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Live Comedy - Ron James - Ron James Full Tilt - 2007 Just For Laughs

Ron James Full Tilt - 2007 Just For Laughs
Ron James
Full Tilt
2007 Just For Laughs
Montreal International Comedy Festival
Imperial Theatre
July 21, 2007

Ron James was number one on my ticket request list at the 2007 Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival but then I decided not to take any chances and fork over some of my hard-earned and tax gouged money for a tax burdened ticket to see the guy. Ron James Full Tilt was worth every penny, taxes included. I have always believed story telling is the most difficult and best kind of comedy and so am especially fond of comics who go that route.


What I especially like about Ron James aside from the fact he tells full-fledged stories and not just a series of jokes with a bit of a link between them is that he is not afraid of using words. James uses more similes than George Bush tells lies and his amazing ability with alliteration astounds and astonishes. This is a comic who believes the audience is smart and treats it as such. T

he Full Tilt show I saw at the 2007 Just For Laughs was just another example of how good this stand-up comic is. The only moment where James lost some of us was a reference to the DFO (the department of fisheries and oceans) that we city dwellers had to work out a bit. I cannot count the many Oh Gods! I head around me as people were laughing and the many "this guy is good" I heard after the show.

The Ron James Full Tilt show I saw tonight at the Imperial Theatre in Montreal included some new material James will be performing for his Full Tilt CBC special later on this year, a very short bit from Up and Down in Shaky Town and material from two previous CBC shows Quest For The West and The Road Between My Ears (both available on DVD and well worth the price). The new material is, as is James' habit, autobiographical, but is seems it will deal more with his early days in the Maritimes.

I had a great time seeing Ron James live, something I have wanted to do for a while now (I am unwilling to drive all the way to Kweestagoostawikitytakety Bay like James is) and I am very much looking forward to seeing the Ron James CBC special later on this year. By the way, the Just For Laughs people came through for me too so I was able to impress two friends with what good taste I have in comedy by giving them the tickets.

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