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Comedy Reviews - CD - Robert Kelly - Just The Tip


Just The Tip
Robert Kelly
Stand-up Comedy CD / DVD
Produced by Jack Vaughn
Comedy Central Records 2008
CD 50 minutes

Stand-up comic Robert Kelly is perhaps best known for being part of the Dane Cook Tourgasm tour or Opie and Anthony but keep an open mind as he is smarter than those he associates with.

This comedian may be the only one with an 8-minute pee routine that is interesting and funny, very funny and doesn't exist just to get easy laughs from an offensive topic. That is Just The Tip of the comedy on this CD.

The fact this routine is also a relationship bit is that much more impressive.

This is certainly not comedy for the easily offended but it is also far from easy cringe humor without a brain.

Kelly is a very structured stand-up with some very odd callbacks to things like socks.

It is hard to find an original comedic topic on Just The Tip: fat jokes, relationship humor, food, fat girls, but the comedian makes everything interesting and new.

Even the now is seems obligatory midget joke, thankfully short, is original and hilarious.

I know a couple who will easily relate to the shopping for XL shirts, large men clothing stores, and restaurants for the large crowd. That all of this is, again, new, funny takes on the topics.

One particularly brilliant and soon to be classic routine is the living with a girl routine which compares the differences between fighting in a house and a small apartment.

This bit would definitely be on a best of relationship comedy CD.

Kelly's bit about dudes vs. men is also something that belongs on a top 10 list.

Less original is Punching Butter, a bit on how differently men and women fight. It's pretty good though but compared to the originality of the rest of the material or the next bits on love making and sex early on in the relationship it is not quite as good.

Robert Kelly Just the Tip is a CD / DVD set and I always have a favorable prejudice for the concept -nothing like anextra bang for your yucks bucks.

The DVD features Comedy Central Presents Robert Kelly and a documentary on the making of the CD. The latter is lame beyond lame and useless and stupid and a waste of time.

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