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Funny Books - Delete This At Your Peril - Bob Servant

Delete This At Your Peril
Bob Servant / Neil Forsyth
Skyhorse Publishing 2008
176 pages

Delete This At Your Own Peril is funnier than 365 joke-of-the-day emails. This book hilariously shows internet scam artists are just as gullible as their victims if not more so. We have all received a Nigerian 419 email promising a cut of a fortune hidden in a bank somewhere in Nigeria, an email from a company looking for local representatives who must pay for that privilege, or almost been seduced by a beautiful Russian woman's email. Few of us have the time or the inclination to mess around with these spamming idiots.

If you have ever wondered what could happen if you jokingly played along with these internet fraud artists, pulled their leg, and yanked their chain this short book by Neil Forsyth / Bob Servant will most certainly entertain and amuse.

This kind of book is only interesting if the author does things you would not have thought of in the same situation and manages to twist the gag in its most improbable positions. Forsyth / Servant do this extremely well. If getting "a live one" is akin to fly-fishing, these guys are definite the stars of the Fishing Channel.

The idea in one of these scams is to get the recipient to wire the sender money. Here, it is the email recipient who gets the senders to promise to send alligators, leopards, and a talking lion (no, really) as his part of a 419 scam. This is just the first of seven lengthy but not too much so email exchanges with, and this is what keeps the thing fresh, seven different scammers.

Other adventures have Servant getting legal advice from his advanced fee required future employer. This legal situation is caused by an ongoing battle between Servant and his local postman. The beautiful Russian woman who proposes to him soon finds out she is dealing with a raving loony.

Delete This at Your Own Peril keeps a reader interested because the authors come up with some rather insane background and stories with which they sucker the scam artist who contacted them first. The second adventure involving a Nigerian 419 scam, though not as over the top as the first one, is quite funny and enjoyable as they get the Nigerian interested in their scam. You also get a few African recipes to boot.

Not all email scams come from Nigeria. In this book even the local boys are at it. The idea is for the email recipient to help a local artist cash his cheques in exchange for a cut. This time Servant, well, you'll have to read it. This chapter is funny but not quite as so as the others.

Also included in the email scam book are adventures involving obviously honest businessmen in China and Sierra Leone. If you think Servant's answer in the latter is familiar check out the Russian bride's idea.

Delete This At Your Peril is not a modern literature classic. It is however a lot of fun to read. If you know a computer geek this would make for an original gift.

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