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Comedy Reviews - CD - Lynn Julian - Ham For The Holidays

Independent Release

Good sound, and good production values characterize this effort from Lynn Julian, but the punch is not there from a comic standpoint. The two "funny" tracks "Ham For The Holidays" and "If Farts Were Made Out Of Superball Stuff" fall flat. You know something is wrong with a track when you keep glancing at the timer to see how much longer you have to sit through a song. Ham For The Holidays is a seemingly interminable 4:14. The Fart song is sophomoric at best and may find an audience in colleges but if your sense of humor has actually grown past that of fart humor then you can see why almost three minutes of this would be tiresome. If that wasn't enough there are two cuts of this song on this EP one with fart sound effects the other without fart sound effects. Enough already.

So much for the comedy on this EP.

The pleasant surprise is there are two really strong tracks on this which are not funny, they are just really good songs with strong stories and genuine lyricism. "Turnin' Blue" a song about urban legends has a cool bluesy feel with an interesting story thread that brings you back to the track over and over again. The strongest track on this CD though is "The Terminal Diner" with a gutsy voice, strong lyrics and a haunting feeling. Julian has a vocal quality on this track that captures the song perfectly and by itself justifies the price of this EP.

From a comedy standpoint this CD is a wash with all the comic quality of a morning radio comedy team's weekend efforts to create a funny bits for morning drive time. The strength of this effort is in the two straight tracks which are well worth the listen.

That being said her new EP "Ham For the Holidays!" is an uneven effort of 5 songs (the 5th song being a remix of the 2nd without the sound effects). At $5.95 US the CD is worth it if only for the two good tracks on the CD.

Track List:
1. Ham For The Holidays
2. Turnin' Blue
3. If Farts Were Made Out Of Superball Stuff
4. The Terminal Diner
5. If Farts Were Made Out Of Superball Stuff (radio friendly version

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