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Articles - Celebrity Deathmatch

Celebrity Deathmatch
Celebrity Deathmatch
The Comedy Network
Sundays 9:30 P.M.
Begins May 18th 2008

Celebrity Deathmatch is Davey and Goliath meets the WWF, really.  This claymation show has the production values of the former and the violence of the latter. IN fact, this show gets pretty gory with decapitations, dismemberments, and more fake blood than a Friday the 13th movie.

This is a perfect fit for The Comedy Network where Celebrity Deathmatch airs Sundays at 9:30 beginning May 18th.

Of course, celebrity here is to be taken in the widest possible sense so the show sometimes features a who's Who?? of so-called stars

Episode 1 features Micha Barton versus Kristin Cavallari, Tobey Maguire against Jake Gyllenhall, and Wilmer Valderama pitted against Nick Cannon.

Episode 2 will star plasticine representations of Paul Wall and Mike Jones -from the who the (**&^ is who category, Steve-O goes up against some star named Andy Milanakis, and, finally, two real stars show up when Vince Vaugn fights Owen Wilson.

The shows themselves are interesting if you are up to date on minor celebrities and gossip.

Production values make it so no one will ever mistake this show for Creature Comforts.. Micha Barton, Calallari, and Owen Wilson are all bad Hillary Clinton lookalikes, seriously.

The show knows its stop-motion animation is not stellar and even acknowledges it in the Gyllenhall / Maguire contest when a secret weapon mistakes one for the other and even the hosts cannot tell the two stars apart.

Celebrity Deathmatch is a nice way to kill off a Sunday evening and is kind of entertaining.

I fail to see the lasting interest in this series as this show is more of an "Oh, it's on" than a must watch.

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