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Comedy Reviews - CD - Flight of the Conchords

Flight Of The Conchords
Music Comedy CD
Sub Pop 2008
43 minutes

Music comedy is either really good or terrible. Then there is the Flight Of The Conchords CD which is superb. This is a funny song disc you keep in the car to brighten up your day.

Flight of the Conchords aka Bret and Jermaine can really write a short, funny song and on their eponymous release brilliantly spoof many musical genres. My personal favorite is Fou du Fafa, a French-like song. It has all the ingredients of a summer French chartbuster: silly, catchy, and meaningless.

There is something very early nineties / white rap about Inner City Pressure, the second track. The third track Hiphopopotamus is a funny comment on how sexist rap music is.

On the really silly side is Think About It.

I am not enough of a musicologist to identify all the many musical styles Flight of the Conchords spoof or echo in the 15 songs on this CD but the lesser tracks are Mutha'uckas, another rap style tune and the Gary Newman Robots Boom.

One of the very funny songs here is A Kiss Is Not A Contract. Without the somewhat artifice of spoofing a musical style this tune works a lot better.

One thing you have to really hand to Flight of the Conchords is Bowie, the David Bowie spoof is dead on, voice included.

The one weakness of the Flight of the Conchords CD is the packaging: it and the fold-out poster look great and are very artistic but it is a struggle to insert the disc back in and odds of scratching it are high. The track list is also in miniscule type.

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