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Message From the Editor

Well you found us.

Since our launch in 2004 (as Comedy Gags Jokes) The Serious Comedy Site has grown into something we never imagined. From an idea to fill a void in the Internet where it was impossible to find a decent review of a comedy CD, DVD or book to a website that corresponds regularly with some of the giants on the club circuit, television and the people behind the scenes at comedy festivals and radio networks. It has been a lightning fast ride so far.

That doesn't mean everything has gone smoothly. The first threatening letter from a comic who did not like a published review was a little disappointing. The Serious Comedy Site prides itself on delivering accurate comedy reviews from a fans perspective. We aren't bookers, we do not own a club nor do we have any recording interests we are comedy fans first and always.

I would like to take the opportunity now to thank all the independent comics who have supported us from the beginning. Having the likes of Alonzo Bodden come on board almost from day one helped attract other independent comics. The independents have been the backbone of our site and will continue to be the driving force behind our site. There are great comedy labels out there -- Uproar for one has been onboard with us for a long time -- but the quantity of independent label work being done out there is astonishing.

One of the facts about comedy is that if you are not being seen on Leno, Letterman or on a situation comedy people do not know that you are a working comic. Our mission if you want to call it that is to get people who are interested in comedy to have a look around and sample the wares of comics from all over the comedy spectrum. You many never get the chance to see Costaki Economopolous, Daryl Makk, Don Tjernagel, Caroline Picard, Ron Shock, Will Durst or any of a host of other comics because the booker at your local comedy club just has not had the opportunity to book them. They all have CDs though and that gives you the opportunity to hear them and enjoy them. We hope that you will take the time to read the reviews of the comedy material we receive because they may be the only reviews of some comics out there.

We hope you enjoy the site and the reviews and we look forward to an equally fast ride going forward.

Denis Bernicky