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Articles - Uproar! Comedy - A Great Comedy Label

Uproar! is my all-time favorite stand-up comedy CD label. I may not like everything on the label -though I like a hell of a lot of its releases-- but the label's stable of comics is extremely varied and the sound is always crystal clear. This label is a good place to start if you are looking for a new stand-up comic to listen to.

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 Richard Belzer - Another Lone Nut: A hit and miss CD -sort of like the Kennedy assassination.

 Alonzo Bodden - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time: A must have, very funny stand-up comedy CD. Bodden is always a good show too.

 Maggie Cassella - Because I Said So: Overall, a very solid performance. Adult audience.

 Bobby Collins - I Wanna Go Home: Decent, not that impressive.

 James P. Connolly - The Master Plan: a very original and very funny stand-up CD with an annoying laugh by an audience member.

  Brett Eidman - What's So F#@k'n Funny?: studio recorded sketches, songs, and commercials that simply does not float my boat

 Gilbert Esquivel - Just Representin: middle-of-the-road and not much original

 Pablo Francisco - Knee To The Groin: Francisco does it all, funny imitations and some mild social commentary.


 Don Friesen - Inexplicable: first comedy CD but there is certainly much more to come


 Dana Gould - Funhouse: a little uneven but some really solid bits.

 Harvard Lampoon - No Escape From Danger: make it sophomoric and cliché after cliché, you get this CD.

 Robert Hawkins -  slightly surreal comic whose interest in language and ability to find very original topics are his forte.

 John Heffron - Good Kid, Bad Adult: Fans of relationship comedy and funny jokes about growing up will most definitely enjoy this.

Adam Hunter - Being Adam Hunter: Pretty decent CD

 Maryellen Hooper - Dignity Under Duress:  one of the very rare comediennes who does relationship humor where the punch line is her own inabilities

 Sean Kent - Waiting For The Rapture  Excellent.

  Kristin Key - Buckle Up!: funny, blue, and very original.

   Kristin Key - Where the Cab Takes You. Good comedy CD with great bit on being stoned and in the kitchen.


 Richard Jeni - Greatest Bits: Jeni was one of the greats.

Rocky Laporte - Welcome to My World: Solid comedy CD by laid-back comic.

 Steve McGrew - Too Much Man For One Woman: a grittier, more mature audience Jeff Foxworthy

  John Moses - On The Edge

National Lampoon Unscripted with Frank Caliendo, John DiResta, Tess, Steve Byrne, and Bert Kreisher.

  Andrew Norelli - Cut Above Stupid.

 John Pinette - Show Me The Buffet: Brilliant, superb, genius.

 John Pinette - Making Lite of Myself: the usual really good stuff by a stand-up comic who always delivers.

 Reduced Shakespeare Company - The Bible: The Bible, very abridged by a bunch of lunatics. Good stuff if you like Reduced Shakespeare.

 Jeff Wayne aka Big Daddy. SpokesMAN for the downtrodden white male.

 Margaret Smith - As It Should Be: she delivers a quality act and tells very funny jokes

 Suzanne Westenhoefer - I'm Not Cindy Brady: Yes, she's gay, but she's funny so who cares?

 Suzanne Westenhoefer - Guaranteed Fresh: Suzanne Westenhoefer is a very funny woman and any of her three stand-up comedy CDs are a great addition to any collection

  Suzanne Westenhoefer - Nothing In My Closet But Clothes: a good pick to introduce someone to Westenhoefer

 Jonathan Winters - Final Approach (2011)





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