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Funny Books - The Onion Our Dumb World Atlas of The Planet Earth


The Onion Our Dumb World Atlas of the Planet Earth
73rd Edition
Various Idiots
Little, Brown and Company 2007
245 pages Hardcover

The seventy-third edition of The Onion Our Dumb World Atlas of the Planet Earth is the best one yet. This geography book of almost totally wrong facts and absurd figures is a lot of fun to read even if the print is kind of miniscule in most sections. This is a brilliant coffee table book that looks like a serious book and is seriously funny. Fair warning, there are a couple of entries in The Onion World Atlas that are not all that wrong such as the box on Canada's two official languages.

Most of the humour in Our Dumb World Atlas of the Planet Earth is some of the best stuff The Onion has ever come up with. Each page is bound (well, yeah, it's a book) to contain something that will make you giggle and something that will piss you off or both such as "Arkansas: Where Second Cousins Are First Wives", "Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Retards", and "France: Contribution to World Culture: The blowjob" though this last entry was probably written by a Frenchman as they think they invented everything except Venus razot.

If you are not offended a few times and if you do not laugh at being offended, you do not get this book nor have a sense of humor. This is in no way a humour book you can get through in one or ten sittings. The Onion Our Dumb World World Atlas is, after all, an atlas, and it is about our dumb world so there are lots of pages and entries. This is one of the things I especially like about this atlas: there's always something in there you didn't check out last time.

There are entries for every country or semi-country like Monaco and the Vatican on the globe so you cannot say this is not a real world atlas. It's just that The Onion Our Dumb World is a surreal and very funny one.

A great improvement over the last 72 editions in this Onion Dumb World Atlas is the United States are not placed at the center of the universe.

The Onion atlas makes a really great gift for anybody with a sense of humor -a must here-- and for the geography, statistician, map freak, and factoid fan.

Unfortunately, my copy of Our Dumb World did not come with the promised free globe nor the flexidisc of the smooth sounds of cartography and I like free sh!t. Realistically, one of those credit card size magnifiers should really come with this Onion Atlas.

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