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Comedy Reviews - CD - Kevin Hughes - Love Is A Laughing Matter


Love Is A Laughing Matter
Kevin Hughes
2 CD set
Independent Release 2006

Kevin Hughes is the Dr. Phil of relationship comedy. That's not quite true: Dr. Phil pontificates and lays more guilt trips than a Jewish mother's mother. On his two stand-up comedy CD set Love Is A Loving Matter comic Hughes manages to make fresh a form of stand-up that has become run of the mill. A great part of the originality of the material on Love Is A Laughing Matter is the comedian puts the husband and the wife on an equal footing.

Hughes works almost, almost squeaky clean. These were recorded while he was performing on a cruise ship where a comic has to be very vanilla with his language and topics. To his credit, Hughes does adult oriented comedy and manages to slip in a few innocuous innuendoes here and there.

This two CD set features two hour-long shows: Love is a Laughing Matter and The "How To" Show. The first is pretty much the soundtrack of Kevin Hughes' stand-up comedy DVD Wild About Love while The "How To" show is more, different relationship comedy with some autobiographical stuff. You would think 2 CDs of this stuff would lead to an overdose but Hughes' approach keeps everything funny and fresh.

Not that Hughes or this two stand-up comedy CD set are perfect. Hughes has a tendency, especially on the title CD, to get off track for a while and his getting back on his train of thought is a bit laborious at times. Then again, he goes off track with a series of redneck jokes on The "How To" Show and it really works.

Technically, the CDs could really have used track cuts. Especially since there are moments you really want to listen to again or will want to have your friends listen to. I also would also have edited out the bits about the sound changes during the Laughing Matter show.

This is good stuff.

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