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Comedy Reviews - CD - Dov Davidoff - The Point Is ...


The Point Is
Dov Davidoff
Stand-up Comedy CD
Comedy Central Records 2008
46 minutes

Stand-up comic Dov Davidoff does not stand out. It took me a while to figure this out. I listened to his stand-up comedy CD The Point Is ... a few times and could never remember any of the material. The point is too much generic material buries the more original routines and Davidoff' s character.

The fact he also sounds like a nasal Adam Sandler and has the somewhat unfocused patter of a drunk did not help me like this release.

Davidoff starts off his show with a tittie joke, a Starbucks employee joke, and the comment that if there is no medium a large is a medium and a grande is a large. The next bit about strange answers to ordinary questions is good and an interesting take on people but the comedian then shoots for a joke about a guy at a bus stop commenting on a chick.

This really takes away from his next question, "How am I supposed to eat soup with an envelope?"

Make no mistake, this stand-up comic has the chops. He's good really good segues and solid callbacks to some audience banter.

Even the Brand X insert comic here material like a reference to Magic Johnson and AIDS is pretty funny but it really takes away from the comic's more original stuff like the ex-girlfriend who quoted literature.

The point is Dov Davidoff is a good comic but the material on this comedy CD is not as good.

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