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TV & sitcom DVDs - Reality Bites Back The Comedy Network

Reality Bites Back The Comedy Network
Reality Bites Back The Comedy Network
Thursdays 10 P.M.
Starts July 24 2008

Comedy Central ‘s Reality Bites Back starts airing on The Comedy Network Thursdays at 10 P.M. starting July 24th  This show is basically a spoof of the too many reality shows on network TV. Reality Bites Back is as weird as it is fun to watch.

Stand-up comic Michael Ian Black plays Jeff Probst to 10 who the hell is who of stand-up comedy. The comics competing for the grand prize of 50,000 dollars include Kyle Cease (of the Comedy Central One Dimple CD/DVD fame) and 9 comedians I have never heard of: Chris Fairbanks, Jeffrey Garcia, Red Grant, Tiffany Haddish, Bert Kreischer, Mo Mandel, Donnell Rawlings, Any Schumer, and Theo Vonkurnatowski (of get a better stage name fame).

Reality Bites Back ‘s reality TV spoofs include Shock of Love, Extreme Manipulation: House Edition, The Biggest Chubby, Almost American Gladiator, Hunting With the Stars, So You Think You Can Dive, a Trump style episode, and Amazing Disgrace.

Although only Kyles Cease and Michael Ian Black are familiar to stand-up comedy fans, this, based on the first episode Extreme Manipulation Home Edition is a fun show to watch. The show only shows the best moments of each episode's contests and moves along at a brisk pace so there are very few lulls.

It should be known that one of the comics dropped out in the middle of episode 1. Is it a case of self-respect or dropping out of the business?

A few of these stand up comics are not thespians and have yet to put together the buckage to get acting lessons and it sometimes shows. Some of their reactions are quite over the top artificial.

You have to give it to Kyles Cease though for having a different ball cap in each shot so he can promote himself to the max.

Reality Bites Back is a fun summer show.

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