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Comedy Reviews - CD - Bob Alper - Rabbi / Stand-up Comic (Really)


Rabbi / Stand-Up Comic (Really)
Bob Alper
Independent Release Comedy CD

Rabbi and stand-up comic doesn’t sound like a funny combination but it is. Fans of religious humor, autobiographical comics, clean jokes, and a well-told funny story will definitely enjoy Bob Alper ’s Rabbi / Stand-up Comic (Really). Bob Alper knows how to tell a funny story; he’s got the timing and delivery of a professional comic because he is a professional comic. This is not some disc by some guy who thinks he’s funny but a solid comedy CD period.

The jokes on this CD are not of the “Two Jews walked into a bar” variety but more observational comedy about the Jewish community and life as a rabbi. This is original enough but Alper also has funny stories about his family, his travels, and differences between old Hebrew and modern Hebrew. If you are Jewish, you will definitely get all the inside jokes here.

If you are just a fan of comedy, you will enjoy the simplicity of Bob Alper’s comedy and Rabbi / Stand-up Comic. In an age where comedy has become angrier, more intellectual, more political, and where there is a certain meanness behind a lot of the material, Bob Alper is a fresh, easygoing, relaxing but, most important, very funny voice.

Some may be familiar with the name Bob Alper as he and Muslim comic Ahmed Ahmed have a road show called One Arab, One Jew, One Stage, Two Very Funny Guys and it has garnered national attention through CNN, NPR and so on. If you a not familiar with Bob Alper, Rabbi / Stand-Up Comic will definitely be a different but very good addition to a decent comedy CD collection.

Update June 2008:  Bob Alper is now touring with Azhar Usman (who is also in the Allah Made Me Funny tour) as the Muslim, and Nazareth, an Evangelical Christian Arab. This is a show I would love to see.

Bob Alper
Rabbi / Stand-up Comic
Track list:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Rabbi/Stand-up Comic
  3. Fantasies
  4. Family Life
  5. Vermont
  6. Conversions
  7. Travels in Israel, Russia, and Mexico
  8. Congregational Life: Buffalo
  9. Congregational Life: Philadelphia Suburbs
  10. On the Road
  11. Weddings
  12. Telephones


Richard Lanoie

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