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Comedy Reviews - CD - Phil Mazo - Pervert

Stand-up Comedy CD
Next Round Entertainment 2008
40 minutes

We got a pre-release copy of Pervert, Phil Mazo 's first stand-up comedy CD. If everything goes right, we will be able to sell this on eBay and retire in a few years. Mazo has all the tools of a veteran comic and uses all of them effortlessly. From short jokes to longer five or six minute routines, everything works on this release. Well, everything aside from the opening and closing tracks.

At first, you may get the feeling Mazo is all over the place as most of his routines are sequences of short jokes. This could also be due because he starts off with some fairly easy generic material, the OnStar and unemployment office bits, but he quickly becomes much more than your standard comic with some really original, different stuff and becomes his own. Eventually it dawns on you that the connections are there it's just they are so seamless you never really notice them.

This feeling comes also from the fact this stand-up comic is quite eclectic and has a wide range. He does excellent relationship comedy and solid biographical stuff. It has the standard premise of awkward comic in the dating scene but Mazo makes all the jokes his own and work with his stage persona. What I especially liked on this comedy CD is his talent for the absurd and his ability to go in a few dark places without being uselessly or overly offensive.

Not that Mazo doesn't get raunchy and blue. He has a solid sequence of very funny dick jokes, including one with a reference to Shakespeare.

I am seriously betting Mazo will get "discovered" by some major studio, get his own sitcom or a couple of blockbuster movies. Pervert is going to be one hell of a 401K

I have no idea what the first track, an early radio bit about Mazo and chess, and the last track, some weird family recording are doing on this disc.

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