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Articles - Reno 911! Season 5 - The Comedy Network

Reno 911! Season 5 - The Comedy Network
Reno 911! Season Five
The Comedy Network
Wednesdays 10:30
Begins March 19, 2008

Reno 911! sucks. It is the black hole of television comedy. This improv sketch parody of Cops is not unlike a painfully long and particularly awful skit from the very worst year of Saturday Night Dead. The fact the Comedy Network will start airing season five of this show March 19, 2008 proves the audience can be wrong from time to time or one geek in a basement wired 5 million Nielsen boxes together. Good thing it will come on after and only after Lewis Black's Root Of All Evil, a show worth watching.

How bad is Reno 911!?  Canadian sitcom fans who remember Check It Out with Don Adams, CTV's Pardon My French, or even Snow Job with Rummy Bishop will pine for back to back reruns. The show's premise is a bunch of inept cops on the Reno PD get into weird situations and dysfunctional relationships at work and go back to bizarre personal lives.

The acting in this series will convince anyone Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy should have received Best Actor Oscars for their performances in Delta Farce. The episode I had to watch for this review opens with a reveal of who is the baby's father, the cop/mother trying to sell said baby aka plastic doll in a blankie, and a really drawn out might as well watch sand melt into glass scene where a supposed civilian tries to commandeer a cop car.

The fortunately short Scared Straight was the high point of the episode I screened because it was the shortest scene.

Unfortunately, it seems no amount of watching really good comedy will be able to purge, and purge really is the word, memories of having watched this show. I am sooooo looking forward to getting that home lobotomy kit

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