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Live Comedy - Wiseguys July 19 2007 - Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival

Wiseguys July 19 2007 - Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival
Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival
Tammy Pescatelli, Joey Kola, Mike DeStefano, Dom Irrera
Hosted by The Doo Wops
July 19, 2007 7:00 P.M.

I saw the Wiseguys show two nights in a row at Just For Laughs. The July 18th show kind of disappointed although Joey Kola and Mike DeStefano were solid. The Wiseguys show I saw last night, July 19th, was much better, including the sound quality and the house band.

Hosts The Doo Wops were once again solid both as an act and in their role of warming up the crowd. They changed their set a bit from the night before. This is something you only really care about if you have seen the show before but it shows that they are not just showing up and doing a job.

Opener Tammy Pescatelli was helped out by the better sound quality tonight but I am not sure I am a fan. Joey Kola was next and he was as rock solid as the night before. Kola doesn't believe in milking the many laughs he gets so he doesn't allow himself or the audience a chance to catch their breath.

I once again enjoyed Mike DeStefano. I really like his kind of dark stand-up comedy. DeStefano is a very smart and dark comic and he did not lob soft ball jokes to the 7 o'clock white bread crowd. You have to respect a comedian who asks the audience to meet him on his own turf. This is a comic I would really like to see do a late night one-man show.

Just to show I have been known to be wrong: I got into a discussion with a couple at the table I was sitting at and mentioned I was not a big Dom Irrera fan. The lady defended Dom, and Irrera, who was the closer tonight, proved her faith in him was well placed. Irrera was on his game tonight.

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