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Comedy Reviews - CD - Jim Jefferies - Hell Bound

Hell Bound
Jim Jeffries
Hell Bound
Comedy CD
The Comedy Store U.K. 2007
45 minutes

The first thing I heard at the 2007 Just For Laughs comedy festival was how well Jim Jeffries had done at The Nasty Show. Granted, this was said to me by one of his "people" after I snared a copy of the first Jim Jeffries CD, Hell Bound, but if this stand-up comedy CD is anything to go by -I missed The Nasty Show this year, what with being the proud owner of a brand new bourgeois bungalow-I am more than ready to believe this "people". If you like raunchy stand-up comedy you are going to very much enjoy Hell Bound.

Jim Jeffries starts off raunchy and just cranks it up a notch from track to track. Of course, the sexual habits and experiences of the comic are a topic but this Australian stand-up comic now working out of Britain brings a few fresh takes on the topic.

Not that everything in Hell Bound relates to sex. A lot of it does but not all of it. I especially enjoyed the milder routine on the A-Team that segues very nicely into why the Americans can't find Bin Laden (after all, they couldn't find a big black guy wearing tons of gold chains). This leads into some pretty dark and funny stuff about suicide bombers and a few suggestions on the topic that are very, very original.

The two tracks on Jeffries' experience in the porn world are okay but not quite up to the level of the rest of this stand-up comedy CD. There is a great bit before that though involving Steve Irwin and gay porn. The name of Irwin's supposed partner does not travel across the pond very well but the bit is very funny and memorable.

There are also some very short moments in Jim Jeffries Hell Bound that indicate Jeffries could work clean and be very funny if he chose to. I really enjoyed the bit about the relationship between Homer Simpson and Cliff Claven of Cheers fame.

Hell Bound closes with a few tracks about Jeffries' sexual experiences and his adventures in Amsterdam with various toys. Good stuff.

If you are a woman or easily offended (same thing, really) Jim Jeffries Hell Bound is not for you. If you like edgy, nasty stand-up comedy that is notches above the usual swear a lot to get a laugh stuff, this CD is right up your ... alley.

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