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Articles - Religulous October 3 2008 - Bill Maher / Larry Charles Our PR Piece

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Bill Maher
Directed by Larry Charles
Lionsgate Films
October 3rd 2008

THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH or October 3rd 2008! That is if the Good Lord who relies on Sunday and pray-TV preachers to get his daily bread sees Religulous. Larry Charles (Borat, Mad About You) and Bill Maher of Bill Maher fame have put together what they are not but sounds like what I would call a godumentary.

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 Bill Maher and some guy who looks like Osama

God is big bucks so the idea of stand-up comic and pundit Bill Maher travelling the globe to learn more about "the guy upstairs" and religion is bound to bring in the buckage for Lionsgate Films, a distributor not afraid of controversy or Michael Moore. With any luck someone will get offended and attack the movie without seeing it and give it some free publicity. Lionsgate didn't pay us at all so I ain't attacking it.

Maher is a pretty smart social commentator and critic. His Victory Begins At Home and Be More Cynical shows were quite good although I'm Swiss left me pretty neutral, seriously. I am hoping his caustic wit will apply here.

Until then, as I have heard no special religious group claim the second coming or the end of the world until October 3rd, you can have fun by visiting the movie's website.

The end of the world is not near: the Good Lord is said to see everything so I am sure he has already seen Larry Charles Bill Maher ‘s Religulous so it can't be that offensive: we're all still here. Well, some of us are not all there ... or in one of those buildings people pray in and others prey on.

Richard Lanoie

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