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Comedy Reviews - CD - Keith Malley - Coming of Age


Coming of Age
Keith Malley
Stand-Up Comedy CD
Independent Release

Coming of Age is most appropriately titled.  Keith Malley is a new, young comic who still has a few chops to polish but is a funny stand-up comic. This independent release stand-up comedy cd, although not perfect, is quite interesting and entertaining.

Malley is mostly an observational comedian who more often than not can work a good segue.  Going from The Passion of the Christ into Erotic Photo Hunt is no mean feat.  This is also a guy whose standup comedy has an edge, something always enjoyable.  Interestingly enough, although it is difficult to pick a specific bit out of the many very humorous skits on this cd because the strong stuff is all quite strong, it is easier to find fault with the somewhat immature, college guy mentality jokes and stories on a very few tracks.

It would seem Keith Malley is still a work in progress.  Very good at observational comedy and stories such as how people act at garage sales, restaurant customers, and, a personal fave, how Nobody Is Ever Wrong and how you can be talking about someone and that person has no clue you are talking about them, he falters around very common subjects like women and beer. 

Usually, this reviewer is not bothered with a comic who works blue.  In this case, unfortunately, language is sometimes used to bolster laughter and audience reaction to average material.  Perhaps this is something that gets resolved with experience.

The flaw on this independent cd is the recording itself.  There is something extraordinarily annoying in hearing the comic talk to his engineer in the middle of his act and hearing the sound engineer's answer.  The sound does fluctuate a bit, always a personal peeve, but it's not that bad.  The final track, a collection of foul language snippets from the cd itself is a waste.  Only Robin Williams can get away with something like this and this is on the dvd Live On Broadway.

Make no mistake however, Coming of Age, although not brilliant, is a more than solid first effort by a stand-up comic who will be around for a long time and will probably become a household name in the future.

Track List

1 . The Passion of The Christ
2. Erotic Photo Hunt
3. Mardi Gras - The Service
4. Mardi Gras - The Party
5. Brumski!
6. 30-Years Old
7. Good Any Time
8. Mom
9. Performance Art
10. Dad
11. I Love Beer
12. Garage Sailing
13. One of the Guys
14. Nobody's Ever Wrong
15. Everything's for Girls
16. Restaurant Customers
17. Jerk-coke
18. Applebee's
19. My Own Island
20. Safety First
21. Ode to Jani Lane       

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