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Foreign Comedy - France - The Holy Child / Le divin enfant


The Holy Child Le divin enfant
Lambert Wilson, Marthe Villalonga, Adrien Aumont
Directed by Stephane Clavier
French / English subtitles
France 2001
Picture This! 2006
86 minutes

You've simply got to see this French comedy! The Holy Child / Le divin enfant is one of those very few DVDs you are thrilled to have discovered and gladly if not forcefully lend to friends so they too can discover it. I have to admit though the ending is a bit much and blows a chance at a more interesting conclusion hinted at by the Bishop at the end of this foreign film.

This is an absolutely charming, original, smart, well-acted, low-key French comedy with plenty of simply brilliant moments.

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One of the many reasons I really liked The Holy Child is unlike many French comedies the characters here do not talk everything including the humor to death. The humor itself relies a lot on the acting and dialogue and everybody in this movie, especially Marthe Villalonga as Father's mother and housekeeper is dead on. The writing is also superb: the cock crowing scene is brilliant.

Lambert Wilson of Matrix movies fame is excellent as Father Marc, a hip, young, media savvy priest who has just released a book on his relationship with Jesus. This gets him some attention but also the attention of a young orphan, Dimitri (the excellent Adrien Aumont) who realizes this man is his father. Dimitri is quick to leave the orphanage and claim his birthright. Unfortunately, a father Father is kind of a complicated matter and Father Marc tries everything to keep everything under chasubles.

To complicate things a bit, Dimitri is as wise as he is determined, Dimitri's mother is in prison -and you will never believe why. There is also young Mary who has a crush on Father Marc.

One of my favorite scenes in this French comedy is the dialogue Father Marc and the Bishop have on mercantilism but the cock crowing bit is funny too.

How Picture This! which specializes in gay and lesbian movies and / or edgy, controversial films got its hands on The Holy Child / Le divin enfant is a mystery. Perhaps this French comedy is a bit controversial but not that much. I am glad they released it on DVD though

This is a really good, smart movie.

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