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TV & sitcom DVDs - Kevin Foxx - Comedy Now! August 9th and 10th

Comedy Now! August 9th and 10th
Kevin Foxx Comedy Now!
CTV August 9th 2008 10 P.M.
The Comedy Network August 10th 2008 10 P.M

August 9th and 10th 2008 Comedy Now! presents Kevin Foxx in his first TV special. Foxx is a solid if low key stand-up comic with really good routines who, if he took out a few superfluous poop references, would stand out a lot more from the pack and be that much more interesting.

Kevin Foxx opens his Comedy Now! performance with a very funny story about having custody of the family cat. This is the routine that if it lost a few cat litter references would have just that much more punch. The rest of the bit is very good, especially when the stand-up comic reveals how cats give you the finger and how to show a cat who is boss.

I wish he had done more with the bit about his teenage daughter installing a doorbell on her bedroom door instead of closing with a reference to a very old Halloween prank involving, you guessed it, poop. Jehovah's Witnesses might be a good addition.

Kevin Foxx's stoned / dumpster comedy routine is pretty good though, again, it could use a little less shit. I enjoyed his suicide bomber beeper bit and wish it had been expanded.

My favorite routine in this Comedy Now! special is the dad in his underwear bit. This is good, original, and very funny stuff. It also segues nicely into a fun bingo mom joke.

Another good bit, even if it relies on fart jokes is about lame superpowers.

Kevin Foxx is a solid and interesting stand-up comic who could use a bit of polish to round off the rough useless language edges.

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