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TV & sitcom DVDs - Johnny Gardhouse - Comedy Now! June 21 and 22 2008 10 P.M.

Comedy Now! June 21 and 22 2008 10 P.M.
Johnny Gardhouse
Comedy Now !
CTV June 21, 2008
The Comedy Network June 22, 2008
10:00 P.M.

For some reason it takes a minute or two to get into Johnny Gardhouse and his Comedy Now ! performance but this stand-up comic goes into a couple of solid routines and it's pretty clear sailing and laughing from there on in. Stand-up comedy fans should set aside some time to catch this show June 21st 2008 on CTV or/and June 22nd 2008 on The Comedy Network.

Gardhouse's first bit is on Canadians vacationing in the Dominican Republic or Cuba and having a difficult time with the concept of all-inclusive, especially when it comes to booze. This segues very nicely into a routine on cheap entertainment such as retaking your driver's license test and so on. From the category everybody's an expert: The license test could use a stronger closing joke or end on the penultimate joke but it is very funny stuff.

The second segment on this Comedy Now! show begins with a rather unpromising routine on the American news guy doing the weather during a major storm but it quickly moves into new comedic territory. It also shows Johnny Gardhouse's weak point which is to mumble or say too quickly (this time both) a few words here and there, usually those that get the routine to another point. This is most evident at the beginning and at the Clinton end of his CNN Pope Died bit.

The third part of the show is a long routine about how a Canadian would do on a show like Survivor. For this fan of the long story, this is the high point of a solid performance.

The closer is a retreaded version of material from the Jean Chretien era: It is a good bit though and Gardhouse manages to make it seem fairly fresh. If somebody pies Stephen Harper he'll have a fresh sounding bit.

Now in its eleventh season, Comedy Now! airs Saturdays on CTV and Sundays on The Comedy Network at 10 P.M. . Comics scheduled this season include Terry McGurrin, Peter Anthony, Rob Pue, Ron Sparks, Phil Hanley, Kevin Foxx, Casey Corbin, Jenn Grant, Paul Myrehaug, Dean Jenkinson, Big Daddy Tazz, and Sean Lecomber.

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