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Articles - Movies For Father's Day

Movies For Father's Day

Comedy movies for Father’s Day?

Believe it or not Father’s have been the subject of comic fodder for quite some time. From the bumbling Fred Flintstone to the befuddled Dan Conner fathers don’t get much respect on the screen. There have been some excellent comedies that buck that trend though and are well worth viewing with Dad.

5 – Ghost Dad: This is a Bill Cosby movie that bombed when it shouldn’t have. Had anyone other than Bill Cosby made this movie it would have garnered a modest audience who would have enjoyed the warm and frequently funny story. The size of the star raised the expectations too high for this movie which while not being great is definitely worth watching with younger kids (6 – 10) and ranks with any good quality Family Channel or Disney movie.

4 – Liar Liar: This movie could also be called The Jim Carey Show! It has a great many laughs while covering off should wonderful topics as deceit, absentee fathers and estranged parents. Jim Carey plays lawyer Fletcher Reede who finds himself in the unenviable position of being physically unable to lie for the next 24 hours. There are loads of belly laughs in this one.

3 – Father of the Bride: An excellent Steve Martin movie that manages to be a good match up for Father’s Day watching and June watching (all those weddings) at the same time. Steve Martin and Diane Keeton play the father and mother of the bride to be the delightful Kimberly Williams. Martin goes through all the trials and tribulations of a father losing his little girl and his bank account at the same time.

2 – Parenthood: Easily one of the best Steve Martin vehicles to ever come down the pipe Parenthood takes the mess that is marriage and being a father and makes it bitter sweet and humorous. Martin and Mary Steenburgen have a wonderful married couple chemistry and are thoroughly believable in this comedy classic.

1 – Holy Child: When a media savvy best selling author who is also a priest discovers he has a son things get more than a little complicated in his life. This French with English subtitles move has a fresh premise and is wonderfully smart.

Settle in for some popcorn and soda with Dad and enjoy.

Denis Bernicky

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