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TV & sitcom DVDs - Get Smart - 1995


Get Smart The Complete Series(1995)
Don Adams, Barbara Feldon, Elaine Hendrix
Originally aired FOX 1995
1 DVD 7 Episodes
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008

Get Smart is not Get Smart but it is still pretty good. This DVD is all 7 episodes of the 1995 version. The actors and characters are there, the formula is there, the humor is there and, cue the doom music, Andy Dick is there.

It should have lasted even if the first two episodes go for sexual innuendo that does not work with the tone of this situation comedy.

The Maxwell Smart role fits Don Adams like an old shoe phone. Barbara Feldon is also back as former Agent 99 and is now a Congresswoman. The new Get Smart certainly did not nude bomb because of a new and very sexy Agent 66 played by Elaine Hendrix.

It is hard to understand why this Get Smart failed (Andy Dick). The writing was good aside from the old counting the money while other people keep saying different numbers gag: "I am called The Brain. My name was Brian and I changed a couple of letters around."

The original Get Smart formula was respected yet modernized just enough. The gadgets, inventions, and sinister tools are really cool. What could possibly have gone wrong (A Dick)?

Watching the shows, it is clear Dick was a KAOS agent in charge of killing the show. Of his talent for comedy it would be generous to say "Missed it by thaaaaaat much."

The pilot is about the fashion world and a new hot dress for 66.

Episode 2, where 66 and (that guy) go to Vegas to investigate a KAOS owned casino features Robert Goulet as agent 0 -or is it the other way around?--  and Terry Kiser of Weekend at Bernie's plays bad guy casino owner Carlo Monte (get it?).

Episode three has the old mind control implant to kill a dignitary ploy. The fourth episode has KAOS using CDs to knock down satellites in a rather convoluted plan and this great bit of dialogue: "It's kind of nice; no guns, no violence, no danger." / "You obviously haven't been to the ladies' room."

Passenger 99 features international conspiracy. Bernie Koppel reappears as Siegfried in episode 6 when Zach Smart falls in love with his daughter. The last episode, Liver Let Die is about human organ theft.

These Get Smart shows are good. It is a shame the new series did not get renewed.

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