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Funny Books - Rodney Carrington - Coming Clean


Coming Clean
Rodney Carrington
with Bret Witter
Center Street 2007
219 pages

Rodney Carrington loves titties. That much is clear in Coming Clean, the stand-up comic's first book. Coming Clean is a sort of collection of short chapters that sound pretty much as told to the co-writer, the guy who transcribed the tapes.

That Rodney Carrington loves titties is also the only thing I remember after reading this book once and sort of going through it another time. I am also pretty sure I did not crack a smile, not once.

I do not expect great literature or profound insights about life from a book by a stand-up comedian. I mean, this ain't Dr. Phil after all. It would have been fun though if there had been something in the 219 pages and if it had been original: "'We need to talk' doesn't mean you're going to talk, it means you're going to sit and listen while she tells you everything you've been doing wrong" or Carrington's discovery Chuck E. Cheese is not a good place if you are an adult.

As it is, Coming Clean is about drinking, a few fairly mundane stories that are but a variation on stories you've heard before (prairie oysters, trying to have sex when you have kids, and so on) titties, and Rodney Carrington's johnson.

What annoys me most about Rodney Carrington Coming Clean is it could actually have been an interesting book. Carrington sometimes and too quickly talks about his early days in stand-up comedy when there was no money, he was newly married, lived in his truck, and ate cold chicken and stars soup on a regular basis.

There is also some interesting material about his first club dates and the steep learning curve to being a success in comedy, and a pretty decent chapter about a guy called Barry Martin.

I really got the impression Coming Clean was thrown together from a bunch of taped interviews while Carrington was whiling the hours on his tour bus during a very, very short tour. Unless you are a true blue Rodney Carrington fan, this book is a pass.

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