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Articles - The Untitled Kardashian Series E! Network Press Release

The Untitled Kardashian Series E! Network Press Release
The Untitled Kardashian Series
E! Network
Sundays 10:30 P.M.
2007-08 Season

Press Release

Los Angeles, August 8, 2007 - This fall E! is set to debut "The Untitled Kardashian Series," a non-scripted family sitcom produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions and Bunim-Murray Productions that follows the comedy and drama that ensues when the Kardashian/Jenner family, a modern-day Brady Bunch, works hard and plays even harder. 

The series features pop-culture princess Kim Kardashian (26) and her two fiercely competitive (and hormonal) sisters Kourtney (28) and Khloe (23).   As the daughters of famed lawyer Robert Kardashian and step-daughters of Olympic gold-medalist Bruce Jenner, these sisters grew up in a world of immense privilege surrounded by celebrities from the moment they were born.  Adding to this clan are their two highly impressionable coming-of-age half sisters Kendall (11) and Kylie (9), their firecracker mom Kris who doubles as Kim's stressed out manager - and in the midst of all this hormonal chaos - their quiet, conservative step-dad Bruce. 

A fixture on the Hollywood scene, Kim is a successful entrepreneur, model and actress whose star is shining brighter than ever.  While this smart, curvy beauty may have her career in order, her family life is a much different story...Life is always interesting when your mom's your manager, your sisters are your business partners, your dad's a conservative Republican and your pre-teen half sisters scan the tabloids for your latest adventures. 

E! is now bringing Kim's compelling family life to the small screen in this new celebrity-filled series. Viewers will get to know this one-of-a-kind family as well as their group of celebrity pals.  Cameras capture the animated arguments, practical jokes, PMS tantrums and pure craziness that characterize the family.

"The Kardashians are just your typical, modern day, celebrity, estrogen-driven, say-anything, blended family, as typical as any of that really is." said Lisa Berger, EVP, programming and development.  "There is much more to Kim and her family than meets the eye and I think her hilarious home-life and versatile career will appeal to our viewers."

"At the heart of this series - despite the cat fights and endless sarcasm - is a family that truly loves and supports one another," said Ryan Seacrest, Executive Producer, Ryan Seacrest Productions.  "The familiar dynamics of this family make them one Hollywood bunch that is sure to entertain."


Logline: A 30-minute non-scripted family sitcom that explores the comedic consequences of a chaotic, blended Hollywood family.  In the eye of this tornado is Bruce Jenner, an Olympic decathlete turned Mr. Mom struggling to maintain his sanity amongst an attention-seeking Hollywood wife, his three paparazzi-prone daughters, and two young impressionable daughters coming of age in Los Angeles.    

Character Dynamics

Kris is the driving force who manages and fuels the family's chaotic lives - from the girls' high-profile stores (Dash and Smooch) to their frequent red carpet appearances and burgeoning show biz careers-she makes sure everyone is where they need to be.  With six-day work weeks, mother and daughters work hard, but - living in LA - they play even harder.  A regular on the social scene, with friends like Kenneth ‘Babyface' Edmunds, Kathie Lee Gifford and Jillian Barberie, Kris frequently joins her daughters on the red carpet, creating a spectacle along the way.

Bruce, on the other hand, wants the quiet, stable life of domestic chores, golf and child rearing.  He is the straight man to Kris's insanity and the glue that holds the family together.  While Kris is running around town acting like one of the girls, the self-proclaimed Mr. Mom is busy looking after their two young daughters, Kendall and Kylie, and fielding frantic calls for help from his three stepdaughters.  Whether he's fixing the toilet in their store, changing the oil in Kim's car or picking Kendall and Kylie up from school, Bruce tries to maintain a sense of normalcy among the madness.

Adding to the chaos are Kim, Kourtney and Khloe.  When they're not out with their celebrity friends, the girls are busy running their two clothing stores in Calabasas and preparing to design a line of clothing together.  Out of the three, Kim definitely commands the most attention from her worrying step dad.  Always a fixture on the party scene, her growing popularity has her running from spokesmodeling gigs (Christopher Brian), music video shoots and guest starring TV roles to the homes of her high profile friends where she reorganizes their closets and sells their old clothes on E-bay.  On top of that, Kim is set to begin designing a line of shoes for GianMarco Lorenzi.

Between his headstrong celebutant step daughters and his limelight-loving wife, Bruce is trying hard to maintain his sanity and some semblance of order in their lives.  But, amidst all the hysteria, the family remains a loving, close unit who are the best of friends and closet confidants.  


Kim Kardashian, 26 - The Bombshell

She has the most recognizable junk-in-the-trunk since J-Lo, and her star is on a meteoric rise.  Playboy, the Pussycat Dolls, and the paparazzi all want a ride on Kim's bandwagon.  She's a model, businesswoman, spoiled socialite and big sister all wrapped up in one beautiful package.  Singed but not completely burned by the scandal of a sex tape, Kim managed to turn her story into a sympathetic survival piece that ultimately helped her career as a tabloid darling.  It takes a very smart and savvy girl to manipulate the media and come up smelling like a rose.  Armed with beauty, a disarming self-deprecating honesty, catty but supportive sisters and parents that give her everything, Kim is on top of the world and ready to takeover the entertainment industry.

