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TV & sitcom DVDs - Bob and Doug McKenzie - Bob and Doug McKenzie's Two-Four Anniversary

Bob and Doug McKenzie's Two-Four Anniversary

Bob and Doug McKenzie’s Two-Four Anniversary
CBC Newsworld The Passionate Eye
June 30th 2008 10 P.M.
60 minutes

Good day, eh? June 30th is close enough to Canada Day and that's when CBC Newsworld's The Passionate Eh airs Bob and Doug McKenzie's Two-Four Anniversary. This salute to the McKenzie brothers and the Great White North segment that aired on SCTV is a lot of fun. So get a two-four, some back bacon, and siddown in front of the teevee at 10 P.M. for a trip back in time and in stubbies.

Bob and Doug McKenzie are the most successful brother act to come out of Canada followed by the Esposito brothers and the Mahovlich brothers. Although Tony and Phil Esposito did influence Canada for a while in the mid-seventies with their road hockey products, the McKenzie brothers are more famous because they got more recognition south of the border (the USA, eh) and still show up in editorial cartoons.

The Two-Four Anniversary, a Canadian styled Biography segment of sorts, originally aired in 2007 and features a who's who? of Canada and some pretty important American folks and Andy Dick talking about the McKenzie brothers and how great they were. This includes former Prime Minister Paul Martin who introduces and closes the program bemoaning the image of Canadians the McKenzie brothers gave. If he had understood Bob and Doug better he might still be in power.

Bob and Doug themselves are on hand for a couple of skits but their greatest fans, Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, are unfortunately not on hand. Rick Moranis is now working as a shrink and we all know Dave Thomas owns Wendy's.

Aside from a couple of SCTV Great White North segments and the couple of new ones the really interesting moment of Two-Four Anniversary is when the program discusses how the brothers took the country by storm and you can see hoser parades and so on.

The lastest news is Bob and Doug will be an animated series that starts airing in 2009.

This program is available on DVD with an extra hour of sketches and so on.

DVD Bonus Features: 7 Classic Great White North Sketches Songs: Take Off & Twelve Days of Christmas Famous People Talking About Bob & Doug Original McKenzie Commercials Sounds of the Great White North A Q&A with Bob and Doug Free Bottle Opener included in pack

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