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Articles - The Comedy Network Presents - South Park Uncensored Season 11

The Comedy Network Presents - South Park Uncensored Season 11
The Comedy Network Presents
South Park Season 11 Uncensored
Fridays, 9:30 P.M.
2007-08 Season
Starting September 28

Fridays at 9:30 P.M. The Comedy Network airs the uncensored version of South Park, Season 11. Controversial and edgy as ever, the uncensored version of South Park is only available as downloads on ITunes and on Canada's The Comedy Network in prime time, no less. Either us folks in the great white north are not as traumatized by bad language and politically incorrect situation as the residents of the real South Park, the good ol' US of A with its politically corrupt FCC and right wing religious nuts, or we actually understand that if you do not like something in the age of satellite TV there are 300 other channels to choose from.

Season 11 of South Park will feature 14 episodes which, if the screener sent to us by The Comedy Network is any indication, will once again push the envelope and have a lot of fun including as many celebrity cameos as possible. Episode one, With Apologies to Jesse Jackson, airs September 28th, 2007  and pushes the controversy over the use of the N word to its most surreal illogical conclusion. After Randy Marsh, Stan's father, utters the N word as the solution to the puzzle on Wheel of Fortune, he becomes a social pariah. Even kissing Jesse Jackson's butt and partaking in African American cultural events -including a trip to see a rather awful Black stand-up comic is not enough to stop him being called the Nigger Guy. This brings on cameos by Michael Richards, Marc Fuhrman, and a few other utterers. The conclusion to this episode is a telling, accurate commentary on the state of American politics.

The second episode of South Park Season 11 has Cartman pulling a prank on Butters that sends Butters to a pray the gay out of him camp: As Butters' dad puts it, "A secluded camp where all bi-curious boys are all put together? That sounds like a good idea!" It might be if the suicide rate at Camp Pray-Away wasn't so high. This South Park episode will certainly shock some but I found it absolutely hilarious.

Other South Park Season 11 on The Comedy Network will include one where Hillary Clinton visits South Park and Cartman claims his intolerance for Muslims saved America. In a parody of the Da Vinci Code Stan falls in with an eccentric society when he questions decorating Easter eggs Ms. Garrison gets dumped again and takes it out on her class, and South Park getting invaded by panhandlers (though nothing someone walking down Ste. Catherine Street in Montreal will be impressed by).

Canadian fans of South Park will want to go to the Comedy Network website where they can watch all past episodes and new episodes the day after they air.

Irreverent, rude, crude, and often very close to current events, South Park is the edgiest cartoon of all times. Uncensored, on The Comedy Network, it rocks even harder.

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