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Blue Collar Comedy - Blue Collar Comedy - Blue Collar Comedy The Next Generation DVD


Blue Collar Comedy The Next Generation
Jamie Kaler, Reno Collier
John Caparulo, Juston McKinney
Hosted by Bill Engvall
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Warner Brothers Nashville 2008

If a Blue Collar comic married his cousin you'd get Blue Collar Comedy The Next Generation DVD. Introduced by Bill Engvall, who basically steals the show with a short warm-up routine, Jamie Kaler, Reno Collier, John Caparulo, and Juston McKinney are given a great showcase at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival and on this DVD and with the exception of Reno Collier do not do much with it.

First up is Jamie Kaler who gets a polite reaction from the audience. There is not much that stands out in his comedy, his delivery is artificial, and even his body language seems forced. This performance can be summed up in one word: generic.

Juston McKinney, the second new comic on Blue Collar Comedy The Next Generation is not much of an heir to the throne. There was little in his stand-up that I could buy and you need to create that willing suspension of disbelief towards the material to get the laughs. His Cosmopolitan Magazine bit is almost promising but doesn't get past the usual articles joke.

The third next generation Blue Collar comic is John Caparullo. He might remind some of Larry the Cable Guy. Again, there is not much new here like the Coke vs Pepsi question in restaurants. His customer service routine is pretty good and the audience really enjoys it but when was the last time you heard a good comic to a waiting for the cable guy joke?

The one really solid stand-up comedian on this DVD is Reno Collier. He has some mildly risqué jokes that are quite funny. His contribution of the Scots to America could be expanded to a longer routine. Collier is the only comic here whose material surprises. His story about his days as a PE teacher His married man routine is also pretty good. Collier has a good tag line, I need a helmet, and with some luck he'll notice he does.

At the beginning of Blue Collar The Next Generation Bill Engvall says, "This means I'm out of a job."  Nah.

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