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Articles - Lewis Black's Root Of All Evil - The Comedy Network

Lewis Black's Root Of All Evil - The Comedy Network
Lewis Black: Root of all Evil
The Comedy Network
Wednesdays, 10:00 P.M
Starting March 19, 2008

March means new series and new seasons on the Comedy Network. Wednesdays will be a good comedy evening with Lewis Black Root Of All Evil at 10:00 followed by season five of Reno 911!. The latter really does not do it for me at all but Root Of All Evil is a very original concept and a fun show that could become a must see hit.

Subdued stand-up comic and even-tempered curmudgeon Lewis Black plays a cross-dressed version of Judge Judy and Judge Wapner with the wisdom of King Solomon on some primo stuff. Each week two comedians play prosecutor as they must present their case in front of Judge Black. One episode will feature Greg Giraldo and Patton Oswalt in Hilton vs. Cheney as the root of all evils. Other possible culprits will be video games vs. chick flicks (an easy decision if you ask me) and, on the preview we got, an absolute killer: The Catholic Church vs. Oprah Winfrey. We are talking about two huge money machines pitted against each other.

Catholic boy Greg Giraldo argues the Catholic Church is the guilty party while Paul F. Tompkins pleads against the Big O. Guess what? If you are easily offended, this is not the show for you! It is clear both prosecutors are well-prepared yet this show rarely feels scripted. Black himself has a hard time keeping a straight face so you can pretty much guess the verdict, or can you?

Once the prosecutors have presented their case it is time for Black's cross. Then again, Black is always cross.... This is the most obviously scripted part of the show. The attorneys then get one last kick at their target before Judge Black renders his verdict.

This is a good show and with a little luck it will survive its opening season. It is unfortunate though that the audience was bused in from Prozac Abusers Anonymous. The canned laughter that supports the comics is used much too often and it really is time that the networks find a new can: these artificial yuks were first used on The Honeymooners.

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