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TV & sitcom DVDs - Whose Line Is It Anyway? Uncensored Season 1 Volume 2


Whose Line Is It Anyway? Uncensored
Season 1 Volume 2
Drew Carey, Greg Proops, Ryan Stiles
Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Laura Hall
2 DVDs 10 Episodes
60 minutes of uncensored footage
Warner Home Video 2007

This review includes 10 Whose Line Is It Anyway clips. It is the uncensored bonus features that really make Whose Line Is It Anyway? Uncensored Season 1 Volume 2 two DVD set really cool. If you are unfamiliar with Whose Line you were not on planet earth in the late nineties early 00's. This Drew Carey hosted sketch comedy TV show ruled the airwaves almost nightly for a good 5 years. It was great pretty family friendly fun then and is still fun to watch.

Click for Whose Line Props sketch clip

The 10 episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway Season One Volume 2 feature the usual games such as Hoedown, Stand, Sit, and Lie, Superheroes, Strange Newscasters, Blind Date, Questions Only, and pretty much everybody's favorite, Greatest Hits where Wayne Brady, Brad Sherwood, or both had to improvise a few songs based on suggestions from Ryan Stiles and Colie Mochrie. The improvisational musical talents of Laura Hall really helped make Greatest Hits the best bit on the show.

Click for Whose Line Bar Scene sketch clip

Whose Line was a very entertaining show and a must watch when it first came on the air. You are amazed by the talents of the actors and comedians and by how quickly they can think on their feet. Truth be told, however, what really makes this 2 DVD set is the ten or so minutes of uncensored footage on each DVD where the stars use a bad word or bawdy reference either accidentally or to get out of the improv and make sure it does not air.

Click for Whose Line behind the scenes clip

Also included in the special features of Whose Line Is It Anyway Season 1 Volume 2 DVD set is Unaired sketches, about fifteen minutes worth on each disc. I am not sure why these skits were unaired but they are often a little better than the stuff that aired. They must have been shelved for some standards and ethics reason I cannot fathom.

Click for Whose Line Duet clip

Click for Whose Line Party Guests clip

To get all erudite about a pretty silly show, Whose Line Is It Anyway?  was one of very few shows that really broke the fourth wall with Ryan Stiles interacting with the camera. Aside from a few historical references like Lewinski, Whose Line is still fresh. I was rather surprised to see Steven Colbert in a few of the shows and wish he had returned more often as he can more than hold his own.

Click for Whose Line Mannequin clip

Click for Whose Line Tonight's Winner Clip

I do wish however that the sound volume in and between episodes was constant and that of the special features a bit louder. It is annoying to have to play with the volume setting all the time.

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