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Funny Books - A Zits Retrospective You Should Definitely Buy For Your Mom

Jeremy And Mom
A Zits Retrospective You Should Definitely Buy For Your Mom
Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman
Andrews McMeel 2008
240 pages

A Zits Retrospective You Should Definitely Buy For Your Mom. Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman are not kidding. Especially as a Mother's Day gift.

If you are a teenager and do not recognize your mom in Jeremy and Mom it's because you've been living in the wrong house.

If you are a mother and do not recognize your teen in this comic strip collection of the best face-offs between Jeremy Duncan and his mother  it's because the kid ain't yours.

It is that simple.

I am a fan of Zits but I do not remember laughing out loud so often while reading a collection of the strip by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman.

Scott and Borgman have assembled the best of the confrontations between Jeremy's mother and her son and put them in one book with a few notes here and there to explain things.

Granted, a lot of the strips in this collection come from the more recent books but it is the whole that really makes this book work.

Presentation also helps. Some of the one-panel cartoons or four-panel strips are spread on two pages to get the bigger picture of the goings on in the Duncan household.

I was happy to see my all time favorite Zits strip in Jeremy And Mom. It is on page 168 and features Mr. Duncan literally scraping Mom off the ceiling.

This collection also makes it abundantly clear why this strip is so good. Jeremy is a normal, intelligent kid who is also, unfortunately for his mother, a teenager. Mom is a smart, intelligent, loving woman who, unfortunately for Jeremy, is an old person with mothering tendencies. Yet, they have a loving, caring, if confrontational relationship.

The fact one speaks English and the other only understands teen sets up some of the humor here but Scott and Borgman really know their Moms and teens.

Absolutely and totally seriously. Jeremy And Mom really is a Zits Retrospective You Should Definitely Buy For Your  Mom. Especially since she will then buy one for you.

It is cheaper than therapy and a lot more portable.

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