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Funny Books - For Better Or For Worse - Senior's Discount


Seniorís Discount
A For Better Or For Worse Collection
Lynn Johnston
Andrews McMeel 2007
143 pages

Senior's Discount, the 2007 For Better Or For Worse Collection features cartoonist Lynn Johnston in very fine form indeed.

Although the last two FBOFW collections were okay, they were not up to what I had come to expect from Johnston.

Senior's Discount dispels any doubt that Lynn Johnston has run out of story ideas and that she is still able to let the characters exist without her getting in the way. This For Better Or For Worse Collection also has the best looking cover of the series although the illustration doesn't quite nail the title.

Strip from Senior's Discount:

For Better or For Worse® © 2007 by Lynn Johnston Productions, Inc. reprinted with permission of Andrews McMeel Publishing

There are a lot of changes going on in the Patterson family in the 2007 For Better Or For Worse Collection.

In Senior's Discount Elly is thinking of selling the store; John is thinking of buying a smaller home; Elizabeth leaves her teaching job in northern Canada to move back to the city and has a difficult decision to make relationship wise; April is still a teenager but no longer mirrors Lizzard Breath's stories when she was her age; the grandfather is having problems of his own; and Mike and Deanna have a couple of situations of their own although I could have sworn the disagreeable downstairs neighbour had moved out.

What I especially appreciated about Senior's Discount is Johnston's drawing of her characters is back to distinctive and is also somehow crisper.

I also noticed how she sometimes made Elly look much older in some panels, something that reflects her mood, but younger when she is around her dentist husband John.

Many more of the Senior's Discount strips have some really good punch lines, something that did not happen as often in the last two collections. The Sunday color panels are also much better and more often than not able to stand alone as a story.

I think the many FBOFW fans will find themselves going back to Senior's Discount more often than they had with the last two books.

Just to be really difficult, who's the guy jogging with Elly in the Sunday panel on page 71? Honestly though, this Lynn Johnston collection is worth the price even if you do not qualify for a senior's discount.

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