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Foreign Comedy - Mexico - The Three Garcias / Los Tres Garcia - Pedro Infante Collection


Los Tres Garcias / The Three Garcias
The Pedro Infante Collection
Pedro Infante, Marga Lopez, Fernando Soto
Directed by Ismael Rodriguez
Spanish with English subtitles
Mexico 1947
Warner Home Video 2007

This review includes 7 Los Tres Garcia / The Three Garcias clips. After a couple of more or less fruitful attempts at working together director  Ismael Rodriguez and actor/singer Pedro Infante set a highwater mark for Mexican cinema when they took to its highest expression the prototype of the likeable male, mujeriego,  a drunkard envied by men and coveted by women, who has cigar in his mouth, a cane in his hand and crucifix on his chest but  is always faithful to his all-powerful mother represented by Sara Garci'a. This is Los Tres Garcia The Three Garcias now on DVD.

Pedro Infante, who incarnates the protégé of the matriarca García, became, thanks to this film - and to its immediate sequel The Return of the Garcías (1946) - an unquestionably popular idol of Mexican cinema.

Beginning with Los Tres García, Infante and Rodriguez had one success after another in more than a dozen unforgettable films. It is also in this film where the argument of the ranchera comedy consolidates successfully with the classic Mexican genre which had become the letter of presentation of Mexican cinema since Allá en el Rancho Grande (1936).

To support Pedro Infante Ismael Rodriguez put together a no less outstanding cast: Marga López, the unforgettable tearful icon, a model of honesty, a beautiful, noble, and faithful woman; noble and faithful; Lupita Smith  - the girl whose love is pursued by the three brothers (Infante, Abel Salazar and Víctor Manuel Mendoza); and Fernando Soto "Mantequilla" in his unforgettable Tranquilino role: a likeable, unconditional, clumsy and unprepared server.

To watch time and time again The Three Garci'as is an indispensable exercise for those who wish to relive or to understand traditional Mexican society so present even now throughout this immense country. All this through a pleasant story with songs without whose existence the collective subconscious of this nation could not exist.

Los Tres Garcia Fire Tricks Clip

Los Tres Garcia Pedro and Luis Clip

Los Tres Garcia Playing Marbles Clip

Los Tres Garcia Pedro and Luis Sing Clip

Los Tres Garcia Three Brothers Clip

Los Tres Garcia Congrats Clip

Los Tres Garcia Sing For Grandma Clip

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