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Articles - Renting DVDs


DVDs by mail is the newest solution for those who want to watch hard to find movies or rare movies on DVD. Your local video club may have a good selection but after a while, all the old stuff gets sold off to make room for newer old stuff. I managed a video club some 17 years ago and I know that 90% of the videos we had on the shelves then have disappeared. The same goes for DVDs. No local video club will buy re-releases on DVD. If you are looking for that rare comedy DVD, or genre DVD, you have very few solutions except to rent DVDs by mail. Shopping might be one but the odds of finding that hard to find comedy DVD or action DVD in a local store are slim to none. There are, of course, those DVD clubs who are often the very same cd club you hated being a member of and couldn't wait to buy up your commitment to get them off your back. The only real solution is DVD rental, that is to rent DVDs by mail. It's great, it works, its fairly hassle free, there's no commitment because you can cancel every month, and the selection at DVD by mail clubs is vast, always growing, full of expensive DVD series you can't afford and do not want to buy but want to see, contains many hard to find DVDs and DVD re-releases, old movie DVDs, DVDs of small budget movies, specialized movies on DVD, and the DVD of that really bad movie only you like (Roadie comes to mind).

Rent a DVD by mail is fairly hassle free. You log on, tell the company what you want, they mail the DVD to you, you get the DVD, you watch the DVD --NO LATE FEES-- at your leisure, you pop the DVD in the stamped envelope and drop it in the mailbox. End of story. If you have another DVD on your mail me this list, they will then send you the next one on your list. Renting a DVD by mail is basically all the DVDs you can eat in a month considering post office lag time. The selection at DVD clubs that rent by mail is overwhelming. If it's out they either have it or will order it so they can rent it to you. Rent by mail DVDs break down to about (and this is a very ballpark figure) 3 dollars each, figuring a very low 7 or 8 DVDs a month. You can do better if you are a movie junkie and the DVDs do not sit on your coffee table for a week. I rented the PBS Ken Burns Baseball series. The sucker costs about $150. It is a great 10 DVD set but who has $150 bucks to spend, who has the room to keep this stuff, and how often am I going to really want to watch it? $150 for something I will watch again once, maybe twice is a lot of money. I rented the series from the DVD rental place, got them. watched them, sent them back. End of story. No stupid card to send back, no garbage in the mail week after week, no other offers from the same house or club you joined, no hassles.

Want to see Moscow On The Hudson again? Moscow On The Hudson is that funny comedy with Robin Williams where he plays a Russian circus musician who asks for political asylum in New York. It is a very funny movie and an interesting take on the American melting pot but it's not brilliant enough to buy even if you could find it. Rent DVD by mail companies also have all those funny movies like The Hotel New Hampshire, the adaptation of the John Irving novel of the same name and a movie that deserves more credit than it gets, one of those movies that come and go so quickly it's not even funny. If it is a hard to find DVD, a minor movie DVD, a comedy DVD only you think is funny, a artsy DVD only you and the artist's mother likes, an expensive DVD series or an expensive box set, DVD rental by mail outfits have it, send it to you, you send it back, no problems, no hassles, no song and dance.

If you want to know if you really want to buy this or that new release or new re-release, try the rent DVD by mail outfit. You ask for it, they send it, you watch it at your leisure, and then you can figure out if it is really worth buying or if you just remembered the movie as better than it really is. You can set up a list of DVDs you want at the rent DVD place and when you send one back, they will send th next one on your list. You can change your list at the rent DVD place online, you can put a priority on certain DVDs you want at the rent DVD by mail place, and you come home, open the mailbox, and there it is. If you do not have time to watch it tonight, there is no late fee, watch it tomorrow or this weekend. All the DVD rental place wants is that you send it back in good shape. If you take a week to send back the DVD, they will not ask you why you felt the need to watch Monster Dog six times. Rent by mail is quick, easy, hassle free, uncomplicated, easy to get out of if you change your mind--just cancel the membership before the end of the month, and a great way to find hard to find DVDs. DVD rent by mail is also a good way to see if the Looney Tunes bos set is worth the money, it is, and to realize that the other Looney Tunes DVDs are computer animated garbage.

Richard Lanoie

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