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Articles - Manolis Zontanos - Profile / Review

Profile / Review
Manolis Zontanos

Manolis Zontanos is a "young" Canadian stand-up comic who has all the tools to really get somewhere in the world of comedy. I met Zontanos at the 2008 Just For Laughs and got to watch and listen to his 2007 Comedy Now! performance on The Comedy Network. As the stand-up comic mentions in the interview he gave us, the show has been nominated for best comedy performance.

One of Zontanos' fortes is the story. His tale of the prank he pulled on his brother is very funny and original. It could use a stronger ending but there you go. Also good is the story involving being chased by a cop.

I really think the hardest thing in stand-up comedy is the long story and Zontanos is very good at that. More of those would certainly be welcome. I wish he had expanded his bit about his married friends living precariously through him.

This comic has a good rhythm going for him. He uses a series of short jokes to get the audience laughing before launching into one of the longer pieces I really like.

Unfortunately, Zontanos swears too much. I have nothing against blue comedy and rather like it as a matter of fact but foul language doesn't work for this comic. It is not that he is using four letter words to punch up weak material but more that the language is absolutely not necessary to help the material and, within the jokes, stands out like a sore thumb.

Zontanos is a comic I expect bigger and better things of in the future and someone I would go out of my way to see live.

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