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Articles - Keys to the VIP - Season 2 The Comedy Network

Keys to the VIP - Season 2 The Comedy Network
Keys to the VIP Season 2
The Comedy Network
Thursdays 10:00 P.M.
Starting October 25, 2007
13 Episodes
U.S. Fuse TV

Keys to the VIP is one bizarre reality TV show. The best way to describe this Comedy Network show is lounge lizards, they are called playas in the show, meet the Monday Night Football experts. The concept is two guys are challenged . . .  to prove their pick up skills with a girl in a bar using opening lines and challenges four self-titled dating expert judges gave them before the show. The winner gets a trip to Vegas -or is it has to leave town for a while?

Keys to the VIP, which airs on The Comedy Network at 10:00 P.M. on Thursdays and is available on the Comedy Network website the next day is obviously geared towards a testosterone heavy audience. Guys who think they got game when it comes to the ladies will watch this show to see what the competition is up to and guys with pocket protectors will watch it for the same reason they watch Star Trek: dream of a future they know they will not see.  I am surprised no wimmin's group has protested this show for it is basically a sexist parade of dating clichés but they again, some of the ladies on the show can certainly knock the playa's smile off his face with a cutting jab.

You have to admit though some of these playas are very, very good at hitting on the women in a club. One of the challenges is to pick-up a woman after insulting her choice in clothing and some recover nicely. Others though couldn't get a phone number from a phone book.

Taking dating and pick-up advice from the Keys to the VIP judges, including a Tom Cruise look-alike and a guy named Peachez, yes, a guy named Peachez would be like a heart surgeon getting advice from a funeral director.

This is just a silly show geared to the under 25 male audience. Granted, it hits all the right demographic buttons. This much older guy's only knock is it would be much more interesting if the show provided subtitles to what the guys and girls are saying. Some of the dialogue is inaudible and it gets a little annoying after a while.

Fans of Keys to the VIP can join in by voting for the week's playa -though the winner of the first show in season 2 is obvious-online at and get prizes for doing so.

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