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Stand-up DVD - Lisa Lampanelli - Take It Like A Man


Take It Like A Man
Lisa Lampanelli
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Warner Brothers Nashville 2005
59 minutes

There is no doubt Lisa Lampanelli is an original. This Don Rickles in an ill-fitting blouse and sweater and pearls has taken insult comedy to a new raunchy and dirty level.

Take It Like A Man is the stand-up comedy DVD equivalent of the CD.

Unlike her second release Dirty Girl, the production budget for Lisa Lampanelli Take It Like A Man DVD was smaller. It shows in the amount of cameras used.

What makes this first release a bit better than Dirty Girl is the somewhat more intimate setting allows Lampanelli to nail the front row seat audience members more accurately and you get better and more shots of their reactions.

This stand-up comic has been associated with Blue Collar Comedy but make no mistake she is not at all a family friendly comedian.

Lampanelli attacks or pokes fun at gays, Latinos, Blacks, old guys, soccer moms, and, most importantly, herself.

This last element is what makes her jokes and comedy work. In less talented hands her jokes would be merely offensive. Her ability to balance attacks on everybody else and attacks on herself is what makes this comedienne funny.

The title, Take It Like A Man, pretty much explains how Lampanelli wants people to react to her style of comedy: Don't whine, don't bitch or moan, don't complain, don't cry. Just shrug it off and move on.

There are many good bits here but her routine on sex between the races and the tag lines, "Once you go ‘rican, a job you'll be seekin'" or sex with people in wheelchairs "meels on wheels" has to be my favorite.

When it comes to stand-up comedy, Lampanelli is an acquired tasted that once acquired is hard to get out of your mouth.

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