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Funny Books - Watch Your Head - Cory Thomas


Watch Your Head
Cory Thomas
Andrews McMeel 2008
127 pages

If you remember Cosby spin-off A Different World and Dwayne Wayne you will be immediately familiar with Watch Your Head, a comic strip by Cory Thomas. This first collection chronicles the lives of Black students at Oliver Otis College.

To be fair, first comic strip collections are always more of a sign of things to come than the genuine article: Flaws are more evident; characters and their traits (pencil or otherwise) are not fully established; there is a certain learning curve for the reader; and the artist has yet to establish a rhythm to the strips.

The main character in Watch Your Head is Cory. He has a crush on Robin, has a wannabe tough guy and rapper as a roommate, and his best friend is Omar. There is also Kevin, the accidental white student from Canada

This first collection is interesting though it features few laugh out loud strips.

There are flaws and some of them are annoying. Omar and Cory are very much lookalikes though Cory wears glasses and everybody has pretty much the same nose.

Most annoying is Cory Thomas' use of slits and Xs for eyes. This is most obvious in the first panel of Watch Your Head where Robin is introduced. The X eyes make her look dead or passed out drunk.

To its credit and to be fair, the collection and the strip quickly evolve into something original and interesting and artist Cory Thomas does allow for some serious moments.

One of these is the news broadcast concentrated on a missing white girl and the attached racism. Another is the last few strips Diary Of A %$#@ed Off Black Man with its very sharp social commentary.

This first Watch Your Head comic strip collection does not impress but it does pique your interest for the strip and the next collection.

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