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Live Comedy - Taking Over - Danny Hoch - Festival Just For Laughs 2008

Taking Over - Danny Hoch - Festival Just For Laughs 2008
Danny Hoch having a little ice water after the show to soothe his vocal cords.
Taking Over will be at the Centaur Theater from July 8, 08 to July 20, 08

Call (514) 845-2322
Or in person to the VisaŽ Just For Laughs Box Office
2111 St-Laurent Boulevard
Buy Online at
Or at the Centaur Theater Box Office
Call (514) 288-3161
Or in person at 453 St.Fancois-Xavier

Danny Hoch starts the audience off on their NYC journey at a community party with a semi drunken rant that is riveting and he never lets up as he changes from character to character in his one man show Taking Over.

Taking Over is about the gentrification of the Williamsburg district of Brooklyn. Told from multiple points of view from varying ethnicities Taking Over is at times hilarious as much as it is thought provoking. Danny Hoch is superb at moving from the skin of one character to another. Hoch’s transformation takes place with simple clothing props and a chameleon like skill for changing his physical attitude on stage. It is uncanny how his entire persona and body language belong completely to each character with no left over’s from the previous character he inhabited. This skill to become completely each character is what makes Taking Over work. The richness of personality and vision is something to behold as Hoch transforms himself from one to the other.

As one man plays go Taking Over is good – but it is the actor who makes it brilliant. The only real weakness in Taking Over was the lack of trust in the intelligence of the audience to understand what was being said lyrically without having to repeat it metaphorically. The irony is that the need to do so is perhaps the result of something Hoch observes as one of his characters: We want to experience culture but on so long as it is safe – we want to go on a safari not live in one. Hoch manages to keep the audience engaged from laughing with him to laughing at him to feeling sympathy and empathy for the characters even when he is driving home the point the audience understood the first time.

Taking Over is about the dynamics of life and how all of us want to belong to something that is permanent when there is nothing that is permanent. Life is about flow, growth, decay and rebirth or regeneration in this case. You cannot resist it you can only go with it or go away but either way it will happen. Just as locking a child in a room will not prevent them from aging: A community with change and grow regardless of who wishes that it would always be one way or another. Festival Just For Laughs has done a good thing bringing Danny Hoch to the Centaur Theatre.

Denis Bernicky

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