagel - Comedy Monster: does to good taste what Godzilla did to Tokyo

Don Tjernagel - Filthy: Comic burns Qu ran on stage and lesser material.

Don Tjernagel - Smut: You can't get funnier and dirtier than this.

Don Tjernagel - The Worst of Donzilla: If Tjernagel does not offend you, you are brain dead.

Don Tjernagel - X-Rated: The world's best and smartest dirty comic.

Paul F. Tompkins - Laboring Under Delusions: Paul F. Tompkins is a phenomenal comic. Period. End of story

Daniel Tosh - Completely Serious: This stand-up comedy DVD is darkly whimsical indeed.

Daniel Tosh - Happy Thoughts DVD version: Meh.

Upright Citizens Brigade - Asssscat - Improv Sketch Comedy: Improv sketch comedy. Far better than most.

Various Stand-Up Comics - Before They Were Kings Volume 1: a comedy Dvd featuring some old sets has not aged a bit.

Various Stand-Up Comics - Before They Were Kings Volume 2: an interesting though not a must have stand-up comedy DVD.

Various Stand-Up Comics - Comics Without Borders - Season One: Russell Peters hosts 18 comics in stand-up comedy variety pack

Various Stand-Up Comics - Cutting Edge Comedians of the 60s and 70s - Full Review: DVD with rare TV clips of comedy greats like Cosby, Newhart, Carlin, etc

Various Stand-Up Comics - Cutting Edge Comedians of the 60s and 70s DVD - Capsule Review: Great Stand-up comedy TV clip collection.

Various Stand-Up Comics - Indian Invasion Comedy: Buffet style DVD featuring Mark Saldana, Bijai Nathan, Rajiv Satyal, Dalia, and Vidur Kapur.

Various Stand-Up Comics - Just For Laughs Stand-Up Vol 2 On The Edge: Comedy Festival gala performances by comedy's edgiest,funniest

Various Stand-Up Comics - Just For Laughs Vol 1 Best of The Uptown Comics: Uptown Comics Volume 1 is an excellent stand-up comedy DVD.

Various Stand-Up Comics - Katt Williams presents Katthouse Comedy: Ordinary stand-up comedy DVD with Red Grant, Luenell, and Melanie Comarcho

Various Stand-Up Comics - Laffapalooza 5: not the best of the bunch but quite decent nonetheless

Various Stand-Up Comics - Laughing Matters: Bad director! Bad director!! Someone take her splicing kit away, now!

Various Stand-Up Comics - Open Mic: behind-the-scenes documentary about the stand-up comedy biz

Various Stand-Up Comics - The Awkward Comedy Show: Buffet style stand-up comedy DVD featuring 5 nerdy Black comics

Various Stand-Up Comics - The Big Black Comedy Show Volume 1: The Big Black Comedy Show Volume 1 is a very solid comedy DVD

Various Stand-Up Comics - The Big Black Comedy Show Volume 2: Big Black Comedy Volume 1 is far superior to this comedy DVD

Various Stand-Up Comics - The Naughty Show Bad Girls Of Comedy: Kim Cea, Stella Stolper, Lisa Ann Walter, Kate Rigg, Shayma Tash, Robin Montague. Ex adult film star director, limp product, no money shot.

Various Stand-Up Comics - World's Greatest Stand-Up Comedy Collection: World's greatest stand-up comedy DVD collection. They are all there.

Rich Vos - Vos: This is a solid stand-up comedy DVD

Suzanne Westenhoefer - Live At The Village: a solid stand-up comedy DVD

Katt Williams - Katt Williams Live: So so performance.

Katt Williams - Pimpadelic: For Katt Williams fans only

Robin Williams - Live On Broadway: Solid comedy DVD will not stand the test of time, too topical.

Tom Wilson - Bigger Than You: Excellent and clean stand-up comedy with a superb bit about being in the high school band.

Steven Wright - When the Leaves Blow Away DVD: Brilliant performance by driest stand-up comic ever.

Weird Al Yankovic - Weird Al Yankovic Live! The Alpocalypse Tour DVD: Excellent and even better live music spoof comedy

Gina Yashere - Skinny Bitch: Solid performance but echoey sound

Pete Zedlacher - The Humorist: Solid stand-up comedy DVD with very average sound.