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Live Comedy - Brendon Burns - So I Suppose THIS Is Offensive - Just For Laughs 2008

So I Suppose THIS Is Offensive - Just For Laughs 2008
Brendon Burns
So I Suppose THIS is Offensive
Just For Laughs 2008
Theatre Ste-Catherine July 14th 19th 9 P.M.
Check with Just For Laughs for possible extra dates / times.

Comic Brendon Burns was to say the least surprised when in a recent interview I told him he has a couple of 7 o'clock performances of So I Suppose THIS Is Offensive. Burns is not a 7 o'clock crowd kind of comedian. As luck would have it, I was his guest at one of these early shows. Good thing too as all performances are sold-out and Just For Laughs has already added one even before the stand-up comedy festival's major week started.

Click for street review by audience members.

Montreal crowds will normally meet a comic a least halfway. The July 14th  7 o'clock crowd proved to be the glaring exception to the rule. Even before Burns said a single word half the people in the small Theatre Ste-Catherine venue had already made up their minds and crossed their arms on their chest. It could have been the dancing babes but I like dancing babes.

I have never seen a comedian work so hard to get a reaction from a crowd when it was not the comic's fault at all. Granted, much like Guiness British humour does not travel that well but Brendon Burns had managed to tweak out most of the really local stuff and the audience knew this Flying Solo show was by an Australian comic now residing in the U.K.

At some point in time in the show it got to be like Burns was playing tug of war with the glacier that sank the Titanic. Then the show pretty much became the comic daring or pleading the audience for some kind of reaction more than what I think So I Suppose THIS Is Offensive is supposed to be.

Fortunately, not everybody was glacial.


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