Kris Jenner, 52 - Momager and Scene Stealer

After her marriage to famed defense attorney Robert Kardashian - with whom she had Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Robert - Kris married former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner in 1991 and had two more daughters, Kendall and Kylie. 

The quintessential Hollywood mom, Kris puts out publicity fires, schedules appearances and cooks dinner (when the chef's off, of course).  Leaving most of the housework and child-rearing to her husband, Kris manages her daughter Kim's skyrocketing career, owns a clothing boutique (Smooch), plays wife and manager to her husband Bruce and mediates the notorious catfights between Kim, Kourtney and Khloe....all while trying to keep her hot flashes in check when she's on the red carpet. 

And with two daughters coming-of-age in Hollywood, Kris struggles to balance the responsibilities of being a mom and manager.  How can she promote one daughter (Kim) as a sexy bombshell while maintaining Kendall and Kylie's innocence?  How does she soothe Bruce's conservative heart while keeping the party-girl inside her stimulated?  This not-so-next-door Hollywood mom is just trying to have it all. 

Khloe, 22 - The Voice of Reason

The eldest and, according to her, the wisest of the sisters, Khloe often entertains everyone with her no-holds barred wit, attitude and sarcasm.  As the sister's launch into their daily assaults on each other's waistlines, boyfriends and wardrobes - they had better be prepared before they make Khloe the "butt" of the joke. 

As co-owner/manager of Dash, Khloe styles the hottest stars for their red carpet appearances.  Recently, as a favor to her overwhelmed sister, Khloe became Kim's personal assistant.  Kris and Kourtney are betting against the longevity of that working relationship as Khloe's patience with Kim's diva-like behavior is already wearing very thin. 


Kourtney, 28 - The Unassuming Firecracker

Kourtney is pretty, petite and definitely has less junk-in-her trunk than her sisters, but she definitely won't be ignored by her sisters or anyone else.  Her big personality was featured on the E! reality show Filthy Rich Cattle Drive where she took the term "spoiled little rich girl" to new heights.  Quiet and unassuming one minute, Kourtney might be dancing on the table the next.  It's hard to tell what Kourtney is thinking and even harder to know what she's going to say next. 


Kendall, 11  - Belle of the Ball

Kendall's world is full all the regular things young girls adore; horses, doting parents and plenty of siblings to play with.  Can Kendall maintain her fairyland of sugar ‘n spice & everything nice in the world of tabloids, paparazzi and Paris Hilton?  


Kylie, 9 -Shakira Shakira

Kendall may be prim and proper, but Kylie is flamboyant and out there!  She's precocious, feisty, and already showing the signs of the famous Kardashian beauty.  Having taught herself how to shake it like Shakira, Bruce is determined to tame his little girl before she becomes another celebutante ripe for tabloid fodder.


Bruce Jenner, 58 - Mr. Mom

Competing against the strongest athletes in the world didn't prepare this 1976 Olympic gold medalist for the challenges he would soon face keeping up with the six crazy women in his life!

Since hanging up his cleats, Bruce has enjoyed a successful career as a motivational speaker, TV personality, sports commentator and commercial spokesperson - most recently signing on to be the face of Hershey's during their sponsorship of the 2008 Olympic Games.  In his spare time, the former face of Wheaties prefers playing golf and singing the latest pop songs with his youngest daughters.  Married three times, Bruce has two other children - Brody and Brandon - with his second wife. 

Bruce's greatest battle yet seems to be the struggle to win peace and quiet in the whirlwind tempest that is his life with Kris and his celebrity step-daughters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney.  What's a conservative Republican to do when your wife loves to party and your step-daughter wants to pose for Playboy?  This great American hero will have to summon all of his strength to deal with his firecracker wife and his celebutante step-daughters while trying to set a good example for his two little ones at home.



Brody Jenner, 24 - Competition for the Spotlight

Bruce's son from his second marriage, Brody inherited the same heart-throb genes as his famous father.  Dating the likes of Kristin Cavallari, Nicole Ritchie, and Haylie Duff, his reputation as a high-profile lothario led the New York Times to describe him as a "junior-varsity womanizer."  Like his sisters, the publicity-seeking antics of Brody Jenner are all over the tabloids and the blogosphere.  His good looks and celebrity pedigree earned him a stint on the Fox reality show Princes of Malibu

Robert Kardashian, 20 - Under the Radar

Studious and out of the limelight, the youngest Kardashian male is seemingly set to be an academic-minded professional like his dad, the famous attorney Robert Kardashian.  But in the vortex of fame that is his family, this little brother may have to go-along with Hollywood in order to get-along with his sisters.

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