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Articles - Patrice O'Neal - Positivity - Just For Laughs 2008

Positivity - Just For Laughs 2008
Patrice ONeal
Positivity Just For Laughs 2008
Theatre Ste-Catherine
August 15th 2008 11 P.M
Runs to July 19th 2008

Patrice Oneal gives a clean dirty show. Aside from saying I have never seen anything like it there is no other way to explain or review what I saw at Theatre Ste. Catherine tonight.

Oneal had the 11 P.M. slot at the extremely intimate Theatre Ste. Catherine. An eleven o'clock show Just For Laughs show automatically means controversial, edgy, and / or lots of four letter words. This stand-up comic is also quite well known for his many very successful appearances at the Nasty Show. But that is not what Positivity is.

Oneal's material was controversial, was edgy, and most certainly did use four letter words and lots of them but, and here is the magic part, it did not matter one single bit, it wasn't the point. What this comic has to say and how honest he is being erases the language barrier four letter words and certain topics are for some people. What he was saying was not controversial and not edgy because it was the real deal from the real guy.

Stand-up comedy can raise and address some serious issues and poking fun at something does eventually deflate it but this is not what Oneal does in Positivity.

I am not even sure this show can really be seen as stand-up by a seasoned comic. What Positivity is is a guy who happens to be very funny and who can really set up and tell a story going up on stage and just, simply speaking his soul.

Comedy is all about set-up, the rule of three, artifice and stage persona. Positivity is Patrice Oneal the man that's it that's all.

I have seen the Nasty Show version of this comic and it is an excellent one.

I much prefer Patrice Oneal the man.

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