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TV & sitcom DVDs - Peter Anthony - Comedy Now ! July 5th and 6th 2008 10 P.M.

Comedy Now ! July 5th and 6th 2008 10 P.M.
Peter Anthony Comedy Now!
CTV July 5th 2008 10 P.M.
The Comedy Network July 6th 2008 10 P.M

There is such a thing as too much sweetening. Canadian stand-up comic Peter Anthony gives a good performance in his Comedy Now! show Julyt 5th and 6th at 10 P.M on CTV / The Comedy Network. Unfortunately the show feels a bit artificial because the producers added too many applause and laughter tracks i.e. sweetened it.

This is quite obvious early on in the show at the dead hooker joke: you hear laughs but it is clear by Peter Anthony's expression that the joke made the audience squirm instead of getting the reaction the TV audience hears. Not that this young comic's material is all dark stuff. He has a pretty decent drug routine and his garbage chute bit is excellent if a bit short.

Anthony is a young comic so you get the expected college years / student loan jokes. These are not bad; his schoolyard bully bit is somewhat better. This comedian does not linger too long on these topics and moves on to better stuff.

More original is the stand-up material on lanugo or having a hairy baby. I had never heard material on this before and it is pretty good. There is a good callback to it later on when Peter Anthony does a short bit on drinking and vacationing.

The best routine in this Comedy Now! show is the closer when Anthony tells his Price Is Right story. This is a very solid bit that goes to a few other places like people soon being 160 years old and a really original take on the bar cougar. His Bob Barker jokes are very good.

This is a good show.

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